'Magic City' Canceled by Starz After Two Seasons

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August 5th, 2013

Magic City Danny Huston

Starz has canceled its original drama  Magic City after two seasons. The season two finale, which will air Friday, will also serve as the series finale. Starz issued a statement about its decision not to order a third season: "From the writers, to the cast and crew, it has been an incredible collaboration. This was a story born from Mitch Glazer’s singular vision of Miami, the Magic City of his childhood, and we are grateful to him for bringing it to life on Starz. The season’s story arc will allow us to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the series, and we thank all the fans who checked in to the Miramar Playa.”

  • John A

    I dont bothar watching anything on Starz. Everything gets canceled. I did watch Spartacus but that ended on its own.

  • jrc1978

    Nooooo!! My wife and I love this show. Arg. It has that Boardwalk Empire feel to it and we found it very addicting and fun to watch. Danny Huston was especially good in this. Starz making me angry…hulk smash Starz!

  • Samuel

    I guess they should have kept spartcus around for another while.

  • PeriJu

    Oh I’m so sad. I liked the series. I liked the acting. Yes, it wasn’t the best show, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I am sure most of the cast will be able to move on and find some great roles for themselves. Most of them are already seasoned actors. I think Jessica Marais (lily) and Elene Satine (Judy) will do very well as both seem to have the “It” girl quality Hollywood wants in young starlets.

  • Stu

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan was good in this, but the young actors were awful and Danny Huston was worse than they were, because he was awful in a scenery-chewing showboat role. It LOOKED like it SHOULD be good, but every episode I watched felt low-rent. If they’d spent half as much on writers as they did on period details and wardrobe, maybe it’d have been better.

  • DJ Jeffrey Evan Mufson


  • ToeHead81

    I tried to cancel my Starz package when they got rid of Camelot, but got a discount for a little while. Then when they cancelled Torchwood and I knew Spartacus was nearing the series end, Starz had nothing left for me so I ended up dropping my Starz package.

  • Dafla bear

    Big mistake, invest time and money in shows like Boss and Magic City and MAYBE people will watch this crappy Network.
    Now they have nothing but junk in the pipeline.
    Starz is ONLY in my Directv package because it IS part of my premiere package.
    Stupid shows like the DiVinci thing and the soon to be rolled out The White Queen are a waste of film.

  • Edward Mooney

    Magic City is a great show. Stars sucks for dropping it! First Boss now Magic City. Giving up on stars channel.

  • John

    I loved Magic City but if it had one fault, it was that the violence was very tame considering the series was about the mob involvement with Miami hotels. If it was cranked up to the level of Spartacus, it would have done much better. That the sex was NC-17 further unbalanced the show.

  • Gus

    Oh well the “Sopranos-meets-Mad Men” show didn’t work for Starz eh? And they think “The White Queen” (Men Go to battle, women wage war!” Who came up with this lame slogan?) will? Dream on.

  • Kike Kikerson


    One of my fav shows.

  • Cheryl

    It seems everytime I really get into a Starz series it gets cancelled. I really miss “Boss” and “Spartacus”, and will seriously miss “Magic City”! I don’t care about “Davinci’s Demons” AT ALL!

  • Melissa

    Nooo love this show!

  • CJ

    Thank God, horrible acting, writing, and no chemistry! The DP, should go back to school and learn how to film. The editor, another one, who needs to go back to school….

  • alan gaglia

    usually when a show gets cancelled i react with a thats the way it goes attitude.not this time.to put only 16 episodes on ;give it the worst time slot;and then dump it because the ratings were not where you wanted them is absurd.not to mention there was no effort to market this fine show by the morons who run starz.good luck showing your remaining medicore products to your family and friends.thats all that will be watching this second rate network

  • cas127

    Any chance of getting a “cancelled” or “renewed” category tag added to these kinds of stories?

    Additional tagging would help this site get more page views as it would allow visitors to leaf through posts on topics that interest them most.

  • Starfire

    A little sad.And I will waiting for Black Sails and Da Vinci’s Demons.

  • Andrew

    I haven’t seen the second season of Magic City yet, I probably won’t bother now. It seems every show not named Spartacus on Starz gets cancelled. Starz should bring back Party Down, they gave up on that show too soon. Starz should also consider picking up cancelled HBO shows that had a decent audience like Hung.

  • simsalabim

    Worst network in history. Premiere dates of the most promising shows on friday, completely nuts! And without wrapping anything up dumping a show after 2 seasons, even more nuts. Bye bye….and thx for nearly nothing!

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