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August 11th, 2013


The final season of Breaking Bad finally begins tonight.  No season premiere this year has been more eagerly anticipated. Fans of the show are dying to know how Walter White's story will end.  Though Twitter may or may not have any impact on ratings, the show has been trending nationwide for most of the past week. AMC's publicity department has worked overtime to get the cast on every single talk show. The question is how all of this hype will translate into ratings. The show began its life as a critically acclaimed but low rated prestige show. But it benefited from great word of mouth and the rise of streaming video, which allowed newcomers to the show to binge watch during  its lengthy hiatuses and start watching live when the show returned and blossomed into a genuine cable hit, with ratings growing each season,  The season five premiere garnered a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating on July 15, 2012 and the finale garnered a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating on September 5, 2012. So how do you think it will fare tonight? Make your predictions!

  • NBC Fan


  • reallypeople

    @John A.

    It would take a lot for HOW not to get renewed for a 4th season. 1) AMC needs to add programming, not subtract it. (And I’m not even addressing The Killing’s poor ratings in that statement). 2) HOW was moved to Saturdays to fulfill its sole objective: get people to watch the truck load of western movies they purchase and show. 3) With Hamm and Cranston going off roster and AMC being built upon leading men who attract an audience/attention… they won’t lose Mount and the horny housewife demo who obsess over him. Not to mention the Mount as Batman chatter.

    A Saturday night 4th season is pretty much a lock.

    As for Breaking Bad, I’m going 1.8

  • John A

    Hell was lucky to get renewed last year. Wasnt it almost cancelled? You would have to assume it got a 0.3 on Saturday night. It wouldnt be that confident yet about renewel.

  • reallypeople

    @John A.

    Nope, it was renewed before expected. Since actor contracts go year to year and they don’t have to renew them before late December. What caused the delay was the Gaytons x 2 left as showrunners and then Shiban said he’d take the showrunner job and then changed his mind. Finding Wirth to fill the job caused the delay.

    But its renewal was always a certain thing as long as they could find someone to keep their word. And a 0.3 on Saturday would definitely be enough for a renewal especially when look at the L + 7.

    Not to mention it shares the same production company as Low Winter Sun, Endemol, so to get rid of one show… you actually get rid of two. (It isn’t going to happen especially since the gave LWS the post-BB spot).

  • huldu

    Doesn’t matter what BB gets… it’s the end. Just glad that they pulled the plug while the show was at its top. Would have been a shame to see it dragged through the gutter with terrible seasons.

  • DonJ1973

    There is a lot of competition tonight for ratings on the cable end.

    I’m going to be realistic and say no more than 1.3 or 1.4 at best.

  • City Kitty

    AMC is SMOKIN all weekend!!!!!

  • were123

    I have the feeling it will score a 1.8

  • Dan S

    On an unrelated note BET ran a marathon of the 1st 14 episodes of Scandl yesterday. They’ll run the rest next Sat & I’m wondering how it did in the ratings ? This will be a great way to catchup on the series before season 3 premieres in Oct.

  • Evan

    The show will at least hit a 1.8 or higher. I was surprised last season wasn’t higher. This season has so much buzz going on I feel like everyone’s gonna be watching. My guess is it hits anywhere from a 2.0-2.2

  • Paul P

    1.6 & that will be huge for a cable show!

  • Hugh


  • Tested

    Never seen it. Lots of talk about it, but that has not translated to big ratings.
    Falling Skies had far less talk and just about the same ratings. 1.3-1.4 will be about right for this show.

  • John

    There is so much hype and buzz going into it, especially with that crazy cliffhanger last year. The ratings increased from season 4 to season 5 by about .5 but I think the increase will be even higher for this season. My guess is 2.6.

  • Tony JJ

    Going into the final eight episodes. The show is big on netflix. Lots of buzz. I predict big ratings.

    Breaking Bad- 2.6
    Low Winter Sun- 2.0 (they didn’t show the BB preview until half way through LWS. this will help it a lot)
    Talking Bad- 1.5 (this is hard to guess. So I randomly went with this number.)

    Other guesses
    Devious Maids-1.3 (last week’s episode was really good and people were talking about it for days after it aired. Should rise)

  • Ted


  • Ted

    I’ve already watched se5ep9 twice!

  • Jay T.

    How can the greatest show ever produced not have Sunday Nights highest T.V. ratings>

  • Matt

    2.4, 4.8 million viewers

  • TomSF

    I’ve been watching this show on Netflix for the past three weeks. Just started season 4 but I have my DVR recording the final 8 episodes so I can catch up.

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