'Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle' Chronicling Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale's Friendship to Premiere August 8 on E!

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August 5th, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens Ashley Tisdale

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Los Angeles, CA—August 5, 2013— "Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle" is a new, revealing half-hour of storytelling featuring superstar Ashley Tisdale as she spends time with best friend and confidante Vanessa Hudgens and asks hilarious, outrageous and personal questions as no reporter can.  More conversation than interview, this special allows fans around the world to see these two women let their guards down, speak freely and have fun with someone from their “inner circle.”  Vanessa opens up to Ashley about things you only tell a best friend in this fun, flirty, half-hour special when “Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle” premieres August 8th at 10 pm ET/PT only on E!


E! invites viewers into the “inner circle” of Vanessa & Ashley as they spend the day together doing their favorite things: a trip to the dance studio (where Vanessa shows off some world-class twerking), going for lunch, and of course, serious amounts of reminiscing and laughing. Throughout the day, Ashley takes on the role of interviewer as she puts her BFF, Vanessa, in the hot seat, uncovering some hilarious and shocking tidbits about her close pal.  Ashley spits out rapid fire questions to Vanessa inquiring about everything from her first kiss to her celebrity crush. She even uncovers new inside scoop about Vanessa’s life in and out the spotlight, including how the famous star felt about being homeschooled, where she would like to see her career go from here and her ideal plans for a family.  Viewers are also treated to never-before-seen crazy personal home videos of the girls during some of their funniest moments caught on tape!


Ever wonder what the inseparable twosome really discuss behind the scenes? How did they first meet nine years ago? What have their lives been like since? Who wants to own a vineyard in Italy? Who taught Vanessa to pole dance?  Who are their celebrity crushes and what are their guilty pleasures? Who would rather kiss a girl than a guy on camera? Both besties discover a few interesting and surprising facts they never knew about each other in this thirty minute special that celebrates BFFs everywhere. From Blondie Girl Productions and Relativity Television, and Executive Produced by Ashley Tisdale, don't miss “Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle” premiering August 8th at 10 pm ET/PT only on E!

  • aiden

    OHHH So cool can’t wait to watch this, love Ash & Nessa

  • Christina

    Would be nice to see a E! reality show with these two girls.

  • nena

    I love this, but question, is it like a series or just a special 1 episode thing :T
    someone please answer :)

  • Lexxi Daniels

    Soooo….they go from wholesome Disney Channel Stars to supersluts…(Vanessa not Ashley)..have u people seen Spring Breakers?

  • #bravod

    I believe this is just a special, however it probably is a back door pilot, meaning if it does well, it could be a series…so everyone watch!

  • Karen

    Wow that was sooooo BAD (and I don’t mean cool) I don’t really know who these girls are I’m not trying to hate on them, but that show was horribly booooooring? First kiss who cares??? Maybe I’m missing something, maybe I’m too old and this show is for a younger crowd, however I couldn’t find anything interesting in their dialect. If this show is going to continue they need to find some way to make people care. Swimming with dolphins??? Ridding on a horse??? How is that entertaining??? It really really felt forced, and fake. I don’t think these girls had any direction. Someone needs to step in and amp this up. Sure they are cute and simi-famous (I guess) but if all you got for me is I would rather kiss a girl than James Franco, I’m sorry but I’m changing the channel. I’ll give the show one more chance (if even the producers do) but if someone doesn’t step in to make this interesting I’m out thanks ;)

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