Can 'Under the Dome' Rebound From Last Week's Low? (Poll)

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August 19th, 2013

Under the Dome 8-19

Last week, Under the Dome hit a series low, earning a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating. As summer winds down, is viewer interest in this sci-fi hit waning as well? Or will Under the Dome see a rebound tonight? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • gerry

    2.4 – 2.5, though with cbs down due to the time warner debacle, i’ve kind of lost interest in it.

  • Paul P


  • Joseph A

    The expanded Nielsen numbers have been amazing ,
    Plus if you add in the Amazon streaming & International Sales , this has been an Amazing project for CBS.

    Also , not sure how anyone can say the show is dragging , in only a week of the characters life we have seen tons of starting characters already killed off :)

  • Bjm

    I was done with this show when I found out that it wasn’t going to end this summer.

  • bryguyf69

    I don’t watch the show because it seems incredibly derivative all previous trapped-in-mysterious-setting shows and because I was turned off by the stupid melodramatic ads. That said, could the ratings drop be explained by the Time Warner – CBS dispute? I haven’t watched CBS for weeks because it’s no longer on my cable box, and CBS even blocked web access if Time Warner is your ISP. That leaves OTA reception which is not an option for many large city dwellers like we NYers. Too many tall buildings to receive a digital signal from CBS.

    Since the dispute is affecting several major cities like NYC, couldn’t that explain any CBS rating drops?

  • Ron


    UTD was the highest rated show last Monday. What the hell are you numbskulls talking about? The addition of the egg keeps the surprises coming. Now that Big Jim’s annoying nemesis has bought his farm, the show is ready to soar.

    Tonight a mysterious woman shows up under the dome whose tied to Barbie and big Jim. Yeah, y’all saw that coming right.

    What BS! UTD is the best show of the Summer. Admit it.

  • Ron

    Don’t forget about the CMA Music Festival dragging it down, too.

    Good news! No CMA tonight.

  • Ron

    Sad to say, I Agree with some of the comment above… The story is beginning to drag and some parts are even becoming silly. I am watching it but some of the repetitive plot lines are becoming irritating. It was exciting at first, but now that they are supposedly stretching it to a season 2 and over-stretching the storyline, I think it’s losing its flair. Hopefully I’m wrong…

  • Ultima

    Since the dispute is affecting several major cities like NYC, couldn’t that explain any CBS rating drops?

    The blackout is only affecting ~3 million households; nationally, it has virtually no effect on CBS’ ratings.

  • Nicole

    The book is over 1000 pages, a bit of it does drag on, however I think its worth watching it all of the way through.

  • John Bailo

    This show took a turn for the worse when it lost focus on the adult relationships and started in making the Justin Bieber/Selina Gomez type pre-teens the focus of the drama. The whole “teen superpower” thing belongs in a cartoon, not a serious drama which was taking some interesting directions (the water rights fight was great). I realize they have to pander to parts of the audience, but please, keep it smart, not dumb.

  • Kathleen

    Young people have no patience. Suspense needs to build in a story.You can’t all of a sudden know everything there is to know about the Dome because then the story would be over real quick.These days all movies have to be fast moving with wild special effects or people get bored. Movies, when I was a kid were slow moving packed with suspense and drama. We learned to appreciate movies that were deathly slow.

  • Midnight Angel

    Under the Dome is so boring, but everything else on at this time is worse. I have the TV on for company while I do freelance work, otherwise I would go out.

    I wish they would put Hawaii 5-0 back in this time slot, although it is an excellent lead-in for Blue Bloods. Besides Big Bang, these are the only shows I watch any more on CBS.

    CBS needs some more hits, because lately – zzzzzzzzzz

  • Midnight Angel

    Regarding some of the other comments – I think this mini-series might be better if CBS hired people who are capable of writing interesting characters. A show with this many characters must make them interesting and distinct. Otherwise, pick up the pace and cut the running length of the series by several weeks. So much of it feels like filler.

  • Dan S

    I say slight uptick to 2.4-2.5 for last night. With Mistresses back & Siberia being the only other network competition I see a small rebound. Question is how will it do next summer & will they move it ?

  • Fancy Face

    The ratings would be higher if CBS and Time Warner would settle their differences.

  • Russell

    Under The Dome was great last night. The overnight ratings put it in first place with a 6.9 rating. I think the demo will go from 2.4 (last week) to either 2.6 or 2.7. Siberia and Mistresses are dead and both should not return.

  • Fred

    Problems with Under The Dome:

    After the first few episodes, nearly every ep focused on some type of shortage and/or riot. Medicine shortage, water shortage, gas shortage, food shortage etc….. Not exciting to watch at all.

  • Fred


    And the mini dome plot is not very intriguing to me.
    The younger characters on the show are annoying. I prefer the older ones.

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