'The Killing' Finale Garners 1.5 Million Viewers, Up From Last Season

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August 5th, 2013

The Killing Season 3

Sunday's season finale of AMC's drama series The Killing garnered 1.5 million total viewers, up from 1.4 for the season two finale. The finale earned a 1.2 Household rating, up 9 percent from a 1.1 for the season two finale on June 17, 2012. However, the finale's ratings were down from 1.8 million viewers and a 1.4 Household rating for the season 3 premiere. We will post additional demographics when we receive them.

  • Andies

    Netflix and AMC both contribute financially to this show.. so there is hope for season 4.. It has a steady fan base .. What they need to so is move The Killing to a different night.. I think the show might fare better on a weeknight than a weekend..

  • MontyB

    I love the negative posters. I always get a hoot. I don’t expect there not be a 4th season.

  • JulieDawn

    Absolutely loved this season, thought it was the best so far. Really hope they bring it back again.

  • BoSox Juan

    If the 18-49 were strong, it would’ve been mentioned. Once the C7 come out, AMC will talk to sponsors targeting the whole HH more than the main demog. If there’s enough upfront support in those conversations there will be a S4. Otherwise, that’s it. Netflix won’t influence that. Netflix plays a role if they think a higher budget could grow the audience. The advertisers have to be convinced of that first.

  • Phatandy

    I really enjoyed this season and Mireille Enos is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I especially found the depiction and and story of the street kids very engrossing. It was as real as I think you can get on regular cable TV. The Bullet-character was one I really hadn’t seen before. I found that every time she was on my screen I couldn’t take my eyes off her. That girl who played Bullet is awesome, she made me care so much about her character that I was really bummed when she died.

  • Jacob

    This season has been great, Really hope there’s a season 4!

  • huldu

    I know a lot of people didn’t like the previous season(s). However personally I think season 3 was great it was a joy to watch all episodes. But this show getting renewed with the bad ratings, that’s not going to happen is it? Such a shame wish more people would have seen season 3, they missed out. Unless it’s just me being wrong and the season was bad, but anyways, I thought it was magnificent.

  • Janus

    @Huldu–as I posted before Deadline is reporting that sources say it looks good for the Killing getting a season 4.

  • Mari

    A+ season! We need a season 4 now.

  • wth

    Just finished the 2 hr ending of season 3. We NEED season 4 after that ending.

  • Capitalist Infidel

    @Phatandy, that’s funny, I really enjoyed the season too but I had the exact opposite opinion of “Bullet.” I even forward winded some of the scenes with her in it. She was so predictable and she overplayed the character so much it became a bit of an embarrassment. I do agree about Enos though and to me Kinnaman was the star of the show. He stole every scene he was in no matter what other actors were in it.

  • Ryan

    I think AMC is going to renew it then slot it behind Low Winter Sun next year. With that leadi n and one of the actors in RoboCop, the ratings MAY just rise.

  • Benny

    You’re right, maybe I should not talking about The Walking Dead, but I was just giving an example, saying that The Killing has so much more potential than The Walking Dead. I was just saying.

  • Jenna

    WOW…still in shock over the ending!! There BETTER be a season 4! I love this show…

  • @TheEmulator23

    Keep dreaming for a S4 kids! Not gonna happen.

  • Dan S

    I have a strong feeling The Killing will be back. With shows like Breaking Bad ending they’ll want to hang on to it. Its numbers are on par with Mad Men so it should return.

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