Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' 2013 Breaks 26 Years of Shark Week Viewership Records

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August 5th, 2013


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MEGALODON Scores Highest Rated and Most Watched SHARK Week telecast in SHARK WEEK History with 4.8 Million Viewers P2+


SHARK AFTER DARK grabs 2.1 Million Viewers


Discovery’s SHARK WEEK 2013 broke all viewership records in the 26 year history of SHARK WEEK on Sunday August 4 with the premiere of  Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives which earned a 2.60 P25-54 and 4.8 million total viewers P2+ delivery.  This stands as the highest rated and most watched SHARK WEEK episode to date.  Additionally, Megalodon was up 141% in the Persons 25-54 demo vs. the same time period in 2012. Shark After Dark, SHARK WEEK’s first-ever late-night talk show earned a 1.18 P25-54 and 2.1 million viewers P2+ delivery. Hosted by Comedian Josh Wolf with special guests that included actor Dominic Monaghan, Shark After Dark was up 62% in the P25-54 demo vs. last year’s SHARK WEEK Sunday 11p airing.


SHARK WEEK continues to dominate social conversation year after year and was responsible for the #1 most social show (MEGALODON) across broadcast and cable on Sunday according to SocialGuide, besting the NFL Hall of Fame Game and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. SHARK WEEK conversation on Twitter grew 66% year over year in primetime and late night and was responsible for nearly one million Tweets for the day. According to Facebook, SHARK WEEK generated 3.4 million total interactions Sunday, August 4th and #SharkWeek was the top hashtag on the platform. Meanwhile,. #Megalodon, Megalodon and #SharkAfterDark all trended worldwide on Twitter, in addition to #SharkWeek, Shark Week and #AirJaws trending in the United States. Online, fin-atics schooled to and drove 6.3 million page views over the past three weeks, with more than 1.5 million on Sunday alone (a 53% increase from 2012).


SHARK WEEK continues with new specials airing tonight Monday, August 5th with Return of Jaws at 9PM ET/PT and Voodoo Sharks at 10PM ET/PT.  Shark After Dark airs at 11PM ET/PT through Thursday, August 8.


Megalodon: The Monster Lives is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Studios where Craig Piligian serves as Executive Producer.  For Discovery Channel, Mike Sorensen serves as Executive Producer.


Shark After Dark is produced for Discovery Channel by Embassy Row and Green Mountain West. Executive Producer for Embassy Row is Michael Davies. Executive Producers for Green Mountain West are Craig Ferguson and Rebecca Tucker. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman is Executive Producer with Sydney Clover as Associate Producer.


Source: Nielsen. NHI Calendar. 8/4/13. Live+SD AA% and (000).

  • CBSviewer

    Great week :)

  • HW

    Discovery should just make August “Shark Month.”

  • Survivor Fan

    Next week is my week long beach vacation- I love it when it coincides with Shark Week, but no such luck this year.

  • Mike


  • Patty car

    You may have broken records with last nights garbage. But heres a household that wont be watching any more of Shark week. I would rather watch sharkadon at least they didn’t try to make us think it was real. Shame on you. This was usually a week of education about the shark.

  • Cbear

    Sigh…whine, whine, whine. I’m sure the Discovery Channel will be just fine even with one less household watching. As for myself, I enjoyed the Megalodon special for what it was. A hypothetical situation is such an event actually occurred.

  • Merri

    I know I’m done with the Discovery Channel. Their pretend documentary on Dragons was clever, but honestly promoted as storytelling and nothing more.

    Last night’s fiasco was a blatant attempt to confuse it’s audience. Thanks to deliberate manipulation, half the USA now thinks that Megelodon is alive and well and preparing to digest Hawaii. Exactly what is a show like this doing on a channel that used to promote actual learning?

    I have never seen this channel sink this low. Perhaps the Channel’s board of directors need to stop putting their relatives on the payroll, and actually hire good producers, directors, and screenwriters…people who are interested in actually producing what they claim to offer…a learning experience.

    Programming in general is getting worse every day. Perhaps the Discovery Channel should change it’s name to The Dumb and Dumber channel.

    At any rate..they’ve lost me as a viewer. Advertisers take note: I’m not the only viewer who suddenly doesn’t want to Discover anything. And since shows like this invariably end up on almost every other channel..(and now doubt someday the cable company will try to charge me $5.99 to watch it)..I’m almost to the point where I will look to DVDs and such websites as Netflix for my entertainment, instead of Cable or Satellite tv.

  • BiPolarPoet

    Now we have the shark equivalent of MERMAIDS: BODY FOUND. Shame on Discovery for airing such blatant trash.

    Now if Discovery or Animal Planet want to air garbage like this, they should put a HUGE disclaimer at the very beginning stating that what you are about to watch is absolute fantasy and has no basis in science. And let the viewer decide if they still want to watch the program. Don’t try to trick your viewers into watching your fairy tale of a show.

  • Jayson

    For my 22 years of life i have watched Discovery, usually with family, i have loved learning and growing and being excited for shark week, but this year when i turned on the tv to enjoy another wonderful week of education i was hit with a painfully obvious faked documentary. My problem isn’t that you did something fake my problem is you tried to pass it off as something real. No disclaimer nothing. What happened? Is Discovery the new MTV? Its disgusting to try and pass this filth off as real, to trick people and abuse the responsibility your channel has, Do you know how many children probably thought what they were watching is real? You have cheapened yourself and i feel like this is the beginning of the end. Just like the history channel.

  • TV Viewer

    Wow! Big surprise that the network that advertised Shark Week with a fake commerical showing a shark leaping out of the water to eat a seal would air a fake documentary that suggests that the long extinct megaladon might still be alive.
    I like the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, but, fictional programs prentending to factual about mermaids and megaladon is really testing the boundary of what the viewers will accept as truth.

    Ever heard about the story of the boy who cried wolf; Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel?

  • Tony Fairfax

    I have to laugh, as Discovery’s tag line is “The World’s #1 Non-Fiction Media Company.” Really?

    This show puts all of Discovery’s shows in doubt. How obviously fake…There was no boat sinking in South Africa. There was no whale carcass in Hawaii in 2009.

    Note at the end of the show they roll for less than a second a disclaimer. Can anyone read it?

    Here is the number to Discovery’s Ethics Hotline: (800) 398-6395. I suggest everyone call it and voice your concern.

    What a crappy way to put the whole Shark Week into doubt…

  • duke

    Outside of the “Megalodon” fiasco, I have enjoyed the week.

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