Will the 'Breaking Bad' Premiere Break Ratings Records? - Poll

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August 11th, 2013


The final season of Breaking Bad finally begins tonight.  No season premiere this year has been more eagerly anticipated. Fans of the show are dying to know how Walter White's story will end.  Though Twitter may or may not have any impact on ratings, the show has been trending nationwide for most of the past week. AMC's publicity department has worked overtime to get the cast on every single talk show. The question is how all of this hype will translate into ratings. The show began its life as a critically acclaimed but low rated prestige show. But it benefited from great word of mouth and the rise of streaming video, which allowed newcomers to the show to binge watch during  its lengthy hiatuses and start watching live when the show returned and blossomed into a genuine cable hit, with ratings growing each season,  The season five premiere garnered a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on July 15, 2012 and the finale garnered a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating on September 5, 2012. So how do you think it will fare tonight? Make your predictions!

  • dendu

    How will we know the ratings of Hell on Wheels? I don’t remember if tvbythenumbers post the saturday cable ratings. Any idea what numbers does this show have to pull, to be renewed? Concidering that it’s on saturday and all, I have no idea. Anyone?

  • zap

    dendu, Saturday cable ratings are usually posted on Tuesday in thefutoncritic.com

  • John A


  • Ryan


    AMC owns HOW (unlike The Killing) so I feel confident (plus knowing they will need a good lead-in for Turn) that it will get at least a 4th season. I DO think it’s time for HOW to announce a season cap.

    With that said when Sunday cable ratings get posted ask in that comment thread for HOW ratings and someone will post them

  • dendu

    @zap, Ryan> Thank you! :)

  • Kris


  • Brian


  • BenA

    1 6 but it would not shock me if it was higher than 1.8.

  • Dan S

    Breaking Bad has a lot of good buzz & should top 1.8 tonight. Fortunately I get the west coast feed at 6pm so I can watch it earlier. I’m also looking forward to Low Winter Sun which should have a strong debut.

  • Dan S

    I meant to say I get the east coast feed at 6pm.

  • merrranga

    @BenA prepare yourself.

  • Greg


    I myself like to accumulate the episodes and binge watch them, so I won’t be watching the premiere just yet. The actual series finale will surely break the records.

  • Greg

    A 0.4 should be enough for AMC to renew Hell on Wheels, I think. Unless AMC decides to cancel both it and The Killing, but with Mad Men and Breaking Bad ending, I doubt that would be the case.

  • dendu

    Thank you Greg, that’s couraging! :)

  • Tony

    Just a clarification: The hiatus has been long, but this is not a season premiere. It’s the second half of the final season which began over a year ago.

  • Californiadgd


  • emanuel230

    2.0 – 2.1
    Should to be very very strong. So sad is gonna end.
    I’m from Europe, and i kinda watch tomorrow..

  • K


  • John A

    I cant see Hell on Wheels getting renewed. It was struggling to get 0.5-0.6 on sunday nights. Kind of weird that it got dumped to saturday though. Do AMC ever air shows during the week? I dont think they do.

  • steve

    I wish BB would get a massive ratings bump tonight. But I seriously doubt it. The show is too smart to get huge ratings.

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