New Reality Series 'We're The Fugawis' to Premiere Tuesday, September 3 on History

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August 5th, 2013


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New York, NY – August 5, 2013 – HISTORY® presents the brand new original series WE’RE THE FUGAWIS, a show which follows the hilarious misadventures of The Fugawis, an Upstate New York motorcycle club comprised of life-long best friends. The 10-episode half-hour series premieres Tuesday, September 3 at 10PM ET/PT with back-to-back episodes.

Viewers will go along for the ride as buddies “Mudflap,” “Medicine Man, “ “Wise One,” “Tommy Gunz,” “Holeshot,” “Old Timer” and the rest of the Fugawi motorcycle club live life with a freedom and fraternity that many guys can only dream of.  In an age when everyone is seeking to strike the perfect work-life balance, this group of bikers has somehow figured it out. Members of the club include expert builders, plumbers, electricians and general contractors, so when they’re not out in the wind on the open road they’re tackling construction projects of all shapes and sizes to earn a living.

The Fugawis proudly continue the tradition of American motorcycle clubs that started in the years after WWII. For this group of lifelong buddies - freedom is all about adventure, camaraderie and getting to work and play with your best friends.

WE’RE THE FUGAWIS is produced for HISTORY by New Wave Entertainment with Todd Pellegrino, Peter Iannuccilli and Joe DeVito serving as executive producers. Executive Producers for HISTORY are Matthew Ginsburg and Zachary Behr.

HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate, including scripted event programming, features a roster of hit series including American Pickers®, American Restoration™, Ax Men™, Counting Cars™, Ice Road Truckers®, Pawn Stars®, Swamp People® and Top Shot® as well as HISTORY®’s first scripted series Vikings, and epic miniseries and special programming such as The Bible and the Emmy® Award-winning Hatfields & McCoys, Gettysburg, Vietnam in HD, America The Story of Us®  and 102 Minutes That Changed America. The HISTORY® website is the leading online resource for all things history, and in 2011, the United States Library of Congress selected HISTORY®’s Civil War 150 site for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to the American Civil War sesquicentennial.

  • Diane

    Really… Really… Come on History Channel show us something real.

  • Babs

    Can’t wait~ This looks great!

  • Cathie

    I know and love these guys! Cant wait till it airs! Kinda scared of what ill see lol

  • Melvin James

    This show looks pretty pathetic. Only would the American society waste a single minute on a show of washed up wannabe bikers. I would show up to any bar these guys hang out at and knock them over since they all use canes and walkers. Fugawi? Is that code name for a tricycle? Morons.

  • Donna

    I feel sorry for you Melvin, very simple minded you are, I’m pretty sure you would take back your comment about “KNOCKING THEM OVER” once you actually see them!!!!

  • Melvin James

    i will give show a chance Donna :)

  • Pushstart

    Kind of a rip off of the Fugarwe Tribe !!!

  • Tommy G. In New York.

    First they had Laughing Devils.. Big time failure and a bunch of Bozo’s, then Warlocks that’s a serious club why would they do a show now another club and a name that’s not even original like pushstart stated. I searched Facebook and found there page, Joke.. Real clubs do not go on TV and doing some searching around and asking. Thank god there not a club and its all for TV.

  • Tim

    You got that right. Bozos for sure. C’mon History channel enough wit the trash. Ripoffs.

  • Mc

    There’s guys are not out there to represent an “outlaw club” you ignorant one track minded idiots. They are a family club a group of his who hangout and have fun it is to show society that not all motorcycle clubs are created to start trouble and be outlaws. I know this club personally they are great guys who enjoy riding and they are An interesting group of guys.


    YEP YEP Mc.. you got that right they are no mc/outlaw’s that’s for sure, a family/riding club is correct interesting bunch of guys.. i mean come on look at there club names, that says it all. i know them also.

  • Helen

    They are a GREAT group of guys, and all you BOZO’s who are ASSuming they are an outlaw club, or wanna be bikers, obviously are the indignante BOZO’s and MORONS THAT YOU’RE CALLING THEM. They are a GREAT group of HARD WORKING GUYS WHO LIKE TO RIDE AND HAVE FUN!!!!! Why dont you watch the show BEFORE you judge them.

  • stoned 1

    They might be great bunch of guys Helen but they ain’t hard working guys… Come on admit that please. And if any of you guys read this.. good luck with the show ride safe no crashes as we all know some of you fat bastards went down…

  • MandyMo

    I actually bartend for this club, knowing each and everyone of them personally, it pisses me pff that peiple would cast judgement before even seeing the show or knowing any one of them. The aren’t your stereotypical MC, if you watch the show, you’ll see what I mean. Can’t wait till it airs!!! See you guys this weekend!

  • MandyMo

    excuse my typos…..

  • Saso

    Too bad DaTroll isn’t in this mc anymore, his antics are probably the only interesting things that would happen in this show.

  • Nite Ryder

    Saso, Da Troll i think was the one who would give Medicine Man his med’s for his case of herpes.. yeah his antics might be the only interesting thing. but they are a weird crew. i’ve seen them out and been at the Garage they hang out in.

  • Saso

    They should give DaTroll a spin-off, like honey boo boo.

  • Nite Ryder

    They all should be giving a spin-off of the show like Honey Boo-Boo, but instead i think its More Like Jack Ass..

  • James

    WHERE ARE THE FUGAWI…. THEY BE LOST…. congrats on the show to bad its only 1/2 hour episodes.. but that should do maybe they will put you guys on Sons of Anarchy and patch you guys over.. lol.. good luck guys

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