'The Chew' Soars to 5-Month High in Total Viewers, 9-Month High in Women 18-49

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August 16th, 2013


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“The Chew” Soars to 5-Month High in Total Viewers, 9-Month High

in Women 18-49 and Over-6-Month High in Women 25-54; Posts

3rd Straight Week Double-Digit Increases Across Target Demos



“The Chew”


During the week of August 5, “The Chew” delivered its most-watched week in 5 months in Total Viewers (2.49 million), in 9 months in Women 18-49 (477,000) and in over 6 months in Women 25-54 (615,000) – since weeks of 2/25/13, 11/12/12 and 1/28/13, respectively. The week featured Raul De Molina, Laila Ali, ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, Michael Pollan, Chef Curtis Stone and Yvette Nicole Brown.


  • “The Chew” surged by double digits year to year for the 3rd consecutive week across target demos, including by 28% in Total Viewers (2.49 million vs. 1.94 million), by 42% in Women 18-49 (477,000 vs. 337,000) and by 42% in Women 25-54 (615,000 vs. 434,000).


  • “The Chew” is pacing for its most-watched quarter in six quarters in Women 18-49 (429,000) and Women 25-54 (565,000) – since 1Q12 – up by a solid 16% in Women 18-49 and by 13% in Women 25-54 over 3Q12.




Celebrating and exploring life through food, “The Chew” is an innovative and groundbreaking daytime series co-hosted by a dynamic group of engaging, fun, relatable experts in food, lifestyle and entertaining. Produced by Gordon Elliott’s Chew Productions for the ABC Television Network, “The Chew” serves up everything food -- from cooking and home entertaining to food trends, restaurants, holidays and more -- all aimed at making life better, fuller and more fun. Featuring celebrity chefs Mario Batali, Michael Symon, and Carla Hall, entertaining expert Clinton Kelly and health and wellness enthusiast Daphne Oz, “The Chew” is a leap forward into a delicious kind of lifestyle series. Follow “The Chew” (@thechew) and hosts Mario Batali (@mariobatali); Michael Symon (@chefsymon); Clinton Kelly (@clinton_kelly); Carla Hall (@carlahall) and Daphne Oz (@DaphneOz) on Twitter ™




Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, week of 8/5/13, Live + Same Day; 3Q13 to date: 7/1/13-8/11/13, most current.


  • Dontryl Alexander

    Dull show, and BORING! Only if All My Children would stay on ABC, and move the chew to food network.

  • Tito Ortiz Turns Heel

    My problem with The Chew is that the show never really reaches beyond that number in viewership like this show never has days when its getting over 3 million viewers.

    I think ABC would do a lot better with AMC there on most days but AMC is growing a little bit from what I’ve heard on OWN getting close to 300,000 viewers last week.

  • rob60990

    I guess no one cared about Joy’s last week on The View.

  • Mike

    How do you know that The Chew doesn’t have days over 3 million viewers? Where are the dailies for The Chew published? I would love to see them to prove that.

    We see the dailies for the soaps and very few of them have hit days over 3 million. I can’t remember but did GH have a day over 3 million during it’s 50th celebration. The last time I remember was in either Feb or March when Scotty Baldwin returned.

    Let’s Make A Deal the 2nd half hour recently had a whole week where it finished over 3 million.

    I don’t know what The Chew has been doing because there hasn’t been a press release for the show in a long time. I watch The Chew every once in awhile. It is not a show that I completely enjoy but do like segments of it.

    But as with any show in these tough ratings days esp. in daytime, I am glad to hear good news about any of them.

  • Chris

    Folks, it seems that ABC is happy with The Chew and that it’s not going anywhere. It appears to be roughly on par with what AMC pulled in its final year on ABC and it’s much cheaper to produce than a daily soap opera. That’s a major factor in all of this, like it or not. Talk shows can perform a little lower than soaps (but not too far below, like The Revolution) and still be profitable, successful, and make $$$. (btw, I have no connection to anything ABC/Disney related and no inside knowledge of the exact financial info for these shows. I’m just making an honest outside observation.)

    Please understand already that AMC and OLTL are NOT coming back to ABC. That ship has sailed. The shows were not pulling in enough ad revenue on ABC for the network to justify their high costs, and thus they made the tough decision to axe them. At this point, for fans to STILL be whining about ABC’s decision is such sour grapes. I agree that it was sad and disappointing, but you have to move on already. In the meantime, check out the reboots on PP/OWN.

  • AppleStinx

    And you will see ‘The Chew’, and ‘The Chew’ will set you free.


    I bet abc renews the chew for many years to come. It’s doing actually better ratings then Amc did in the final year but much much cheaper to produce.

  • Pinkle

    Yes, ABC will probably keep The Chew due to costs.

    That being said, I second Chris’ suggestion of checking the shows out on Hulu/OWN. They are SO much better than they were on ABC. I would never want AMC/OLTL back on ABC Daytime unless they agreed to have ZERO creative input whatsoever (not gonna happen).

  • Billiam

    That makes sense… more people are either only working part-time now or are unemployed so they stay home and watch useless shows like this out of sheer depression and madness…. The real question is… do these viewers have the money to spend on the sponsor’s products? Probably not.

  • Mike

    What’s the point in that Billiam?

    If the soaps were still on the same people would be watching them or not watching them. And guess what they still wouldn’t have the money to buy the products that the soaps were advertising either.

    Whether or not the soaps are on or not you still have the same unemployed people watching. I guess they would just be watching useless shows like AMC and OLTL out of sheer depression and madness.

  • Alexandra

    These numbers are SO BAD in comparison to GH and the other remaining soaps (not even an average of 2.5 million total viewers as the “5-month-high” – who are they trying to fool here??)

    and even worse in the women 18-49 key demographic where these cheap shows are lightyears away from the soaps’ numbers!

    When will advertisers finally wake up and put pressure on the networks to correct their historic mistakes and bring our soaps (AMC, OLTL, ATWT and GL) back??

  • Chris


    Yes, The Chew’s numbers are well behind those for Y&R and B&B, but I believe that they’re very close to what GH and Days are pulling. Those ratings are not “SO BAD” and they are not “light years away” from the latter two soaps’ numbers. Try looking at the data objectively. ABC seems very happy. The Chew has cultivated an audience over the last two years that seems to be growing little by little. Again, since talk shows are much cheaper to produce than soap operas, they have much more leeway with their numbers. They can be a little lower rated than soaps and still be $$$ makers. You may not like that, but you have to accept that. It’s a fact of the business that won’t change.

    And I agree that it was sad to see those soaps be cancelled after so many years, but TV is a business and soap operas are not nostalgic photo albums. LMAD has surpassed GL’s numbers toward the end, and The Talk has been climbing in recent months to surpass what ATWT did in its final year. And those shows are much cheaper to produce, thus earning more ad revenue. Plus, CBS has a stake in them, unlike the P&G-owned soaps. CBS is very happy and has no regrets. Their overall daytime lineup is now stronger and more lucrative than it has been in a long time.

  • Matt

    These numbers are well behind GH’s CURRENT numbers. GH is currently in the 2.5-2.7 zone, and it was in the 3 million zone a few months back and it may be getting back to there soon. For a daytime cooking program, The Chew is doin solid. Not bad, but also not great. It will [most likely] be on for much longer, ditto to GH. I don’t see another soap going for a Long time. ALL soaps have been showing superb year-to-year growth, which is fantastic.

  • Chris


    Yes, the last time quarterly ratings were shown, it was clear that GH was up over the same time last year. But that just illustrates how poor the ratings were a year ago. Even though GH was up, the increase was still nothing “superb”. I’m not sure how satisfied ABC truly is considering how much they went all out to mark GH’s 50th anniversary. Even without that, it’s still a very expensive program to produce. That’s a major factor that many soap fans seem to conveniently ignore or dismiss. Plus, GH’s numbers dropped off sharply for a couple of months after the anniversary. Maybe ABC is happy with GH’s performance, maybe they are not completely. Only the internal network executives have the financial info in front of them and know for sure at this point. This is just my honest impartial opinion looking at what we see about GH from the outside. None of us know how how the raw ratings data translates to ad revenue. BTW, even though the total viewer count is important, I believe that networks stress women 18-49 in daytime much more to charge higher rates for advertisers.

    The way I see it- As long as ABC is making enough $$$ from GH, it will almost certainly stay on the air. Hopefully, that will be the case-we’ll see. But if ABC is no longer making enough from the show and/or sees no way to make enough from GH down the road, it will most likely be cancelled and replaced with something else. With its current numbers, you just cannot say definitively that GH is 100% safe long-term.

  • Amy

    The Chew is a program that can last for a long time. If one or more of the current hosts wants to leave in the future they can just replace them with another chef.

  • Pro Wings

    I don’t think the show is going anywhere but its also not getting past 3 million.

    I have access to the dailies and it hasn’t grabbed over 3 million or even past 2.8 million like GH has this whole year.

    In other words ABC could do a whole lot better here.

  • Wiz Kid

    Show would be much better if Carla would stop trying to steal every scene and just do her job. I watch every day, though.

  • D Welch

    1. I love to cook and learning new ideas/recipes.
    2. Clinton, Carla and Michael make me laugh.
    I have never missed an episode until lately. I am so tired of MB and D’s constant attempt at turning everything into some sexual innuendo. It’s not funny, it’s not entertaining and, you insult our intelligence by thinking that is what it takes to make for good viewing. And, D needs some guidelines for not talking over the other hosts… it is annoying and usually ruins the segment for the viewer. Slowly losing my interest in this show.

  • Larry

    Who cares about any of this? America the ignorant

  • Diane

    I dvr the Chew so I can blow through the 30 minutes of commercials. More show less commercials. Some of the recipes are good and bring me back to my childhood.

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