Sandra Oh Will Leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ at the End of the Tenth Season

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Grey's Anatomy Finale Sandra Oh

Grey’s Anatomy original cast member Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina, has announced that she will depart the long running drama at the end of its upcoming tenth season. The uncompromising heart surgeon is a lot of fans favorite character.  Through Patrick Dempsey’s recent statements at the TCAs suggesting that he is tired of doing the show have generated a lot of publicity, a lot of fans would agree that Meredith’s relationship with her best friend, Cristina,  is at least as important as her relationship with husband.  Grey’s finished last season as ABC’s highest rated drama. Will the news that this will be Cristina’s last season inspire lapsed viewers to tune in to see how she departs the show, or will learning that Cristina is on her way out this far in advance make fans less interested in her storylines? We will find out if this news has any impact on the ratings this September when the show returns.

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