Will The Time-Warner/CBS Battle Hurt 'Under the Dome's' Ratings Tonight? - Poll

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August 5th, 2013

Under the Dome 7 29

Under The Dome is a hit by any measure, continuing to deliver huge numbers for a 10PM drama, scoring a renewal, and proving that it is possible for a broadcast network to successfully launch a scripted program in the summer. For the past two weeks it has garnered a 2.8 adults 18-49 rating. However, this week many Time Warner Cable customers are currently without CBS -- including Time Warner Cable customers in the two largest Nielsen markets (New York and Los Angeles) thanks to the epic dispute between the two media conglomerates. The show also faces tougher than usual competition from The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose. will these factors slow its momentum?   Make your predictions.

  • Why Watch

    I’m tired of cable companies like TWC crying and moaning all the time when they are just as guilty as the channel companies when it comes to charging for the services.

    Give the customers an ala cart menu, let us pick what channels we want to watch and charge us that for a monthly fee. Soon you’ll see prices of some channels drop, others may rise due to customer demand.

  • Spencer

    2.8. On a side note..I find it horrible yet hilarious that even for a 13 episode summer show ABC still manages to put breaks in the show mistresses. I mean come on that’s ridiculous.

  • gerry

    the question isn’t whether or not it will get cancelled if it slips, that’s not happening. the question is if the blackout will cause it to drop, and it has to. i know i won’t be watching it tonight. nor will anyone in the rest of nyc, la, i believe chicago and a few other markets. its delusional to think that won’t have some impact on the ratings. though, i also feel like much of the cbs audience is in the ‘heartland’ so it may not have that huge of an impact.

  • Gentoo

    I hope so!

    Screw you greedy CBS!

  • gerry

    @ gentoo – agreed. i’m even more mad about this whole blackout because cbs is making me side with time warner, and i do NOT like time warner.

    @ why watch – i’ve been clamoring for a la carte cable for years. it won’t happen until someone forces the cable companies to do so, which will likely end up happening soon when the new apple tv is launched.

  • grey

    I don’t have a prediction for the ratings number but I really don’t think the Time Warner situation is going to have any major affect on “UTD” ratings. They’re ratings will be steady or flat with last week’s.

  • Ultima

    @Why Watch
    Give the customers an ala cart menu, let us pick what channels we want to watch and charge us that for a monthly fee. Soon you’ll see…

    … a vast reduction in content as most of the cable networks go under.

    I know everyone likes to think that their favorite shows and networks really are super popular with a huge dedicated fan base that will shell out premium rates in order to keep them on the air, but the reality is that those networks are only viable because the people who watch the networks that are actually popular are subsidizing them.

  • rob60990

    “How if millions in the biggest markets not watching doesn’t affect anything is just not right.”

    Only 3.5 million are affected by this in a country with over 300 million.

  • Ultima

    The fact that the blackout doesn’t affect ratings at all says how antiquated the system is and how it is not accurate.

    Maybe instead of blaming Nielsen, you should blame your math teacher.

    And it will impact the ratings, but since the expected loss is less than a tenth of a ratings point (A18-49) at the national level, it will be indistinguishable against the typical noise in week-to-week ratings.

    Of course, I’m sure every CBS hater will claim any ratings hit tonight is not from The Bachelorette, but from a 1% drop in national coverage by CBS…

  • Jlopie1

    Any way you look at it (and there seem to be lots of different ways voiced here) UTD will hold steady dropping no lower than 2.6, going no higher than 2.8 with final adjustment. Let’s compromise – I’ll say 2.7!

  • Hardline_Pro

    @A Rod – Lol. And what show was that?

  • Mike

    It won’t dip

  • Jo

    What happened to Fox Business ratings?

  • diane

    The storyline for UTD is becoming stupid.If that girl gets locked up again i for one will quit watching

  • Ana

    Still watching “Under The Dome” tonight… Hooked up a tv with over the air antenna. Problem solved. I don’t really understand what’s going on but I hope this gets solved soon

  • Bill

    Under the Dome scored 10.2 and 2.5 adults. Last night’s episode was the lowest episode due to the CBS and Time Warner Cable dispute.

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