'Breaking Bad' Ratings Down But Still Strong

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August 19th, 2013



After setting series highs last week in its return for its final 8 episodes with 5.9 million viewers and a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating, Breaking Bad not surprisingly saw its ratings dip in the second episode of the final batch. It was down about 19% to 4.8 million viewers and around a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating (not sure of the exact number yet, but it rounds to 3 million adults 18-49 which would be a 2.4 rating). Still the highest-rated non-zombie drama on AMC by a wide margin. By comparison the second episode of season six of Mad Men averaged 2.7 million viewers and a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating.

  • TerryJacksonNYC

    I hate to do this because it’s been so long since I’ve posted at all, but isn’t it unfair to compare the second season of a show that happened five (or so) years ago to the eighth/ninth season of a show that aired just last night? We’re talking about ratings, so all is fair, I suppose, but isn’t there some rule (maybe the Gunsmoke rule) that suggests it’s silly to even make any comparisons for any purpose?

  • Justin121

    I’m pretty sure Breaking Bad was around 0.7 through recent seasons, so a 2 point something is really huge.

  • Justin121

    Sorry, make that 0.7-1.1 (I’m sure someone will nitpick). Point is, to go from high 0.0s, low 1.0s all the way to the 2s is really huge.

  • aydge2013

    Err, isn’t this the second highest rated episode ever of Breaking Bad?

    Yeah so it dropped from the last episode, but that statement above should resonate more.

  • Ram510

    @ Amanda Kondolojy

    Why the unnecessary (and unparalleled) low blow to Mad Men? Was that a blatant attempt to start a war?

  • furbul

    @Ram510 Maybe because both shows’ ratings always were more or less similar.

  • tim


    I agree, what about low winter sun’s ratings?

  • steve

    Hard to really understand the big drop. You have to figure the huge jump for the previous episode was due to all the people who’d caught up with the show via Netflix or otherwise. So now that you have an audience that’s over 50 episodes in, with only 7 to go, what happened to those 1M lost viewers?

    It’s hard to believe that the previous week’s 5.9M viewers included a million people who just decided to check out a show on it’s 55th episode, with only 8 to go. It’s also hard to believe that a million people who’d watched the first 55 episodes would bail on the final 7 after watching the season premiere.

    So that would make the only possibility left that most of those million people watched the premiere on the same day, and are watching the second episode later on their DVR. So I guess the number that would be most interesting to see is the L+7 comparison week to week.

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