Jay Leno's Final Episode of 'The Tonight Show' to Air February 6, 2014

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August 9th, 2013


As expected, Jay Leno's final episode of The Tonight Show will air prior to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Deadline reports that Leno's final episode will air Thursday, February 6, 2013, the day before the Olympics start. Jimmy Fallon will take over the show after the Olympics conclude. Since the show is moving to New York, many longtime members of the crew will lose their jobs, Fortunately, the terms of Leno's exit deal stipulates that they will all paid through September when his contract with NBC ends.

  • Gary Middleton

    “he already screwed one replacement over.”

    Leno doesn’t owe anything to the people who take his job.

  • Gary Middleton

    “NBC took too much damage from the way they handled the whole Leno/Conan debacle from 2009, and they are still trying to recover from that.”

    So much damage that in the last sweeps period Leno and Fallon only beat their competition by 41% in the demo. Clearly they are reeling.

  • Grant

    I so wish it was Letterman leaving late night, he is the worst i.m.o.
    I’d like to see Carson get a promotion to p.m. late night.
    But really idc cause I don’t watch but maybe 2 hrs of late night a month.

  • Andrew

    Fallon and Seth Meyers will make for a good late night line-up and may bring more younger viewers to NBC’s late night. Jay Leno still brings decent numbers but he’s starting to skew old.

  • Kris

    @Joe and anyone who says Conan bombed on the tonight show.

    you are an idiot.

  • kenny1949

    I now know when to take the Tonight Show off auto record on my DVR.

    The ratings will be interesting come fall when everyone settles into their normal schedule. For all the talk that Fallon, Kimmel, Conan, et. al. are needed to attract a younger demo, the numbers on this site consistently show that Leno has the better demo among the 18-49 age group. Fortunately for NBC, Fallon is second after Leno in attracting the 18-49 demo so the switch may not be a disaster. Instead the dominance of Leno will become a horse race between Fallon, Letterman and Kimmel. I suspect Fallon will eventually end up as the leader.

    Fallon is no Leno but he does not try to be. His show is very different. A shorter monologue and way more audience participation skits which are way better than the audience participation skits that Leno does. While I will watch the Fallon Tonight show, it will be based on who are the guests as it is currently.

  • Jiji Moran

    It was NOT Jay’s choice to leave and be replaced by O’Brien, just as it’s not his choice to leave this time around.

    To me, Fallon is a good man, has talent and energy, and he’s willing to do just about everything to keep his audience, but… he needs better joke writers. His jokes aren’t that funny, and he may benefit if Jay’s writers were to work for him.

    His “as ____ puts it__” is OLD.

  • buttondiet

    According to Leno’s friends (Ferguson being one) he’ll be back.

  • jessica

    Seen this once before, Leno will of course be back. The big question is how much Comcast will pay Fallon to exit stage left.

  • jessica

    Jiji, it SO was Leno’s choice to leave. Then as the end drew nigh he changed his mind and they gave him a prime time show. This is again his choice to leave and I wouldn’t be surprised if come January we hear of Leno looking to stay. In each instance Leno’s contract goes beyond his resignation date.

  • RJ

    To the one who said Arsenio Hall is on FOX, its actually syndicated. Many FOX affiliates will carry the program, they don’t have to though.

  • RCR

    Funny that, lacking proof, so many just assume Leno plotted to oust Conan from his job. If you read the Late Shift and its sequel, Leno did no such thing.

    Yet, there actually IS proof that Conan set this while thing in motion in 2004 by plotting to oust Jay. He threatened to leave the network unless he was promised the Tonight Show. NBC obliged. I wonder why Conan fans/Jay haters ignore that…? Oh yeah. Sometimes truth gets in the way of the narrative.

    Come 2009, NBC freaked that by kicking the number one guy out the door before he was ready, he could easily go to a competitor and continue his dominance there. So in a move to simultaneously keep Jay from competing and save money in prime time production, they offered Jay a 10pm show. Why did he take it? Because it kept his entire staff employed. Remember, this is the guy who, on his last show, asked to do something about his “legacy,” brought out every kid born to every staffer in his tenure. When NBC wanted to let staff go last year, Jay offered to take a 30% pay cut instead. Now, here’s where I’ll admit I’m guessing. My GUESS is, based on this knowledge, he was able to negotiate his staff getting paid til September AND negotiate out any non-compete clause out of his contract.

    I like Jimmy and I hope he’s successful. I also hope Jay leaves NBC, gets another show, and competes…if that’s what he wants.

  • Jerry

    It’s amazing to me that NBC is going to try this again with Jay Leno. Jay is one of the nicest guys in show business there is, and has never been a prick with NBC during contract negotiations (like former TS hosts and other stars sometimes are). Sure the younger crowd is all excited about Jimmy Fallon taking over, but Jay is the one with the ratings and start power, not Jimmy, and this is costing many people their jobs.

    I hope that no one older watches any NBC Late Night programming after NBC forces Jay Leno off the air there in February. I hope that NBC has to beg Jay to come back again, like it did a few years ago, and I hope Jay stands his ground and goes on the air somewhere else this time. Screw NBC and all their stupid programming decisions! NBC is always making stupid programming decisions, which is why they are in fourth place (of four)! I will never watch the Tonight Show or Late Night on NBC again after Jay Leno is forced to exit!

  • CWsucks

    Good riddance. I’ve never understood why Jay Leno does so well.

  • ParkerWyeth

    I doubt he comes back even if they want him to. He lives off of his stand up money and will continue to do stand up/tour.

  • Networkman

    I rather see Ellen Degeneres move to late night than watch Jimmy Fallon take over the Tonight Show. Ellen simply has a better connection with her audience and also with the actors she interviews. She is simply more natural, whereas Jimmy’s whole delivery and banter is forced. Jimmy’s show is something you simply glance at from time to time. But it is not appointment TV.

  • Douglas in TN

    Don’t fall for the illusion that Jay Leno is the nicest guy in show business. He does much for charity, and made made that aura, but he is also known as one of the sharpest cut throats in the business as well.

    Letterman often refers to the “Leno I knew…” while also stating that Jay was the sharpest comedian he had seen.

    But absolutely no chance he ever returns to Tonight except as a guest. It’s over for him, right or wrong.

    I don’t know how the world will survive without “Meal or no Meal” and such comedy gold.

  • Paul

    I am not sure why NBC didn’t learn from their previous mistake. Why fix something that’s not broken?

    Seth Meyers’ show should be in L.A. to keep that staff there.

  • Billiam

    @TVMAN Fox tried to compete with late night in the late 1980’s with Chevy Chase but it got cancelled after just 3 nights on the air.

  • Jon

    and Jay’s next return date to the Tonight show over or under 9 months?

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