Parents Television Council Releases Statement Slamming Miley Cyrus and MTV VMAs

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August 26th, 2013


The Parent's Television Council has released a statement slamming last night's MTV VMAs (and Miley Cyrus' performance in particular) and are using it to push for the Television Consumer Freedom Act legislation to pass.

via statement:

MTV has once again succeeded in marketing sexually charged messages to young children using former child stars and condom commercials — while falsely rating this program as appropriate for kids as young as 14. This is unacceptable. This much is absolutely clear: MTV marketed adults-only material to children while falsely manipulating the content rating to make parents think the content was safe for their children. MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate ‘twerking’ in a nude-colored bikini. How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds? How is it appropriate for children to watch Lady Gaga strip down to a bikini in the opening act? How is it appropriate for 14-year-olds to see a condom commercial and a promo for an R-rated movie during the first commercial break?

This content would likely not be given a forum if it were on a broadcast network, yet MTV continues to push limits because it’s a cable network. But that does not mean MTV’s decisions have no consequences, especially for the millions of children who were targeted by MTV. We urge Congress to pass the Television Consumer Freedom Act which will give parents and consumers a real solution for future MTV VMA programs – the ability to choose and pay for cable networks that they want vs. having to pay for networks they don’t want. After MTV’s display last night, it’s time to give control back to consumers.

  • Nikki

    I cant say i dont agree that she looked terrible, and the dancing was raunchy. But it is MTV so it shouldnt be a suprise either. Miley is Miley.. she was a child star and shes been trying like hell to trash her child image. Shes doing a fine job if you ask me.. but sometimes they dont realize when enough is enough. I personally thought her performance was gross.. but people like that stuff. If anything i feel kinda bad for her because thats gunna go down in entertainment history and eventually when she has kids and a family they will see this, think how awful that will be for everyone involved. lol But either way this is all entertainment and publicity.. they got what they wanted on MTVs and Mileys end and everyones still talking about it. Shes gross, its a phase shes going through lets hope it doesnt last much longer.. but all child stars do this. All people do this.. they grow and change and sexuality is part of that.. she wasnt gunna stay a little girl forever.

  • Anon

    I didn’t watch the show, but the Today Show, David Letterman, ET, etc. al made sure I knew about it and showed me the clip multiple times.

    As if to say, “MTV’s airing of this was absolutely wrong; let us throw it up in your face a few more times to show just how wrong it was.”

    The media hypocrisy concerning this stunt is amazing to behold.

  • OnlyWhatIWant

    Nude colored bikini’s/thongs, Miley’s simulated masturbation, & everything else shown on the VMA’s is acceptable under TV14 DSL. Had MTV been more responsible like Turner’s adultswim, they would have put up an explicit warning between each 30 min span of the show. Still, the PTC has the right idea in a-la-carte & everyone paying for tv services should be supporting that. The monopolistic monarchs are lying when they say it would cost more because they know the heavyweights would lose homes. When ESPN, DISN, USA, etc fall below 100mil homes their value will decline. Netflix want’s in the tv game as well & a-la-carte would prevent the monarchs from keeping them out. So less homes for the heavyweights & more competition from newcomers will eventually lead to lower prices.

  • RyanCanada

    a**less Twirking is like smiling with no teeth

  • AppleStinx

    No wonder Hillbilly loves them a**less twerkings. :grin:

  • TV Viewer

    Miley Cyrus next appearance should be at the Adult Video News awards show. That to me is an example of a person with minimal talent desperate to attract to attention and doing almost anything to get it. Gross and disgusting. I doubt if the Grammys will allow her to perform at their show in the future.

  • Tihon4o

    “How is it appropriate for 14-year-olds to see a condom commercial and a promo for an R-rated movie during the first commercial break?”
    Seriously, that are the arguments? I personally think it’s far BETTER if they actually saw those condom commercials.

  • Lord Seth

    Thus continues Miley Cyrus’s attempts to convince people she’s an adult by acting as juvenile as possible.

    Reminds me of that line in the song “Threw It On The Ground” where the guy screams “I’M AN ADULT!”

  • Dan

    This is the one time I disagree with the PTC (I always do but this time is different) kids shouldn’t be watching the VMAs anyway

  • Jenny

    If it weren’t for Disney promoting her when she was young she wouldn’t had a job! She was the worst act on the show, did not make since. It was the worst thing I ever saw I could of put on a better show!

  • John

    Thought it was a stupid show, but we definitely don’t need more groups putting their restrictive opinions on everything. PTC STFU.

  • Jack

    I agree with John there, Just because MTV did this doesn’t mean all the channels have to suffer for it. Some people these days are just stupid and really need to STFP!

  • Andrew

    The PTC is a joke but I actually agree about passing the Television Consumer Freedom Act, for different reasons. If the TCFA passes the first channels I’m getting rid of are the religious ones like EWTN and TBN, I never watch those.

  • Ace

    Love MTV and loved Miley’s performance. She’s so talented! Not many people without an ass can twerk like that girl!

  • Alex

    PTC are the worst. Garbage organization, FCC isn’t much better.

  • Ram510

    Since when is the VMA’s for 14 year olds? This isn’t the nickelodeon awards or even the teen choice awards. If you look at the history of the VMA even from the 80’s it has never been TV for young children.

    Shame on the parent s if the thought after all these years of VMA’s that now it would be a good idea to let children watch.

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