Sandra Oh Will Leave 'Grey's Anatomy' at the End of the Tenth Season

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August 13th, 2013

Grey's Anatomy Finale Sandra Oh

Grey's Anatomy original cast member Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina, has announced that she will depart the long running drama at the end of its upcoming tenth season. The uncompromising heart surgeon is a lot of fans favorite character.  Through Patrick Dempsey's recent statements at the TCAs suggesting that he is tired of doing the show have generated a lot of publicity, a lot of fans would agree that Meredith's relationship with her best friend, Cristina,  is at least as important as her relationship with husband.  Grey's finished last season as ABC's highest rated drama. Will the news that this will be Cristina's last season inspire lapsed viewers to tune in to see how she departs the show, or will learning that Cristina is on her way out this far in advance make fans less interested in her storylines? We will find out if this news has any impact on the ratings this September when the show returns.

  • Sofaslug

    And that’s the one original cast member I still cared about… Looks like I will be leaving grey Sloan memorial hospital at the end of this season too

  • Networkman

    Grey’s Anatomy will reach its 200 episode during the beginning of this upcoming season. Sandra probably feels like the writers really have no more interesting stories for her character. With Scandal taking off and the strongest possiblity that S.H.I.E.L.D and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will be hits, I do feel it is time end the show. Let it go out while it is still an interest to viewers. I don’t want it to go out with a whimper like Private Practice.

  • Tianyi Li

    Despite I’m not interested in Grey’s, but I must say it is a successful TV series, not many scripted shows can maintain high rating after 9 seasons of airing, but Grey’s managed to achieve this. I don’t think a regular cast member depart a long running is not that uncommon, Katherine Heigl was a regular cast of Grey’s as well, and she left the show as early as 2010. It’s sad for fans of Oh’s character, but things like this happens. Unless the rating of the upcoming season is really bad, I doubt the show is ending

  • Peter

    Will you ever learn to choose a headline like “one actor leaves Greys” instaed of spoiling everyone??

  • erwanfromfrance

    Unfortunately for fans, who i’m a part of, she will miss me. I think it will impact ratings in season 11 if there’s one. But I also think that as long as Grey’s Anatomy will stay above 2.5% and 8 millions viewers, it will be renewed.

  • rob60990

    “Rob06990 must be crying in a corner.”

    oh yea definitely in tears over an actress leaving a show…

    “Could this be the beginning of the end of GA?”

    lol what are you so happy about? Even if it ends, which it probably won’t unless ABC has an extraordinary good year, it lasted a successful 10 seasons.

  • Ace

    finally, the ugly bitch is leaving!

  • Samunto

    I agree that it really won’t be the same without her. She’s Meredith’s ‘person’. I’ll miss her.

    But honestly, last season was awful with the focus shifted to the new annoying interns and stories of the main original cast running thin. You can’t blame ABC/Shonda trying to breathe new life into the aged cash cow.

  • Tim

    ‘Grey’s’ is one of only a few dramas ever that has maintained the quality (storylines, characters, interest) throughout it’s entire run. Just when you think some exit or situation will diminish the show, they always keep coming back with strong and very reliable story telling. Watching Oh’s final scenes will be ‘can’t miss’, and I look forward to seeing how they adjust — yet again — to this latest change.

  • AllOfHerTwist

    They should start the 11th season focusing on 5 new interns

    Yeah. That strategy really worked really well for [the final season of] Scrubs.

  • Billiam

    I think we are seeing the beginning of the End of Grey’s Anatomy. It has gone way beyond its lifetime and it has been a great ride but it is almost time to say goodbye and onto new things.

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