Hulu Announces Premiere Dates for Original Series ‘Fugget About It’, ‘Mother Up’ & More

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via press release:

Hulu Original and Exclusive Series Premiere Highlights:

×          Oct. 13:  Outrageous animated sitcom, “Fugget About It,” follows the misadventures of Jimmy Falcone, a former New York mob boss who enters witness protection in small-town Canada. Guest appearances include Alan THi Amanda,hicke and Howie Mandel.

×          Oct. 19: Toby Banks is a lost young man investigating bizarre phone calls that expose the paranormal mysteries where people turn into chickens and mermen dance the night away.

×          Oct. 29: Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Josh Greenbaum (“The Short Game”) turns his lens on the unknown heroes of the sports world—the mascots—in “Behind the Mask.”

×          Nov. 6: Eva Longoria’s “Mother Up!” is a 13-episode, half-hour animated comedy series chronicling the misguided attempts at parenthood of Rudi Wilson, a disgraced former music exec who transitions from Manhattan towers to the carpool line of suburbia.

×          Nov. 11: Comedy-thriller co-produced with BBC, “The Wrong Mans,” starring Tony-winner James Corden (“Gavin and Stacey”) and Mat Baynton (“Spy”), will set previous office comedies ablaze:

In addition to being the ultimate destination for catch up viewing this fall, Hulu will host a number of pilot previews and sneak peeks of season premieres. We’re even tracking the heat to see which shows Hulu viewers are most excited to watch here:

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