Report: Jennifer Lopez Returning to 'American Idol' Judges Panel

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August 16th, 2013


via press release:

EXCLUSIVE!NEWS/ Jennifer Lopez Returning to American Idol, According to Boyfriend Casper Smartby Leanne Aguilera



Jennifer Lopez Returning to American Idol, According to Boyfriend Casper Smart

Looks like Jennifer Lopez isn't done living it up on American Idol

After months of speculation about whether Lopez would really be returning as a judge on the Fox reality competition's 13th season, her boyfriend may have just let the cat out of the bag.

"Yes," Beau "Casper Smart told E! News when we asked if J.Lo was coming back during a chat about his new show A Step Away for nuvoTV.

VIDEO: Ryan Secreast promises the newAmerican Idol judges will be revealed "soon"

Apparently Smart thought that Fox had already made the announcement.

Nope, that was all you, sir. (The network, meanwhile, had no comment.)

Presuming Smart does indeed have the inside track on his lady's plans, Lopez will join returning judge Keith Urban, who delighted audiences in Season 12 as a fun-loving yet fair mentor. Fox Network President Kevin Reilly revealed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour that the network had approached Lopez in hopes of coaxing her back to the Idol panel.

"Jennifer has been a close part of the show all along…there have been discussions there," he said.

A few weeks ago, Idol host Ryan Seacrest exclusively revealed to E! News that the hit Fox series would be announcing the new juding panel "very, very soon"—though he probably didn't count on Smart offering up one of the missing pieces of that puzzle.

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But who else will be snatching up the remaining seats? A handful of pop stars have been thrown into the mix of Idol possibilities over the past few months.

Former contestants like Jennifer HudsonKelly ClarksonClay Aiken, and Adam Lambert have all been cited as possible Idol alums being considered to replace Mariah CareyRandy Jackson and Nicki Minaj.

Adding to that long list of maybes, sources have said thatBlack Eyed Peas is also in the running to join the show along with ladies Katy PerryMiley Cyrus, and Fergie.

American Idol returns for its 13th season in January 2014.

—Reporting by Will Marfuggi

  • alex_2

    well, a new album is on the way, and last time she wouldn’t have sold a single CD if it wasn’t for all the publicity with the American idol..

  • AppleStinx

    As press releases go, this is an odd one.

  • Kris

    the title of this post says Report: Jennifer Loperz

    who is Loperz?

  • Log Salt

    Truly fascinating comments.

  • ABC

    Jennifer Loperz, bahaha!

  • erwanfromfrance

    Who is Jennifer Loperz ? This is not the lady in the picture !

  • Jiji Moran

    I doubt people will tune-in to just watch Lopez. The whole format of the show is OLD, and if it’s not changed and improved, it will fail… Jennifer Lopez or not.

  • Mon

    Nope. Idol is still going down.

  • JR35

    Her last album hasn’t even sell 400K to date, so the gig didn’t help all that much in that regard. She landed one big hit off of it, thanks in part to Pitbull (whose appeal remains a mystery to me- but he does do safe, homogenous mainstream music). All of her releases since then have not been anything major- plus, she is in that dreaded 40-plus age category, who don’t stand much of a chance at radio against the younger acts.

  • a p garcia

    She is about 200% better than Nicki Manaj!

  • Samunto

    (where did my comment go?) Her last single tanked. She’s hoping for another resurgence after Idol. But then again,what she’s been doing with Pitbull sounds utterly generic and boring.

  • anonymous

    I’m still surprised Mariah wouldn’t come back, but nonetheless, J.LO is coming back and I just hope she does a good job.

  • Colin

    I’m praying to God that Will.I.Am doesn’t get a deal… He’s terrible! Bring in Alica Keys or Usher.

  • JLover

    Can’t wait! She was so likeable and fun on Idol! Adam Lambert should be the third and final judge.

  • steve

    Clearly Fox isn’t serious about revamping Idol.

  • Alan

    Is she replacing Nicki or Mariah? I hope Adam Lambert or Kelly Clarkson join the show. I would watch it again!

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    I hope this isn’t true.

    If she gets more than $10mil, it’s just beyond a waste that could bet used for other things.

    I didn’t lie her “goosies”, nor her favoritism/jealousy.

    BTW, Kelly Clarkson has said she won’t do it.
    And, the panel amount seems to be being brought down to 3.
    And, Will-I-Am should be the first listed, after J-Lo, as he’s been the front runner for awhile now.


    Usher is going to be busy with The Voice 6, aka Spring 2014, thus he can’t do Voice & Idol at the same time. That is, even if NBC would share him with their rival FOX, in the first place.

  • Dan

    I thought Jlo was a good judge way better than Nicki and Mariah. And I dont think Idol is going downhill like people are saying so i’ll be watching again after skipping it last year for the first time.

  • Lisa

    YUCK! She was a terrible judge who mostly spoke in cliches. True, a lot of other judges do the same, but they suck too. What a disappointment that she’s back.

  • Sam

    Bringing back Paula would have been a much better choice.

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