Will There Be Another Ratings Repeat Tonight From 'Under the Dome'? (Poll)

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August 26th, 2013

Under the Dome 8 26

For the past two weeks, Under the Dome has held steady at a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating. Will the series stay stable this week, or will we see some fluctuation? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!

  • alexjones

    must you do this every week?
    then again it’s not like there’s much else to talk about right now.

  • BenA


  • Dennis

    2.5 in the finals.

    This is episode 10 folks…. I’m pretty sure we can declare it a hit by now

  • Dennis

    Also I noticed people saying its only doing well because there’s nothing else to watch…

    Tell that to Unforgettable, Siberia, Mistresses, Rookie Blue, Camp, Motive etc

  • CBSviewer

    2.5 Only four episodes left this season ! :)

  • Nathan

    Last weeks episode wasn’t good IMO, anyway I think it’ll get a 2.4 in the finals.

  • Sami

    I voted for a 2.5 but it’ll probably get a 2.4 or even a 2.3
    Nothing super exciting is going on right now on the series and last week was just full of filler/B-stories and no cliffhangers.

  • John A

    2.4. Yeah i dont think we need a poll about this show again till the finale.

  • hanp

    I would guess 2.5

    OOT but I have TWC as my provider so unfortunately I have’nt see the last 4
    episodes :(

    But somebody tipped my about AEREO.COM so I signed-up (1st month is free) and I will be able to finally see it again :)

  • Psac

    Switched from TWC to FIOS. Need to catch up now then watch live next week.

  • USAmerica1st

    They keep the ball rolling on UTD, new stuff keeps coming, thanks to the inventive writers. I’m mesmerized by it. 2.5-2.6?

  • Ingram091

    Yea Sad that its only 14 eph (half season). Remember when quality scripted television was 21 – 28 eph per season, and 45mins long each? No, go check out what people are watching, as in classic television DVD sets that are selling out everywhere. There is a reason for that. Most networks DON’T MAKE QUALITY television anymore. CBS is one of the few that does. Name another network with more SCRIPTED shows? you can’t. And that pays off for them in quality and ratings. Glad they won the bidding for Under the Dome. I doubt a Premium network would have handled it any better. Well done.

  • Joseph

    It may go down a bit from previous weeks due to ESPN’s pre-season football.

    But while the NFL may be the most-watched show of the night combining both broadcast and cable, “Under The Dome” should be the most-watched broadcast show this evening (August 26th).

  • HV

    It’ll go up. How much, I have no idea.

  • Mr T

    Theres THREE left, including tonight, and ABC finally wised up by putting Mistresses at 9, so theres like NO comp for it-Id say a 2.5!

  • E.S.


    UTD is so underwhelming for a ten-episode-season series. You’d expect them to pour more into better acting, writing, and special effects only having half the episode count of other major network shows, but it’s so subpar compared to cable’s best product.

  • cimmer

    2.3, I think its viewers are living in hope that something will happen. ;)

  • Wade

    Under the Dome is only mediocre anyway. reminds me of “V”. kinda don’t care what happens, the show seems marketed towards the unintelligent. It is hard to watch them try to put out that fire in one of the early episodes and not think that all of the producers and directors think the viewers are morons.

  • Dan S

    I voted 2.5-2.6 thinking there could be a uptick tonight. I just noticed ABC swapped Castle & Mistresses around. Not sure if that’ll make any difference to UTD in the ratings going up against a rerun of Castle.

  • tv_viewer

    I’m going with a 2.4 (same as my prediction last week). A new episode of Mistresses is only slightly stronger than a Castle repeat so there shouldn’t be much of a difference in the competition. Actually this episode did provide more plot than the preview hinted.

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