Special 'ID Investigates: Killer Truckers' to Premiere Tuesday, August 13

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August 7th, 2013

Id Investigates Killer Truckers

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(Silver Spring, MD) – Big rig drivers of America’s interstates rule the roads and supply our lives, delivering everything from clothing and food to livestock and fuel. But for some asphalt cowboys, the highways provide more than a living. They serve as a hunting ground. With 25 former long-haul truckers serving time in America’s prison system for serial murder, Investigation Discovery’s all-new documentary special, ID INVESTIGATES: KILLER TRUCKERS takes a hard look at predators in the fast lane, illuminating a dark corner of America’s mobile society, in which the open road can both hide and drive deadly intentions.  ID INVESTIGATES: KILLER TRUCKERS premieres Tuesday, August 13 at 10/9 C on Investigation Discovery.


ID INVESTIGATES: KILLER TRUCKERS exposes the dangerous underworld of an industry that remains incredibly important to commerce, today, in American society,” said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Military Channel and Destination America. “We hope that this special serves as a reminder that while not every trucker is on the highway to hell, our open roads are, indeed, open to both good and evil.”


While the vast majority of the trucking industry is made up of honest, hard-working Americans who go through painstaking measures to conduct themselves under a code of ethics and safety, the transient and solitary nature of the work can attract crooked characters. The anonymous lifestyle allows them to unleash pent-up demons between 11-hour stints and hightail it out of town before sunrise – like the sadistic serial killer who turned the sleeper birth of his truck into a torture chamber, keeping his victims chained for weeks at time before dumping their bodies roadside. And the killing doesn’t always end on the road. One trucker, seen in his “World’s Greatest Dad” cap during the day, would by night don a black feather face mask to prowl residential neighborhoods surrounding truck stops, armed with knives, Chinese throwing stars and choking wire. ID INVESTIGATES: KILLER TRUCKERS pulls back the curtain to explore contributing forces and environments that breed criminality along our nation’s highways through the lens of four distinct stories of tragedy, including:


  • John Robert Williams was already sentenced to life in jail for committing a violent murder in Mississippi when a segment on America’s Most Wanted led to a tip that broke open multiple unsolved highway murders incorporating his MO. When questioned by law enforcement, he was forthcoming… perhaps too forthcoming? Could Williams be the I-40 serial killer, or was he a serial confessor whose years on the road left him begging for attention?


  • Robert Ben Rhoades, a 40-year-old trucker, was being apprehended during a standard traffic stop in Arizona when a state trooper found a woman bound and gagged in the sleeper of his truck. Calm, cool, and collected, Rhoades went in for questioning, claiming the sex was consensual. But a search of his truck and apartment revealed only more horrors, including bloody torture kits and a deepening mystery about a beautiful young girl captured on rolls of film. When the decomposed body of 14-year-old runaway Regina Walters is found in a barn hundreds of miles away, the case against Rhoades barrels to its inevitable conclusion.


  • Thirty-six-year-old ex-marine Wayne Adam Ford was considered a polite man that kept himself far away from society. After suffering a head injury and a bitter divorce, trucking provided a new start, Ford’s chance to stay in the right lane. But the gig led to a dangerous journey, driving him far left – dead left. Ford shocked his friends and family when he turned himself in to the local police station, claiming to be responsible for a series of murders. To prove his guilt, Ford brought forth evidence: a woman’s severed breast. In custody, Ford pointed out several sites along his trucking route where he dumped body parts belonging to the women he murdered.


  • Adam Leroy Lane is what criminologists call a thrill killer. He would park his truck and go into residential neighborhoods in search of victims. In a two-week killing spree, Lane had two murders under his belt and was caught trying to commit a third. Exotic knives, full face masks, and a DVD on hunting humans were found in his truck. A family man with no prior arrest or convictions, the discovery that Lane was a killer was shocking to those who knew him.


ID INVESTIGATES: KILLER TRUCKERS is produced by Creative Differences Productions with Erik Nelson and Dave Harding as executive producer. For Investigation Discovery, Eugenie Vink is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is group president.


About Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery (ID) is the leading mystery-and-suspense network on television and America’s favorite “guilty pleasure.” From harrowing crimes and salacious scandals to the in-depth investigations and heart-breaking mysteries that result, ID challenges our everyday understanding of culture, society and the human condition. ID delivers the highest-quality programming to more than 84 million U.S. households with viewer favorites that include On the Case with Paula Zahn; Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda; Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?; Disappeared; Stalked: Someone’s Watching; and Redrum. For more information, please visit InvestigationDiscovery.com, facebook.com/InvestigationDiscovery, or twitter.com/DiscoveryID. Investigation Discovery is part of Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the world’s #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.8 billion cumulative subscribers in 218 countries and territories.

  • Jason Haggard

    I can’t wait to do my expose on “Killer Reporters” being that they are allowed to travel extensively and have access to higher profile victims.

  • Dan price

    Is it true on your program, the law professor Michael R. Stated that truck drivers are one step below a prostitute? Being a truck driver myself I am offended. My wife heard this on the program and was offended as well. She is also a truck driver. I will share this with my fellow truckers as well as ooida.

  • Antonio

    I am a trucker and i find this very officive we bust our tail out here to provide for familes accross america a leaves ours for days on end and no one appricates it or shows us respect very rude

  • Biggredd

    Back around 1999-2001 a Trucker killed a woman/prostitute/mother (She didn’t look like a prostitute) from Jacksonville, Florida. There was a T.V. Episode/Investigative report by one of the networks. The Trucker drove a Peterbilt Tractor. One of the clues to his capture was the sound of the Peterbilt Tractor. I would like more information on this case.

  • Chris cobus

    I am a canadian long haul driver. I have a wife and 3 kids. I understand their have been drivers in the pastthat have been murderers and serial killers. Does that mean all of us are? No.. That would be like saying that every priest is a pedophile or every cop gets sex to forget about tickets. I guess that also means every pig farmer feeds people to his pigs like dude in beitish columbia.. Or every wanna be profit has a mass suicide plan. ID is so stupid and nieve its ridiculous. I have no urge to murder anyone on the road and i DO pick up hitch hikers.. Infact 2 days ago i drove a guy 1500 kms to meet his daughter for the first time. He slept in the front seats while i slept in the bunk… Oh wait.. A hitch hiker has murdered in the past… I wonder if he was gonna kill me?? I mean that is what were gettin at right? If one is then they all are?? I for one find this show sad. I watch this channel more then any other.. But after this i have two choices.. Stop watching ID.. Or be what they say we are.. If i go with option 2 then i start with the people behind the episode.. But i love my wife and kids so i will NEVER watch ID again.. Ill continue to give people rides… I will also continue to NOT BE A MURDERER even though ID says i most likely am… So #%*# you ID!!! You can kiss the whitest part of my…. U get it!! ;)

  • Heather

    I understand how this could somewhat offend truck drivers in general because maybe their job title is being tainted a bit but to be honest they never said that ALL truck drivers are serial killers. “While the vast MAJORITY of the trucking industry is made up of honest, hard-working americans who go through painstaking measures to conduct themselves over a code of ethics and safety, the transient and solitary nature of the work can attract crooked characters. The anonymous lifestyle allows them to unleash pent-up demons between 11-hour stints and hightail it out of town before sunrise.” That is not targeting all truck drivers if you ask me.

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