CBS Blasts TWC Over Los Angeles Sports Rights Fees

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August 7th, 2013


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  • In Los Angeles, TWC is on the other side of the table in terms of rights fees.


  • Here are the facts that many don’t know about their fight for the consumer…


  • Half of LA Lakers games used to be on free over-the-air TV before TWC outbid everyone for the rights for $3 billion.


  • TWC then created a Lakers channel charging subscribers $4/month whether they watch the games or not.


  • This works out to $49 per subscriber for 52 exclusive games this year, or nearly $1/game.


  • TWC followed this up by paying nearly $8 billion for rights to the LA Dodgers.


  • And next season the Dodgers will reportedly also move from free over-the-air TV to a newly created TWC Dodgers channel that by industry estimates will cost even more than $4 per subscriber per month.


  • Neither the Lakers nor Dodgers TWC channels are available to consumers on an a la carte basis.


  • A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Time Warner Cable on the matter
  • Meanwhile, per local regulations, TWC discloses on the back of its bills that they are charging $20/month for “broadcast” television. 
    • This is 54% higher than they charged just two years ago, during which time it’s been made known that both the Lakers and Dodgers have been removed from broadcast.


    • Time Warner Cable has yet to address this matter publicly.


  • Jacobo

    Wow that’s just plain greedy

  • tv_viewer

    CBS surely isn’t pulling any punches.

  • rgxx

    TWC = Greedy and misleading…

  • Percysowner

    TWC didn’t cut my access to the CBS website. I’m not in the affected areas, I just have TWC as my Internet provider. CBS doesn’t have clean hands either.

  • Joseph

    Didn’t CBS-owned KCAL Los Angeles carry the Lakers before they went cable-only and don’t they now carry the Dodgers and Angels??

  • TVDude

    TWC is greedy, I think everyone knows that. CBS is just as greedy and I think people also know that. I don’t feel bad for CBS and I also don’t feel bad for TWC.

    The thing is the people who buy cable from TWC (and others) need to do their research and know what they are paying for. The real truth is that if CBS had their way, the true losers would be the consumers. Neither CBS or TWC care about the customers/viewers and if TWC faces any sort of price increase, you better bet it’ll be passed on to the customer. Like I said, TWC is greedy and the greedy CBS network isn’t going to help anyone.

  • T..A.

    One word…Weasels!

    They want more money from their customer’s every year!
    That extra money is NOT used to hire trained and qualified staff!

    @Joseph: Yes KCAL did air Lakers games. I believe only Angels are shown on KCAL. Dodgers are over on KCOP which is now an affiliate of FOX.

  • Jason

    TWC Sportsnet is a Regional Sports Network (RSN) just like Fox Sports, Comcast Sports Network (CSN) and the myriad of others (YES, ROOT, etc). They paid for and signed a contract and have exclusive rights to that content just like all the other RSNs. TWCSN is distributed solely as a cable/satellite channel.

    CBS is a broadcast network, utilizing federally licensed public airwaves.

    Showtime (which is CBS owned), is similar to the RSN in that they license movies and are exclusively distributed via cable/satellite providers.

    CBS is essentially trying to claim that their free to air broadcast station should be getting cable money. I stick an antenna on my TV and I can pick up CBS. I can’t pick up RSNs or subscription based movie channels.

    Claiming that the situation is a boldfaced lie. If you want to compare, then match up TWCSN with CBS Sports. I’m sure that CBS isn’t giving away games on these channels any more than TWCSN is giving away games.

    I also believe TWCSN is an option on a sports package. Customers do not have to pay for RSNs if they don’t want them. CBS is part of a broadcast basic package which is not optional on any cable offering. It’s a “must carry” with a mandated fee (although the fee is negotiated).

  • T.J.

    Enough is enough. I’m dropping Comcast cable ($87 a month) for Dish 120 ($50 a month) I will stream the sports Dish doesn’t carry and hook up my flatscreen via HDMI.

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