'The Real World' Renewed by MTV for 29th Season, Returning to San Francisco

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August 15th, 2013

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The Real World has been renewed for a 29th season, Variety reports. The longrunning reality show will return to San Francisco for its latest installment.  The last time the series picked strangers to live together in a house in the Bay Area was in 1994, when  the internet was brand spanking new and the inclusion of gay, HIV positive Pedro was controversial. Maybe this time the roommates will reflect the San Francisco of today by working at a start-up!  According to Variety, MTV may cancel the series after its 29th installment if the ratings don't improve. The network may also tweak what has become a low-concept format by current reality show standards.

  • Merp

    HELL YEAH. I can not wait for this.
    Interested to see what tweaks they’ll do, and I hope the series can at least make it to the 30 season milestone – that would be a good time to end.

  • Help Desk~

    The house is at 1244 Sutter Street. It’s a newly renovated historic property that was built in 1911 and the former home of the Avalon ballroom which hosted headliners such as The Doors, Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead. Cheers! :twisted:

  • ChadCronin

    The reason the ratings have gone down is they think casting gross people represents people of today. Enough with the tatted up, smoking, drug using, pierced up, nasty, fighting non-stop drama. While having some fun isn’t bad, we don’t need the trashiest people. Why not cast all attractive people again and how about most of them just be regular people, and not some fake over-the top drama. Go back to what was good and people like me will come back.

  • Carl

    Funny how I thought that by about Real World 5 or so the show had gotten so bad and so fake that it was unwatchable. Then I watched an episode from recent years and realized just how much worse it could get.

  • Ram510

    I’m surprised that they would consider canceling thier reality show that had pioneered the way. They should try to shake things up and keep on the cutting edge.

  • davie

    I wonder what this means for The Challenge seeing as how it seems to out rate it’s parent show. I’d imagine if they canceled The Real World than The Challenge wouldn’t be too far behind.

    I’d be fine with The Challenge continuing and TRW ending, The Challenges are better anyway

  • Tito Ortiz Turns Heel

    I think The Challenge should become its own show like Road Rules.

    The problem with Real World is not only casting but the way they setup the show like the cast members party every single night, that’s annoying. Real World Chicago was the last good ones. The first 10 years was how Real World should be done today. The only one I liked since then was the Hollywood season and DC and Denver wasn’t too bad.

    I think what can really help Real World is if they do a Big Brother and give the show a live feed or After Dark show. They can run the After Dark show either on MTV2 or Showtime. They should make the show live like Big Brother, I think a new concept like that can really help the show a lot.

  • jimmers

    I never get tired of Real World! Although, the BEST ones are from the 90’s: Boston, New Orleans, Seattle and Hawaii. Either way…always going to be a supporter for this series.

  • Mike

    Tito Ortiz Turns Heel, u do know that the real world is filmed with a camera that people have to carry around themselves

  • TomSF

    Last time it was in San Francisco, The Real World was actually real-ish. Now it’s about a bunch of attractive youngsters living in a mansion getting drunk and naked. Kind of sad since the first few seasons were actually very engaging and topical for young people.

  • Melanie P.

    @TomSF, you are so right.

    I thought the Real World back in San Fran in 1994 was it’s best season. Back then it was still so new with reality TV and it dealt more with real life issues. I haven’t watched the Real World regularly since the 90’s. I have only checked out a few eps over the years here and there but nothing really held my interest to continue watching.

  • Ran

    Hey Sara

    Vevmo.com was actually the first to report the news, not Variety. Can this sourcing be changed? Variety was second but is bitter and refused to cite Vevmo, who posted first.

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