'Awkward' Renewed for Season 4 by MTV

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August 5th, 2013

awkward season 3

Deadline reports that MTV has renewed its comedy Awkward for a fourth season. The network has hired new showrunners Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler to replace Awkward's creator Lauren Iungerich who departed at the end of season three's production. Iungerich allegedly did not see eye to eye with MTV's new topper Susanne Daniels. The second half of season three will premiere in October.

  • Jason

    Yay! I was so afraid the show will get canceled due to the low-rated 3rd season. Finally, I’m so happy.

  • Dennis

    I tried watching a few episodes of this recently…its just plain awful.
    Good news for its fans though.

  • davie

    Really? I was pleasantly surprised by Awkward’s actual quality compared to my expectations for it.

    I wonder how many episodes in Season 4. I’m thinking somewhere in between the 12 and 20. Probably 15/16

  • JayTN

    I’ve only watched about half of the third season thus far, but it doesn’t seem to be as well written as the first two seasons (killing off Ricky Schwartz has a kind of “jump the shark” feeling). If the creative force is also leaving, that could be bad news as well.

    Shouldn’t season four be the last season, realistically? The characters will all be high school seniors and graduation seems like a logical ending for the series.

  • Tommy

    Thank you MTV! I was very afraid the end was near when Iungerich left; although it will be very interesting to see how different (male) show-runners handle things.

  • Cara

    Cool but season three has not been good at all.

  • CS’ Revenge

    I was afraid it would get cancelled as well, I kind of suspected something was wrong because Awkward’s ratings were down and season 3 has been horrible so far so hopefully they get back to the basics on this show.

  • Jacobo

    Is Jenna going to fall in love with another boy again!

  • Ryann

    Wow, weren’t expecting this at all, love the show but the ratings are down so I thought its future would’ve been decided as the second half began, Thrilled though! Looking forward to October

  • Anthony

    The first two seasons were pretty good and decent to watch. But Season 3? It’s just boring. You can figure out the plot points a mile away and the characters aren’t intriguing. Season 3 has really suffered from missing what made the show watchable in the first place and without the original showrunner returning, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

    See Season 4 of Community and any show that loses the involvement of the original creative team.

  • Kate

    I hate the Jenna/Colin storyline and the fact that Jenna can’t commit to anyone in general, but hopefully it’ll return to its former glory soon.

  • Jared

    Great News..Love Awkward but wasnt a huge fan of the first half of season 3. Hopefully it picks up a little during its back half but happy for the renewal either way. It really is such a smart witty series.

  • catdog

    I really liked the first two seasons. Hopefully it ends well….

  • david

    I agree the first two season were more interesting and season 3 so far has just been ok. I hope the second half of season 3 and season four will improve.

  • ToXiX

    Fk MTV for cancelling RJ Berger.

  • Sam

    Season 1 and 2 were fantastic but I only wwatched season 3 on and off. I don’t know exactly what has happened but it’s kind of boring now.

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