Vampires Versus Drug Dealers: Predict the Ratings for 'Breaking Bad' & the 'True Blood' Season Finale - Poll

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August 18th, 2013

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10 Hank

Last week, the Breaking Bad premiere shocked everyone by nearly doubling the ratings of its previous season premiere with a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating. It was also received with near universal acclaim and turned the words "tread lightly" into an instant catchphrase. Will its ratings rise even higher tonight? Given the buzz, the fact that plenty of people DVRd or streamed the episode  later in the week and the suspenseful ending of the premiere it seem possible. However, it faces additional competition this week from preseason football on FOX. Some NFL loving Breaking Bad fans may opt to watch the game live and DVR the show. Will the high stakes fictional show trump the low stakes game?

Tonight, Breaking Bad goes head-to-head with the season finale of True Blood. Until Walter White's return, True Blood was the top scripted program every Sunday night this season.  Last week it came in second with a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. The season premiere earned a 2.4. The previous season's finale earned a 2.8. How do you think it will do?

Make your predictions!



  • John A

    True Blood 2.5. Breaking Bad 2.7.

  • NBC Fan

    Breaking Bad-2.7
    True Blood-2.4

  • CBSviewer

    Breaking Bad: 2.8
    True Blood: 2.5

  • Illinois

    Is that the Series Finale of Breaking Bad ?

  • JoshuaCanada

    Breaking Bad – 3.0
    True Blood – 2.4

  • Shantal

    @Illinois – Tonight is the second episode of the last 8 of Breaking Bad. The series finale will air September 29.

  • Illinois

    @ Shantal

    Thanks ! :)

  • james

    Watch True Blood 2.6

  • Justin121

    Breaking Bad: 2.7.

    True Blood: 2.4.

  • John

    BB 2.6
    TB 2.5

  • jason usher

    I’ll be Watching DEXTER but Breaking Bad will win that Battle

  • Peter D.

    Why do you guys keep putting up potential spoiler images. I’m no saying this one is but it looks like the one from tonight’s episode. what if people don’t want to be spoiled and re checking the site out. Like last week’s Sunday ratings: I hadn’t seen the episode yet and I wanted to check the ratings and then you put up this picture of Walt with hear and beard looking at his abandoned house. Just tone it down, to be cool.

  • I Love TV!

    Breaking Bad – 3.0
    True Blood – 2.4

  • João Paulo

    Breaking Bad – 2.6
    True Blood – 2.5

  • IDIOT Detector

    Anyone who actively seeks information about an episode of a show they haven’t watched yet is just begging for a spoiler. Stay off TV sites until you’ve watched it Peter D. That’s just common sense.

  • Peter D.

    Information about the ratings, not the storyline. Hahahahah, IDIOT Detector is a good name for you. Very ironic, I like it.

  • Californiadgd

    Breaking Bad – 2.5
    True Blood- 2.4

  • Miles R.

    Breaking Bad – 2.7
    True Blood – 2.4

    True Blood has been excellent this year and it’s hard to see the season end with such tough competition. Can’t wait for the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad. Tread lightly…

  • Jonathan B.

    Breaking Bad, like Mad Men and a few FX shows, almost always drops double-digits after its season premiere (which is usually the season high). Considering how rapturous the hype was for the premiere, I’m sure this will drop again quite a bit. 2.4 or 2.5, I think (I voted 2.3-2.4 though).

  • merrranga

    poor dexter…

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