'Wendell & Vinnie' Cancelled by Nickelodeon After One Season

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August 15th, 2013

Wendell & Vinnie

Nickelodeon has cancelled sit-com Wendell and Vinnie. Deadline reports that the series, which premiered in February and endured several time changes ultimately being puled from the schedule after fourteen of the show's twenty episodes aired, will not return. Nickelodeon had planned to relaunch the show this fall, but has now decided to cancel it.

  • John

    Nicole Sullivan just can’t catch a break :(. Show looked dumb to begin with, even parts that I came across with the kids I babysit. When the children are bored, we got problems. Hope Nicole can find good work soon.

  • jamie

    I’m not suprised. Sickelodeon has been known for this lately, cancelling their shows after just one or two seasons.

  • John

    Shame, that is literally the only show I like on nickelodeon

  • Logo

    This shows how terrible nickelodeon, how in the world would a show do better in a Thursday when no shows do well on a Thursday,

  • steven

    Meh. It was too PG to be a Nickelodeon show anyway.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Hadn’t heard of this show at all.

    Is that Spencer from iCarly?

    And, Nicole Sullivan was one of my fav MadTV comedians, of the few total eps I randomly caught.

    14eps, did 20 air in other countries, in English?

    If we just want to laugh & not care about the character/storyline, will we laugh?

  • Rich

    Good! It sucked anyway. Can someone please stop poor Jerry Trainor from being typecast as a complete idiot? First as Spencer on “iCarly”,then as Vinnie on this crapfest. He’s way too good for shows like this.

  • Boris

    One of the worst children sitcoms ever. Now if only cancel Sam and Cat too. How you start from two of the funniest children sitcoms and make show completely void of laughs?

  • steven


    Jerry Trainor is another Ashton Kutcher.

  • Dan

    The show’s remaining episodes will begin airing this Sunday at 8:30

  • Mark

    Nickelodeon needs to just stick to cartoons. Almost every show they make with teenagers in mind is garbage anymore.

  • Jon23812

    @Mark, well, some of their cartoons are also garbage. SpongeBob, Sanjay & Craig, and Rabbids.

  • Jacobo

    Good, very inappropriate show for a kids network, adults sitting around drinking, encouraging the kid to lie, talking about porn. Worst show I’ve seen on Nickelodeon.

  • i luv nickelodeon

    This was suppose to be a nick at night show but nickelodeon changed that which was stupid of them. And they need yo stop havibg live action on Thursday like it just doesn’t work. I enjoyed this show. It was funny and had a great cast. I swear nickelodeon needs help with ther promotion and scheduling.

  • i luv nickelodeon

    *to stop having

  • Jared

    Nickelodeon sitcoms are the worst. The characters are written as complete idiots. I love Ariana Grande but that Cat voice goes right through my body. I can’t sit through an episode of that stupid show.

  • Amy

    Nickelodeon aired the show on Thursday nights. Bad idea

  • steven


    Also, Wendell cussed in one episode, and Vinnie mentioned the show Sex and the City.

  • Dan

    They changed the timeslot 3 times, what did they expect?

  • Kaylie

    Actually, Wendall & Vinnie came on the Nick @ Nite block.

    It seems as if Nick picks up anything & puts it at a random timeslot on the schedule. Nick needs a huge revamp. Sam & Cat is the only live show working on this network and it isnt even doing that great either. They’ve really lost their way since iCarly ended. Even before then, it’s just much worse now.

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