New Series 'Tickle' Premieres on Discovery Channel August 13 at 10PM

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August 2nd, 2013


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MOONSHINERS Spinoff Series TICKLE Features Moonshiner Tickle

With Moonshine season wrapping up for the year, Tickle, from Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, was looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation. But as any viewer of Moonshiners knows, Tickle's sense of balance is usually out of whack and this time he's stumbled onto a whole mess of problems after he comes across a hidden cache of moonshine in the woods. As any good outlaw knows, it's best to let sleeping dogs lie, but Tickle's not a good outlaw, and with this new find the moonshine adventures continue on Discovery with the all new series TICKLE which premieres on Tuesday, August 13 at 10PM ET/PT.

Making moonshine is an American family tradition in which distinctive recipes and techniques are passed down from generation to generation. Each recipe is different and can act as a fingerprint to determine who created the shine, and people in Appalachia don't take kindly to having their moonshine borrowed on a permanent basis. Now that Tickle has the new stash of moonshine, he needs a way to unload it, without getting caught. He enlists the help of his most trusted friends, Howard and Moe, as he finds new ways to cover his tracks and move his newly acquired batch of shine.

Starting with a storefront designed to distract from the otherwise illicit business of distributing his newly acquired Moonshine, Tickle must remain careful to dodge the authorities, snooping townspeople and most importantly, the true owners who may or may not have serious criminal ties.  As Tickle embarks upon a series of crazy schemes and outrageous adventures – he just might learn that when it comes to moonshine, making it is the easy part.

TICKLE is produced for Discovery Channel by Magilla Entertainment, where Matthew Ostrom, Laura Johnson, Brian Flanagan and Chris Tetens serve as Executive Producers. Joseph Schneier serves as executive producer for Discovery Channel and Lisbeth Lozano is associate producer.

  • Brad K Porter the Rizzle

    Seems like there is a typo. The title of the article says the 14th, but the article says the 13th.

  • Elliott Johnson

  • Big

    Can you please confirm the dated the new series starts? I have checked the dates you have stated but it’s not on. There are others program’s on instead.

  • Trish

    Tickle is my Redneck Life Coach

  • kevin Gmiter

    Tickle is the coolest

  • Donnie

    Shame on you Tickle stole someones Moonshine that is not right you wouldn’t want someone to steal yours!!!!

  • Donnie

    first show and you have ard a thief stolen someones moonshine.Well buddy now this is a big diappointment in this show and you have lost a lot of watchets due to this

  • Scartizzu

    This has to be one of the dumbest ass shows I’ve ever seen. Give some irresponsible drunk sob a show, oh wow I smoke weed everyday so give me a show well call it smoked out! Idiots

  • Velta Vest

    Tickle is my favorite of the Moonshiners original show! Although I miss Tim, Ticke is the funniest guy alive, even though he drinks awfully heavy!
    Keep putting his show on.

  • jpk

    The show is fake. Watched the episode on Aug.26 Supposedly driving over to Grandpa Bill and having a conversation. The interior of the truck is a mid 2000’s model wile the exterior is an older model. When he finally gets out of the truck it switches to the old interior that matches the exterior. The whole conversation in the truck was scripted and inserted. Great production, but I’m sure the target audience will never notice.

  • Richard Sinclair

    This show sucks big time. Even though its on for only half an hour,its still too long. Cancel this garbage! This show is an embarrassment to humanity!

  • Rick

    I cannot believe the network that aired planet earth airs this trash. I can almost hear myself getting dumber just watching it. Worst acting I have ever seen.

  • Richard

    Fake show, It’s so obvious that everything directed by the producers.

  • ArmyWife7711

    This is such a terrible show! I don’t understand why the “Discovery Channel” plays shows about reality tv idiots instead of interesting things too learn.

  • josluizb

    what a lousy show .talk about looking at a bunch of sorry people ,They really have to find something stupid to do.

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