'Do No Harm' Series Finale Will Air Saturday, September 7 on NBC

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August 16th, 2013

Do No Harm July 27

Though it only aired two episodes during the broadcast television season and has performed poorly in its Saturday night summer run, all thirteen filmed episodes of Do No Harm will air on NBC. The series finale, aptly titled "This Is The End" will air Saturday, September 7 at 10PM. NBC has released this description of the episode:


09/07/2013 (10:00PM - 11:00PM) (Saturday) : Jason's (Steven Pasquale) brain surgery is about to begin, a neurotransmitter implant that will "cut out" Ian (also Steven Pasquale) for good, however due to the blackout drug he has taken for years, Jason is immune to the normal anesthetic. A much stronger drug is given to Jason and in the midst of his twilight sleep he flashes back to his childhood and the origin of Ian Price is finally revealed. Meanwhile, Jordan (Michael Esper) and Lena (Alana De La Garza) are on seperate tracks to uncover Jason's secrets all of which could prevent the surgery’s completion.


  • Pat

    Loved the show. Missed the Sat night return until 3 episodes before the fina le. Recorded ALL episodes using “on demand” and couldn’t be happier, until I saw that it has been cancellef. One of the best series on tv. Maybe people are just too busy on Sat night to watch tv. I keep hoping it will be picked up in the spring. I just don’t get it . It was SO GOOD !.

  • Elizabeth

    Loved this show and phylicia rashad and Pasquale. Riveting even when the storyline became very creative.
    So glad they aired all of the episodes. Sorry it was cancelled.

  • Mark

    What, no last minute renewal? Come on NBC… I hope a cable station picks it up.

  • jamie

    Please don’t cancel.

  • Kyle

    Just finished watching it, and it leaves off. Nothing is explained! needs another episode!!!!

  • darlene

    they’re crazy if they don’t give this a second season… best show i’ve seen in a looooooooooong time… maybe it’s just on the wrong network… or the wrong time or in the wrong program block… saturday night at 10pm is a crappy time… people are out… should be primetime during the week. this show is great… some fool in programming needs to wake up… this one could bring the ratings in in the right time slot…

  • Dawn

    I loved this show!! Hate the way they are leaving it though, it is a perfect setup for another season. So … let there be another season!

  • hl

    it really a good show!! thumbs up for the show.

  • Amanda

    I want a better closure, What awful ending was!! Please i love this show.

  • Judya

    Just got done watching the last episode and I am pissed. What a hell of a deal; definitely not what I wanted to see. Since Ian and Jason are one, I wanted to see something that resolved the conflict between the two halves and made him whole again, not some lame “you killed me and I killed you and I’m real and you’re not” push-pull. Split personalities are not two people in one body, they’re two halves of the same personality. Would have been better served and more interesting to have resolved that. But just kill the one we’ve got the affinity for? Dumb and unsatisfying.

  • Malynda

    I’m sad to this show go. I thought it was a great show & was in a class of its own. I agree with a commenter someone else posted… They should make it a web series. I’m really hoping a network with pick it up.

  • Amy

    I really loved this show. Why didn’t NBC give it a fair chance. I absolutely think people would have gotten into it. The season finale left so much room for a future season. I’m genuinely sad they cancelled this. What is wrong with nbc

  • Cyndi

    Seriously! That’s how it’s all going to end that bull… it doesn’t make any sense

  • Caroljean

    I can’t believe this is cancelled! Love this show. I thought it was lame after the 2nd episode, but the 3rd episode sold me, I was and am still hooked. Loved this show!

  • Stephanie

    Okay, just finished watching the finale. I am really going to need a second season in my life!! This show keeps me intrigued and on the edge of my seat. A rarity, in light of all the generic programming on TV these days. I vote season 2!!

  • Reb and Bob

    My husband and I both are so disappointed that was “the end!” There are so many open ends that could be developed in the show! The release on a Saturday night had several schedule conflicts, and did not seem to have much pre-marketing. We recorded every single episode, and still have them on our DVR. We plan to rewatch every episode. Please, please, please open up the possibilities to renew the series! Anything could happen; Ian could have such wild gimes thst he’s arrested, then taps into “Jason” in jail with an attorney, then suddenly Ian has a breakdown which releases Jason, causing his brain to malfunction due to the neurotransmitter in his brain. . .Lena constantly trying to help him and yet avoid Ian . . .Olivia resurfacing as needed, Cole growing up to exhibit HIS alter ego tendencies- oh no, it’s hereditary?!!. . .and we never found out how Phillip figured in Ian’s life. . . Come on, NBS, revisit the idea!! This could be as good as “Lost!” Saturday night’s not a great slot to start with. Your fans will build; the series got better and better, a tribute to writing skill that transcends the 43 minute genre, a true sign of successful series!!

  • Practona

    Seriously, why did it have to end like this, why did he win? :(

  • pttlynn1

    I also liked this show and a big thank you to the network for seeing the series to its ending.

  • Dotti G

    I am beyond pissed that the show isn’t coming back. I put all my friend’s on the show. I have watched it religiously! Can’t they make it an online series or something?! I need to know why the doctor did that, how they got Ian to cooperate in getting the original surgery, why did Ian forget, did the operation work…. I have tons of questions! Is there a way we can petition about bringing the show back like how The Game did, which is on BET now? I need this show to come back DAMMIT!!!! Steven P did an AMAZING job. He has become one of my favorite actors just off of this show. The way he switched up from Ian to Jason is what I call real acting. I could tell the difference of who he was just by his facial expressions. It takes an amazing actor to do that. He has definitely turned me into a fan. :-)

  • Nessi

    Bring back Do No Harm!!

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