'Celebrity Wife Swap' Renewed by ABC for Third Season

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July 31st, 2013

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Celebrity Wife Swap has been renewed for a 13-episode third season, according to Deadline.

  • HV

    I don’t think there’s room for this in ABC’s schedule except in the summer.

  • John A

    ABC renewing alot of low rated rubbish.

  • rob60990

    Whodunnit may have a chance.

  • Survivor Fan

    Does this mean anything for Whodunnit? I mean, it has the same ratings, but will they only renew one low-1’s show? What about Wipeout? I think they should give Wipeout a year break and then bring it back in 2015.

  • SJ

    WTF? Will this franchise never die out?!

  • Funeral Dinner

    I’ve never seen this…what kind of celebrities do they get on this show?

  • mike


  • Anon

    I hope Whodunnit has a shot!

  • Birdsht

    If they have another show like Sisko and Gerardo they can keep this junk, made it through 3 minutes. The week before was just as bad, downtown Julie Brown…please.

  • Nick

    I hope they bring back The Mole.

  • Oliver

    ABC won’t be bringing back The Mole. Its ratings were horrible the last time they tried it (on a par with Whodunnit… except 5 years earlier when broadcast ratings were far higher).

    Perhaps The CW should bring back The Mole and air it after Whose Line.

  • USAmerica1st

    Spare us, ABC. This is an hour of my life I refuse to give you. Give us great drama or real reality.

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