Sandra Oh Will Leave 'Grey's Anatomy' at the End of the Tenth Season

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August 13th, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Finale Sandra Oh

Grey's Anatomy original cast member Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina, has announced that she will depart the long running drama at the end of its upcoming tenth season. The uncompromising heart surgeon is a lot of fans favorite character.  Through Patrick Dempsey's recent statements at the TCAs suggesting that he is tired of doing the show have generated a lot of publicity, a lot of fans would agree that Meredith's relationship with her best friend, Cristina,  is at least as important as her relationship with husband.  Grey's finished last season as ABC's highest rated drama. Will the news that this will be Cristina's last season inspire lapsed viewers to tune in to see how she departs the show, or will learning that Cristina is on her way out this far in advance make fans less interested in her storylines? We will find out if this news has any impact on the ratings this September when the show returns.

  • Tony JJ

    Wow. I don’t know. I think they should end it. Even though it probably won’t end.

  • Jairo

    I think it’s time for Grey’s Anatomy starts to say goodbye, 10 years is a long long time… and now Sandra leaving the show, I Think it’s time.

  • AllOfHerTwist

    Oh No!

  • a p garcia

    I guess its time, but she will be missed.

  • James S

    This show is rubbish. Should have ended after season 3 or 4 max. As for Sandra Oh, she better have made some money as her career is over after this, been on this too long and must have missed a million opportunities to do something else.

  • Crissy

    It will be sad to see her go. I mean she has been Merideth’s twisted sister since the beginning, however, I will continue to watch it until it ends. Right now it is the only good show on TV.

  • platypus Perry

    Greys is the Milennia version of ER it continues having key actor/actresses depart the show yet it keeps on running. Greys should end with the remaining core characters it still has from season Oneone

  • K

    Grey’s should have ended a long time ago. It never really was that good to start with

  • aiden

    OOOHHHH NO, you are crazy grey’s is one of the best show ever!!! shows like the walking dead are bad really bad that show need to go!!!

  • Hi

    its the end of grey’s.

  • Smallvillefan21

    Dude, your an idiot, Greys is one of the best shows ABC has ever had and it still does quite well in the ratings….. I seen ya basing your comment off of nothing! lol

  • Ian

    Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show on television currently. And my third favorite of all time. Also Christina is my favorite character on the show. This all being said I really do hope ABC announces this as the last season. It will be heartbreaking to see it go, but I really don’t want to see it end up being one of those shows that the entire original cast leaves and it keeps going. The show still has a large number of its originals left but I really can’t see the show surviving Christina leaving. Her and Meredith’s relationship is the core of the show. Also it would be even more crushing seeing the show go out struggling in ratings and getting shoved away by ABC. I know Shonda has said she doesn’t plan on ending it after the 10th season. But I hope this makes her realize it is time. Grey’s has worked very well without Izzie, George, Lexie, Mark, and Burke, but there is no way the show can work without Christina. No way at all.

  • Michael

    She better hope she lands another permanent gig. Look at what happened with Katherine Heigl, she thought she was too good for the show. After 1 hit movie, her career has suffered greatly.

  • Melissa

    Wow, I’m very sad about this. She is and always has been my favorite character by a landslide.

  • Amy

    @James S I agree! I stopped watching after S3 because the writing became too ridiculous for me.

  • Feedback

    I wonder how they’ll write her off considering she owns the hospital. I bet she dies. They should write off Owen with her.

    They should dump most of the original cast and focus on a new generation of doctors. They should start the 11th season focusing on 5 new interns. They’ll be Ben’s interns who becomes Grey Sloan’s newest resident. Bailey would be the new Chief while April (Trauma), Jeff (Cardio), Arizona (Pedes), Callie (Ortho), Avery (Plastics), Webber (General) and Catherine (Urologist) stay on as attendings. Add in a new recurring neuro surgeon and we got a great new cast.

    I think it’s time we say goodbye to Yang, Meredith, Derek and Owen’s characters. They own the hospital so that’s going to be hard, but they could easily sell their stakes to Catherine Avery. After a year or two, they can get rid of Callie and Arizona as well, and really focus on the new guys. I just hope they debut some characters more interesting than the boring interns they debuted last year. I’d be fine with all of them being kicked off the show.

  • Rob R

    End Grey’s Anatomy but spin off the young characters into a new show….

  • Dave

    Rob06990 must be crying in a corner. Could this be the beginning of the end of GA? :D

  • Dave

    Lol, on a serious note though, this show will go on for at least 2-3 more seasons minimum.

    I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

  • betty

    Mistresses is the most exciting new abc series just as good as Desperate Housewives or Devious Maids.more people should watch it.i agree Greys Anatomy has the largest fanbase of abc but new shows should be given a will be surprised how good Mistresses is.Greys Anatomy has had a long run already.

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