'Wendell & Vinnie' Cancelled by Nickelodeon After One Season

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August 15th, 2013

Wendell & Vinnie

Nickelodeon has cancelled sit-com Wendell and Vinnie. Deadline reports that the series, which premiered in February and endured several time changes ultimately being puled from the schedule after fourteen of the show's twenty episodes aired, will not return. Nickelodeon had planned to relaunch the show this fall, but has now decided to cancel it.

  • Anthony

    Wow! I haven’t got to see this show yet, and it’s getting cancelled???

  • Tito Ortiz Turns Heel

    This show was just plain bad, I wanted to support Jerry and Nicole but I couldn’t it was bad and I’m glad its gone.

    I am enjoying Sam & Cat which reminds me of Laverne & Shirley so much and The Haunted Hathaways is actually surprisingly good. Awesomeness isn’t too bad either. I think Nick needs to heads more in that direction with their comedies and they need to stop cancelling their comedies so early too. iCarly is only one that I can remember from their recent sitcoms that went past 100 episodes.

    Somebody was bringing up the cartoons and they’ve been bad for like 10 years. Rocket Power was like the last good cartoon they ever made. Once Klsky Csupo shut down they shut down.

  • Kissan

    I remember when iCarly got an episode that had 12 million viewers…those were the good old Nick days.

  • BR1

    Here’s a list of things Nickelodeon did that helped ruin the ratings.

    1.They changed the premier date a WEEK before it aired

    2.Decided against their original plan of it being a Nick@Nite show(the reason the show is rated TVPG in the first place) and then debut it on the Nick block channel along side PG kid shows.

    3. Due to moving it to the Nick channel this begun various complaints from parents and others wondering why a show that could cuss,mention sex,drink alcohol on screen,etc was airing with PG kid shows.Essentially chasing could be viewers away.

    4. Used curse words in the promos that played all day on Nick.

    5.They kept moving the timeslot of the show*mentioned above*(At least 4-5 times that I can remember)

    6. Then they moved it to Thursday’s(which was already know to bring in low ratings) and eventually left it to die.

  • Bob

    FINALLY! I hated this show ever since it was first promoted on TV. Thank goodness it is getting cancelled. Now we wait for Sam and Cat; hate that show too. We want the old cartoon shows back and bring back our ANIME BLOCK!

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