CBS Statement on Time Warner Cable Action

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August 2nd, 2013


via press release:


New York, N.Y. – August 2, 2013 – Effective 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Time Warner Cable has dropped CBS in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and several other markets. We deeply regret this ill-advised action, which is injurious not only to our many affected viewers, but also to Time Warner Cable itself. Throughout this process, Time Warner Cable has conducted negotiations in a combative and non-productive spirit, indulging in pointless brinksmanship and distorted public positioning – such as the fictional and ridiculous 600% increase CBS supposedly demanded – while maintaining antiquated positions no longer held by any other programming distributor in the business. CBS, for its part, is eager to make an agreement in line with the kind it has struck with every other cable, satellite and telco provider, and has continually sought reasonable term extensions to get that job done. This is the first time in its history that CBS has been dropped from a cable system. Time Warner Cable, on the other hand, has a long history of taking channels off the air – more than 50 in the last five years alone. It has also chosen to drop Showtime, which is owned by CBS, a move that is completely unnecessary and totally punitive to its subscribers.

What CBS seeks, and what we always have sought from the beginning, is fair compensation for the most-watched television network with the most popular content in the world. We will not accept less. We will not sign away rights not granted to others. We will not give up our channel position or any other asset by which our viewers identify us. We will also not be subjected to pointless maneuvers like a series of one-hour extensions and mini-drops that do nothing for either side but annoy our viewers. We hope and believe this period of darkness will be short and that we can all get back to the business of providing the best entertainment, news and sports to the Time Warner Cable customers we both serve.

  • Andy

    Under the Dome and Big Brother will both be down .5 in the demo I’m guessing. It will be resolved before football season starts.

  • DonJ1973

    Actually there is really nothing to freak out about for the TWC customers. This will get resolved. Fortunately summer is light on CBS.

    You can watch Under the Dome on Tuesday on or Amazon Prime on Friday

    I believe you can also watch Big Brother on

    As for Showtime, Dexter and Ray Donovan are on demand and get re-aired a bunch of times.

  • TV Gord

    I’m guessing this will all be resolved before Under The Dome is on Monday night.

  • philippe

    As a TW sub, I called and told them to $tand Their Ground!
    BUH-bye to the (C)ommercial (B)roadcasting (S)system where 16mins of ads air every 30mins.

    Go ahead Moonves, try to launch your fall sked without millions of viewers then go explain that to your wall street buddies as your ratings dip at least a half a point! Not surprised at all how you wall streeters keep shuffling money back and forth then claim higher prices with only solution to hit us up, yet again!

    Moonves is a bad mamanger if he his only answer to not being able to maintain his costs and business model is to come back to sub well, yet again!

    In a 500+channel universe (with many of them re-airing cbs), the “Twilight of the Affiliate” has begun!


  • philippe

    and have you seen the kcbs2 local “news” lately?!



    CBS will win…Time Warner will give in to a big increase (not 600%) but a good number nonetheless.

  • Engee

    Time Warner Cable is horrible! As a customer, I pay a huge monthly bill, and they can’t deliver channels as promised? Considering the astronomic charges for their poor “service”, they should be able to come to an agreement with CBS. I believe CBS’ statement that Time Warner has been “combative” and negotiates in a “non-productive spirit.” Anyone who has called them with a complaint would understand. TWC is offering other free channels for 3 months if you call to complain, but if you don’t take the time to call & cancel at the end of the 3 months…you will be charged for those “free” channels. I’m looking at alternatives. I hope TWC loses a big customer base.

  • Engee

    I wrote a “nicer” version of my complaint about Time Warner on their discussion site prior to coming here. It still hasn’t shown up. I’m predicting they won’t have the guts to post it. All of the posts at TWC site are negative towards CBS. Censorship?

  • xRockStarz

    Is CW dropped too?

  • Evan

    I still don’t get why Cable companies put up with Local channels bullying them like this! I’ve gotten FOX and ABC dropped from my cable company and while it’s annoying I understand where the cable companies are coming from. Why are they going to pay an increase when these channels are FREE to everyone with a tv! As long as you have a newish tv that can search for channels or one of those boxes then you get those channels for free. I think it’s ridiculous that these channels try and boss cable companies around and then us customers have to pay more in order for the cable companies to make up for that lost money.

  • Billiam

    In my market under TWC, many of the CBS shows are not on demand when all of the other networks have ALL of their shows on-demand. My guess is that is because CBS charges more for on-demand content than the other networks. Its about time someone stand up and say ‘No More!’. CBS may be #1 now but if we can’t watch their shows, they won’t stay #1 for long.

  • Ultima

    BUH-bye to the (C)ommercial (B)roadcasting (S)system where 16mins of ads air every 30mins.

    If you need to exaggerate that much, chances are you don’t have a legitimate argument when you stick to reality.


  • leia

    If 2 million+ TW subscribers would simply say I won’t pay my bill, how quickly would this end? CBS,Showtime have the content and are entitled to be paid for it. I mean come on people how much is your cable company making off of you for delivering an antenna signal. I pay an absurd amount for Comcast, can’t imagine that TW is a better deal. Content wins, gotta pay the artists, remember what happened to napster, and that was just music.

  • michael

    is this the same problem dish is having? because the notice on the channel cbs is supposed to on says it is raycom’s fault not cbs. dish and time warner makeup what 35-40% of the market combined? how long can cbs handle that kind of loss? all i know is if the network want more money that going to raise my bill and i would rather go without cbs than pay more.

  • ingram091

    Those saying they cant watch CBS so their ratings will be hit. CBS is over the air FREE. The Public owns those airwaves despite the Federal government doing everything possible to make that nonviable, you can STILL get a 10 dollar antenna and get CBS NBC ABC FOX and in many areas the CW as well. All be it in less areas then when it was an Analog signal cause unlike Analog Digital will not lock in or is unwatchable (scrambled) on a weak signal due to distance from transmitters. Still it is out there and available. Point is MOST Americans dont use this option. unfortunately CBS has gone Dark on TWC. IMHO its their loss. And frankly NOW if I were CBS I would deny then access at any price now. Their loss. CBS has the only network thats supporting Scripted QUALITY Television. All others have degenerated into Reality TV voyeurism as its ONLY content. CBS and Showtime deserve the marginal rate increase they asked for because they are actually doing their job and PRODUCING something thats worth watching.

  • Ekras

    BIG Mistake by CBS – they have very few good shows and the audience might not come back once they reach a new deal – especially if it’s a long shut down…. some of the other networks (ShoTime etc.) will be more painful for folks, but CBS itself is dead weight.

  • AO

    I’m curious as to how many of the above comments are by people being paid by one side or the other?

  • Ekras

    AO – I’m being paid by my local Troll – he sits under the bridge outside my place and pays people to go online and make funny comments. It’s good money and it helps the local community.

  • T..A.

    TWC is the absolute worst cable provider! Every year they raise their rates and give the worst service. Screen gets pixelated and sometimes audio is out of sync!

    I only stay on because of saved content on my DVR (see how they get you that way!)

    I wish Comcast was still here!
    I really feel for those who pay for Showtime.

    They are only hurting their customers and nobody else!

    Pay for TV? Who ever heard of that back in the 70’s!

    Right on Engee!

  • lynn

    I don’t have cable because it was getting too expensive. Now I have my trusty TV, VCR, Antenna and tv digital converter

    Why do you need cable? Cable is too expensive! I have my T.V, VCR, Antenna and a tv digital converter! You get about 36 channels and 4 channels with old movies. I also have Netflix and only pay $8 a month.

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