Soap Opera Ratings: 'General Hospital' Up in Women 18-49 Viewers & Total Viewers

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August 23rd, 2013


via Soap Opera Network:

August 12-16, 2013

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,511,000 (-9,000/+200,000)
2. B&B 3,382,000 (-63,000/+311,000)
3. GH 2,543,000 (+83,000/+80,000)
4. DAYS 2,283,000 (-113,000/-416,000)

1. Y&R 3.3/11 (same/+.1)
2. B&B 2.5/8 (same/+.2)
3. GH 1.9/6 (same/+.1)
4. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/-.2)
Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 764,000 (-22,000/-60,000)
2. B&B 643,000 (-24,000/+17,000)
3. GH 604,000 (+27,000/+13,000)
4. DAYS 531,000 (+5,000/-52,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.2/8 (same/-.1)
2. B&B 1.0/7 (same/same)
3. GH 0.9/6 (same/same)
4. DAYS 0.8/5 (same/-.1)




Source: Soap Opera Network


Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Mike

    Jay TN

    I forgot to post this the last time we talked about that shake-up thing.

    I am not sure where the guy at SON got that from. But I read some others talking about it on another board. They were basing what the rumors they were hearing off of some picture they saw where Ken Corday was with Dena Higley and some other writers from Days past that were equally as bad as Higley.

    They were saying there was a rumor that he was bringing back Higley — based on that picture.

    I still highly doubt it.

    I just can’t imagine that Corday would even entertain the idea.

  • Chris

    @Winona H-Kansas

    Again, where exactly would ABC have room for half hour versions of AMC and OLTL even if they were interested? ABC now programs only three network hours in daytime, and they are committed to The View, The Chew, and GH for at least another season.

    I agree with JayTN above. Something just doesn’t add up here. How are you now “very good friends” with soap cast members after “reading” about an alleged ABC daytime shakeup on ET? Who are you friendly with exactly who told you this inside info? Prove it here. Otherwise, you’re not fooling anyone with nonsense like this.

  • Chris

    @Winona H-Kansas

    You clearly are a troll who apparently has had a little too much to drink. If you think anyone is taking any bit of your comments seriously, then you’re mistaken.

    I wish someone behind the scenes who runs and/or monitors this site would put an end once and for all to trolls like this invading the board. It spoils the experience for those who actually want to have a thoughtful discussion and give/take.

  • Bexx

    LOL Isn’t Winona Ryder a thief? Lying and thievery go hand in hand.

  • opinion8d

    Charlie Sheen and Chandler Massey share the same publicist. It also appears that Sheen has become something of a mentor/friend to Massey. Whatever the case, Massey will certainly be missed on DAYS. He is an outstanding actor.

  • Heather

    Many enthusiasts have been talking about why ABC doesn’t bring back AMC and OLTL as half shows. Simple, because it realistically is not possible or desirable for ABC to do so.

    People have known these soaps as hour shows for the past 35 years. Bringing them back as 30 minutes would not bode well for the overall audience. B&B is working well as a 30 minutes show because it has ALWAYS been a 30 minute show, so fans are losing nothing here. AMC and OLTL may be working well as 30 minutes shows on Hulu because they have attracted a limited audience composed of die hard fans that would follow the shows no matter where and no matter what form or medium. But the average former AMC/OLTL viewer on ABC would probably be just turned off (if not insulted) to see the shows back at 30 minutes, all while The Chew is getting a daily hour. As such, most probably would just tune out.

    Finally most AMC/OLTL viewers have moved on since the shows were terminated on ABC. They either watch other soaps, other TV programs or simply found another activity to occupy their time. Most wouldn’t give up what they’re doing now to go back to these half hour version of All My Children and One Life to Live on ABC.

    And as far as the argument “It’s a win situation for ABC because it can now air the soaps without having to produce them” goes. Really! And you expect Prospect Park to just hand out the soaps on a silver platter to ABC without the alphabet network having to pay a licensing fee for them. If it’s so desirable for a broadcasting network to air soap operas produced by a third-party company, then how come Guiding Light and ATWT were cancelled?

  • Mike

    ABC would definitely want them to be 5 day a week shows and for some reason PP found out they couldn’t even do 4 days a week. They got behind, went over on production and got in trouble with the unions. They said they were going to produce over a 100 shows this year and they have managed 40.

    To me if they really ever expect to get a TV contract they are going to have to do better.

    What TV network is going to be interested in picking up shows when the production company doesn’t know even when the 2nd season is going to begin airing or even when it is going to begin production?

    I can’t figure out what PP’s problem is with these 2 shows. They clearly know what they are doing as far as making shows as they have several successful ones in prime time, but when it comes to these 2 shows they can’t seem to get it together. And I am not putting them down it is just the truth.

    They even made promises to the Canada TV station and then went back on those promises.

    Before PP starts season 2 they need to know what their schedule is going to be, announce how many episodes will be in season 2, and so forth. How in the world do they expect to go to a TV station and say we would like you to air these shows. We don’t know how many we are going to make, and we really don’t know when the shows will be ready…but we would really love for you to put us on your schedule.

  • Harlee

    I’m so indifferent about YR now days. The vets are saving some of these bad stories simply on their performance, some stories are good such as the Baldwins but I’m pleased Josh was fired to be honest…having said that Josh’s writing was been best (considering) since LML days. At least he did bring YR back to reality story-telling but it’s his pacing and approach I find that disturbs me the most. Other storylines are just plain awful, Summer’s paternity story is pure muck and horribly executed. The performances of the actors has been the saving grace. I want JFP OUT! She’s the second problem that factors in the disappointment in YR. My interest to watch everyday has waned completely and now the story of Katherine’s story of dying is approaching leaves a big pit in my stomach. It’s sad.

    BB is the one which I won’t miss, I watch everyday, it has all the great elements of a Bell soap in production & writing. YR is shell of itself, it has lost it’s soul and been this way since LML, it’s so heartbreaking, which is why I can’t watch day in or day out now and after 40 years, I’m devastated.

  • JayTN

    Mike…I think the problem with Prospect Park is that AMC and OLTL are soap operas and daytime soap operas at that. Daytime soap operas air (traditionally) five episodes a week every week. FX’s “Wilfred”, by contrast (which PP produces) only airs, what, 13 episodes a season and airs one episode a week. It is one thing to produce series that air only a small number of episodes and air once a week. It is an entirely different thing to produce a daily daytime soap opera that airs over 250 episodes a year.

    In this instance, I think PP is their own worst enemy. I don’t blame FX Canada (not affiliated with the US FX channel) from dropping AMC and OLTL. As you said, what network is going to devote time and advertising to a product that is unreliable. FX Canada expected AMC and OLTL to air five times a week (four new episodes and a Friday recap) and when PP changed the game plan, FX Canada was left scrambling to fill the holes created by those changes. It does seem odd that a company like PP seems to be acting like AMC and OLTL are the first series that they have ever produced. Their actions and decisions (such as axing the original writing teams on both soaps) do not do much to instill a lot of confidence that AMC and OLTL will have a long and successful career under PP’s guidance.

  • Mike

    Jay — I have told myself that often that they are different. And of course it is preached over and over by fans who say give them a chance this is all new to them.

    But there are just some things after a while that are just too hard to overlook. Esp. like giving fans a date as to when production is going to begin again. Especially at this point when they are saying September and it is just around the corner and there is still no date as to say we are beginning production on this date.

    If you want fans to have confidence in your product then you need to give them a reason to.

  • Joe S

    The reason I don’t buy into the give Prospect Park a break they are new to it, is they are involved in some very successful cable shows.

    I feel bad for the AMC and OLTL fans who got their shows back, only to possible lose them again. Just way too many mistakes by Prospect Park.

    In the beginning it looked so promising, now with just so many mistakes, they seem to have no clue.

  • PatF

    Mike, supposedly that Altman chick is “stepping in” to write until they find a replacement for Josh at YR.

    She knows nothing about the show just having come on around the same time Phelps hired her. Another FOJ.

    Harlee, you and I both know that Josh wasn’t the best, and that we’d both like to see Alden, Smith or Morina (Sussman) back. I doubt that’ll happen with Jill in charge. Which is why I’m not happy about Josh leaving because I think the writing will get worse with someone who doesn’t know YR’s history or characters that are important to the fans. This new writer will no doubt bring in yet MORE new characters and fill the screen with stories THEY want to tell. Expect to see more former GH actors and elements brought into the show. UUggghhhhh!

    Jill has done nothing to make the show better. The one thing I did like was when they trimmed the cast down at the beginning of their takeover…getting rid of Tucker, Harmony, Sarge, Heather, and some of the other recasts or characters that were not working. But since then Phelps has been a disaster with her new sets, new music, and bad casting choices.

  • jonboyelk

    Kills me to admit it but GH has vastly improved the last few weeks. RC’s “greatness”, however: seems to come in spurts. I can’t help but fear he won’t be able to maintain the momentum.

  • Mike

    Pat F., I have not been impressed by Altman’s work in the past when she was a fill in head writer on I think it was ATWT. I will give her a chance.

    The new characters bothers me more than say actors from GH or where ever. I would rather have seasoned soap opera veterans over some hair model who can’t act. Many of the friends of Jill in the actor realm are decent actors like Robin Christopher.

    I don’t want the show over run by new characters, but as far as bringing in actors from other shows Jill wouldn’t be doing anything new that MAB and Latham didn’t do. MAB thought the secret was hiring actors from the cancelled All My Children or old sitcoms for roles they were not suited for. I guess she thought the publicity would get her points or that AMC’s fans would suddenly start watching just because the actors were on there. Stunts like that are only temporary fixes.

  • PatF

    I don’t feel the need for any new characters right now. There are roughly 10 (I counted in the credits) newbies/recasts currently on the show where the cast numbers around 30 or so. Too many in less than a year.

    Jill has proven she’s no different than LML or MAB, and that’s the problem.

    I really don’t see Altman IMPROVING on what Josh wrote at all.

    And yes…stunts are crap. ALL the shows use them including YR NOW. Bill very rarely did anything I would call a stunt. It’s a shame to compare YR to the other shows…and I don’t mean offense to their STYLE of show. I just don’t want to watch plot driven shows.

  • Rickster

    I’m wondering if the ratings dip on DAYS is a result of “DAYSASTER” which occurred roughly a year ago and saw the major spike and mark of the new writers on DOOL.

  • Mike

    Oh great Passanante and Altman named Y&R head writers.

    I do not like Passanante’s work at all. She ruined World Turns for me.

    Just more recycled writers. I guess this is the future of soaps now. Sad.

  • PatF

    Just got up to read the HORRIBLE news about the two new HWs for YR…both who wrote for GH.

    This is NOT good news for the show.

    Phelps is really showing that with Josh’s “exit”, and the hiring of Passanante and promotion of Altman that she must surround herself with people who do exactly as she says instead of being a true leader and bringing on those that fit the job the best.

    I hated the news when I found out she’d been hired as EP about a year ago. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

    What Bill Bell would think…

  • Mike

    Passanante never worked with Jill Phelps before. She only went to GH under Ron C. He is the one who hired her.

    She got her start at AW years ago. She worked on the last writing staff at Another World and moved over to AMC after it went off. She was actually fairly good at AMC.

    Then she went over to ATWT. Her first year there was okay. Then just like Hogan Sheffer she totally ran out of steam. She was one of the big reasons ATWT was cancelled. Her writing and endless triangles were awful.

    After ATWT was cancelled she moved to OLTL under Ron C. and then he hired her at GH last year.

    She worked with Shelly Altman back at AW where they were on the team together. And then worked with Altman again last year at GH.

    I am really shocked at Phelps hiring Passanante unless Altman wanted her.

  • Mike

    Forgive me I had forgotten that Passanante actually got her start at OLTL. She was on staff there before moving to Another World.

    Also I had it wrong about her being good at AMC. I think I was remembering some of the stuff she did with Bianca but then I remembered she wrote the libidizone story and some other stuff. It was an awful period for the show.

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