Sunday Cable Ratings: 'True Blood' Wins Night + 'Naked and Afraid', 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', NASCAR, 'Dexter' & More

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July 30th, 2013


True Blood was Sunday's top cable program with a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, matching last week. Naked and Afraid came in second, earning a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating, up  from last week's 1.4.

We only receive the top 100 cable shows for adults 25-54 for the whole day from our principal source. If you don’t see an original episode of a show here, it’s because it wasn’t in the top 100.

The list below is long but you can use your browsers "find on page" feature (usually CTRL+F or CMD+F) to search for specific shows.

Selected Sunday cable ratings: (all Live+Same Day ratings):

Show Net Time Viewership (million, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
TRUE BLOOD- HBOM 9:02 PM 4.357 2.4
BREAK- HBOM 9:57 PM 3.466 1.9
NAKED AND AFRAID- DISC 10:00 PM 3.616 1.6
NASCAR SPRINT CUP       L- ESPN 1:00 PM 5.460 1.3
DEXTER S8- SHO1 9:02 PM 2.550 1.2
REAL HSWIVES OF NJ- BRVO 8:00 PM 2.481 1.2
DEVIOUS MAIDS- LIF 10:01 PM 2.884 1.1
FALLING SKIES- TNT 10:00 PM 3.055 1.0
SPRINT CUP POST RACE    L- ESPN 4:22 PM 3.811 1.0
MOUNTAIN MEN- HIST 9:00 PM 3.742 1.0
FAMILY GUY- ADSM 10:30 PM 2.106 0.9
DUCK DYNASTY- AEN 9:30 PM 2.321 0.9
FAMILY GUY- ADSM 11:30 PM 2.239 0.9
DUCK DYNASTY- AEN 9:00 PM 2.157 0.9
FOOD NETWORK STAR 9- FOOD 9:00 PM 2.838 0.9
NEWSROOM, THE- HBOM 10:02 PM 1.804 0.8
BOBS BURGERS- ADSM 11:00 PM 1.785 0.8
SISTER WIVES- TLC 9:00 PM 1.974 0.8
DUCK DYNASTY- AEN 8:30 PM 2.030 0.8
BAR RESCUE- SPIKE 9:00 PM 1.482 0.8
BREAK- HBOM 8:54 PM 1.491 0.8
DUCK DYNASTY- AEN 8:00 PM 1.902 0.8
SHREK- TOON 6:00 PM 2.416 0.7
SUNDAY MOVIE- FAM 7:30 PM 1.666 0.7
BREAKING AMISH: LA- TLC 10:00 PM 1.776 0.7
ICE ROAD TRUCKERS- HIST 10:00 PM 2.427 0.7
STORAGE WARS- AEN 10:00 PM 1.992 0.7
DROP DEAD DIVA- LIF 9:00 PM 2.153 0.7
LAW & ORDER: SVU- USA 10:00 PM 2.028 0.7
TOTAL DIVAS- ENT 10:00 PM 1.343 0.7
CLEVELAND SHOW, THE- ADSM 10:00 PM 1.545 0.7
NAKED AND AFRAID- DISC 11:00 PM 1.364 0.6
LAW & ORDER: SVU- USA 9:00 PM 2.152 0.6
SPONGEBOB- NICK 10:00 AM 2.487 0.6
SPONGEBOB- NICK 10:30 AM 2.646 0.6
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 4:30 PM 1.931 0.6
SPONGEBOB- NICK 11:00 AM 2.663 0.6
STORAGE WARS- AEN 10:30 PM 1.778 0.6
NAKED AND AFRAID- DISC 9:00 PM 1.759 0.6
ISLAND HUNTERS- HGTV 1:30 PM 1.728 0.6
MLB SUNDAY NIGHT        L- ESPN 8:00 PM 2.377 0.6
LAW & ORDER: SVU- USA 8:00 PM 2.395 0.6
BREAK- HBOM 10:59 PM 1.283 0.6
NAKED AND AFRAID- DISC 12:00 AM 1.199 0.6
DUCK DYNASTY- AEN 7:30 PM 1.558 0.6
ISLAND HUNTERS- HGTV 1:00 PM 1.567 0.6
SUNDAY MOVIE- FAM 4:00 PM 1.441 0.6
LAW & ORDER: SVU- USA 7:00 PM 1.905 0.6
TRUE BLOOD- HBOM 11:02 PM 0.999 0.6
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 3:00 PM 1.705 0.6
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 2:00 PM 1.525 0.5
LOVE IT OR LIST IT- HGTV 12:00 PM 1.478 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 6:00 PM 1.633 0.5
MOUNTAIN MEN- HIST 8:00 PM 2.263 0.5
RAY DONOVAN S1- SHO1 10:00 PM 1.461 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 4:00 PM 1.666 0.5
TNT SUNDAY MOVIES- TNT 5:30 PM 1.518 0.5
SHAKE IT UP- DSNY 9:00 PM 3.597 0.5
LA LAS FULL COURT LIFE 4- VH1 10:00 PM 1.069 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 7:00 PM 1.811 0.5
STORAGE WARS- AEN 11:01 PM 1.578 0.5
BREAK- HBOM 11:57 PM 0.839 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 5:30 PM 1.648 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 2:30 PM 1.491 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 5:00 PM 1.679 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 3:30 PM 1.644 0.5
SUNDAY MOVIE- FAM 1:00 PM 1.262 0.5
SUNDAY BEST 6- BET 8:00 PM 1.471 0.5
SISTER WIVES- TLC 11:01 PM 1.158 0.5
SPORTSCENTER LATE       L- ESPN 11:08 PM 1.015 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS- HGTV 11:00 PM 1.420 0.5
NAKED AND AFRAID- DISC 8:00 PM 1.309 0.5
FOOD COURT WARS- FOOD 8:00 PM 1.430 0.5
LOVE IT LIST IT TOO- HGTV 9:00 PM 1.429 0.5
TNT SUNDAY MOVIES- TNT 3:00 PM 1.274 0.4
MOUNTAIN MEN- HIST 5:00 PM 1.777 0.4
STORAGE WARS- AEN 11:31 PM 1.567 0.4
NAKED AND AFRAID- DISC 7:00 PM 1.060 0.4
REAL HSWIVES OF NJ- BRVO 10:00 PM 0.998 0.4
KILLING- AMC 9:00 PM 1.471 0.4
LAW & ORDER- TNT 7:00 AM 1.437 0.4
SPORTSCENTER EARLY      L- ESPN 4:45 PM 1.472 0.4
LAW & ORDER- TNT 8:00 AM 1.417 0.4
MOUNTAIN MEN- HIST 7:00 PM 1.722 0.4
MOVIE, USA- USA 3:30 PM 1.112 0.4
LAW & ORDER- TNT 6:00 AM 1.340 0.4
IRON CHEF AMERICA- FOOD 11:00 PM 1.277 0.4
MOUNTAIN MEN- HIST 6:00 PM 1.516 0.4


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Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • mike

    no matter how many viewers watched Good Luck Charlie… (it’s been VERY VERY LOW this season because obviously of the DEATH SLOT that previously KILLED “JONAS(2010) and SO RANDOM(2011) and they tried to kill GOOD LUCK CHARLIE (2012) but it stayed on top of disney and nick for the whole year!! but this time it couldn’t survive :/) anyway… Good Luck Charlie is the best show on both networks right now nothing could reach the quality of this show in every thing (ensmble cast, FUNNY(i mean “it makes you laugh from the first second until the last second” which no show does right now!!), appropriate and there’s no violence *cough*dan schneider,shake it up*cough*, every person can watch no matter and relate to it and LOVE IT!!, they barely have special guest stars unlike the previous *cough*s!! to try to make the show funny)!! SO… GOOD LUCK CHARLIE is the last show on both networks that will be a REAL show with REAL CAST that make you REALLY LAUGH ! i gave disney and nick a three years chance (from mid-2010 to mid-2013) and I’m dissapointed in almost every show they aired and i said almost because (JESSIE,AUSTIN & ALLY,GRAVITY FALLS,HOW TO ROCK) are not that bad (not counting MOVIES)… so basically these numbers does not show the quality of the show these are just numbers!!!

  • Sara

    The Killing had me gasping for air, absolutely fantastic. It’s a shame that the show is doing so poorly raiting wise!

  • r0ckmypants

    @tom – “True Blood still gets great numbers after seven seasons!!!!”

    True Blood is currently in its sixth season.

  • betty

    Devious Maids is the number 1 show on lifetime.a superhit.i love it.very entertaining and funny.all Desperate Housewives fans love it.I watch only two summer shows-Devious Maids and Mistresses.there are no other decent shows for female oriented audiences like me.Devious Maids is going to last long.season 2 renewal is a must.

  • Marius

    Naked & Afraid keeps amazing me. After the drop in 2nd episode I was sure it’s a failure. Now it’s getting bigger than Gold Rush

  • BoSox Juan

    True Blood is steady at 5.4m viewers on the night of which 4m are 18-49. That 4m fig seems reasonable for the # of viewers capable of purchasing HBO or having major influence over that decision. The rest are dependants that don’t really matter to HBO & that’s especially true of the < 17 that shouldn't be watching. It's rather astounding that 2.5m of the viewers that count stayed during the BREAK for upcoming previews. Well over 1/2 of them said no to Newsroom proving again it's a bad fit with HBO. It doesn't gain HBO anything to give True Blood viewers less reason to retain HBO. That follow up show should be aiming at 60% retention of the True Blood viewers & Hung did that & more when HBO was seeing solid subscriber growth.

  • BoSox Juan

    I agree with the sentiment over Falling Skies & The Killing. FS looks weak in comparison with Naked & Afraid & the gap in cost is probably just as wide. FS may sell more video than N&A but I don’t think it will make up the difference. FS is doing enough to warrant more seasons but it needs to up it’s game. TK lost to HGTV. Enough said. In terms of genre it’s The Bridge vs The Killing, & FX is murdering AMC in the ratings. With Mad Men done, & Breaking Bad coming to a close, AMC is reduced to a 1 hit wonder again. Dish was right to call it’s value into question.

    Is Dev Maids beating The Client List now? If so, wow. Those are two more shows where the costs are not comparable & right now “reality tv” is winning that battle easily. I don’t like that trend as I am not a big fan of the “reality” stuff.

  • mike

    @Danny age doesn’t matter!
    Bridgit Mendler started GLC at 16 and it premiered when she was 17 and now she’s about to be 21!
    Debby Ryan started JESSIE at 18 and now she’s 20 and the show has the potential to become disney fifth 4-seasons survivor that means she’ll be 22 until then@
    Austin & Ally’s Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are about to turn 18 and the show has a chance to become another rare disney 4-seasons survivor that means they will be 20 until then!
    and NICK’S sam and cat both leads are 21 and 20 and the show just started and I don’t see it reaching a third or fourth or even two seasons but still they are in their early 20s!
    that means that shake it up got cancelled at 3 seasons is because the show is not good at all and everyone hate it!!

  • reallypeople


    Re: AMC & its schedule I agree… although if HOW was actually managed well it could have been a solid performer… but they are so obsessed with this idea of using it to sell their cowboy movies that its being sabotaged on a Saturday night. (Where it could very well best The Killing’s numbers at least). And I don’t see Low Winter Sun, the legal drama, or the two new picked up shows bringing in mass viewership either (on paper). If they truly wanted to launch LWS with BB, then why not move HOW to Thursdays where their reality crap is circling the drain?

    @Gerry I wouldn’t take that bet on the Killing’s nomination chances. There’s no buzz for it and cable drama is a well crowded field. I think that there’s a much stronger chance of it being universally snubbed.

  • TV Addict

    Falling Skies (much like Community) has never fallen below a 1.0. That is pretty amazing nowadays. I hope it can keep it going for the finale next week.

  • Raul

    Devious Maids and Falling Skies make my Sunday complete! Glad to see both shows perform so well!

  • Andies

    The Killing may not be killing the ratings war but what it has been is consistent… It had kept it’s audience all season long.. On the other hand that might not be enough to green light season 4. If they do bring it back, they need to move it to another night Sunday is doing nothing for the show

  • BoSox Juan

    Amongst the viewers most likely to control the purchasing decision of HBO, True Blood lags it’s S5 finale by less than 10%. That seems well within reach now.

    Movie wars: CN’s Shrek #1, Potter Deathly Hallows #2, FX’s Wolverine/X-Men thon #3, & TNT’s Sherlock Holmes last. Naked&Afraid had a slight adv over Falling Skies there.

    Soccer watch: FOX’s Gold Cup w the US winning beat NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 at Indy in 18-49. That’s more indicative of NASCAR’s drop in the demog than soccer’s rise & it’s part of the reason why the winner, Ryan Newman will be looking for job at season’s end. Kevin Harvick not only is a better driver than Newman, but a much better sponsor draw. Not every company can field 4 cars.

  • BoSox Juan

    If AMC is smart & determined to bring back The Killing, they should move it Wed night & air it an hour before The Bridge. The Bridge is assured of a 2nd season & those viewers are likely to tune into the Killing as well. The writers should take note of what’s working on The Bridge as well.

    Once again, FX has brought something fresh to TV. What makes The Bridge so enticing is that the crimes happen across the border between El Paso, TX & Juarez, Mexico. Talk about stark contrast. That scene where the El Paso site has a live video stream of a girl dying a slow death near Juarez takes the breath away from a Bostonian like myself.

  • Evan

    @BoSox you’re delusional! The bridge has already hit a .5 3 episodes in. Sure it went back up to a .7 this week but the show still has 7 more weeks left. A lot can happen in those next 7 weeks with the show and a lot of people are being very critical of the bridge and especially its last episode. Also why would AMC put a show on a Wednesday when it has NEVER done that before.

    Right now it looks like The Killing is probably done for unless Netflix wants to fully pick it up at this point. My guess is Netflix will wait and see how season 3 does when it comes out in 3 months. It’s obvious that Netflix is really invested in originals but would they want to take on a show that never really had a huge fan base and has already been canceled?

  • Marko


    The Bridge is not “something fresh” – it’s another rehashed foreign TV show, just like first two seasons of The Killing.

  • Saul

    BoSox of course being delusional as always trying to spin numbers.

  • Ram510

    Devious Maids sure has made a ratings turnaround since its premiere. It’s an ok show for summer when not much else is on. It’s nowhere near the level of Desperate Housewives (or even Mistresses) which I find weird cause I always wondered what DH would be like on cable.

  • reallypeople


    I agree re: Netflix and The Killing. Also, does Netflix really need to take on The Killing with an increased investment? They already have an awards nominee in House of Cards, and Orange is The New Black and Hemlock Grove are already renewed. (I’m assuming Arrested Development is a sure thing too, but I think that there renewal is yet to be announced).

    They could very easily create a similar, fresh show that would do just as well, if not better. I just don’t see their incentive to increase their stake. Maybe if the concept was more unique or if their other shows (House of Cards especially) underperformed/failed expectations.

    And people, let’s be real about The Killing’s ratings. A 6 PM showing of House Hunters on HGTV beat it. Yeah…

  • samurai99

    Another note, critics hated the first two seasons of the killing, and deservedly so. One good season isn’t going to get them an Emmy nod when breaking bad and mad men still qualify.

    Also, Ray Donovan is terrible.

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