Tuesday Final Ratings: 'Extreme Weight Loss' Adjusted Up; No Adjustment for 'America's Got Talent' or 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'

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August 28th, 2013


Extreme Weight Loss was adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for August 27 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX So You Think You Can Dance (8-10PM) 1.3 4 3.98
ABC Extreme Weight Loss (8-10PM) 1.2 3 3.86
NBC Hollywood Game Night -R 1.0 3 3.13
CBS NCIS -R 1.0 3 8.47
CW Whose Line is it Anyway? 0.9 3 2.27
8:30PM CW Whose Line is it Anyway? -R 0.9 3 2.21
9:00PM NBC America's Got Talent (9-11PM) 2.2 6 8.70
CBS NCIS:Los Angeles-R 0.9 3 6.21
CW Capture 0.4 1 1.00
10:00PM CBS Person of Interest -R 0.7 2 5.19
ABC Body of Proof -R 0.7 2 3.08


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  • Little Old Me

    BODY OF PROOF is ABC’s biggest repeating show and gets 10 million per episode and a 1.6 -2.0 rating, why would ABC cancel such a great and very popular show, both in the us and internationally. :(

  • Tony JJ

    @Little Old Me

    No idea. I don’t even watch the show and think it should’ve been renewed.

  • Kissan

    Good job Capture for being at 1 million viewers. Extreme Weight Loss and SYTYCD are SO close to each other this season it’s not even funny. And what’s also not funny is that a repeat of HGN could almost have as much viewers as them. I’m anxiously waiting like a stalker for the cable ratings so I could see what ratings PLL got.

  • rob60990

    1.6-2.0? 1.6 was the show’s season high. Without DWTS lead-in, it pulled 1.2-1.3. It deserved to be cancelled.

    Poor POI can’t beat a cancelled show.

  • mathew

    yes capture got 1 mill viewers!!!!!!!!!

  • CS’ Revenge

    Yeah I don’t think ABC should’ve ever cancelled Body of Proof, the show’s viewership was way up there. It’s the same case when they cancelled Women’s Murder Club a few years ago which was one of the dumbest cancellations in TV history.

  • mathew

    that was definitely the best capture episode so far!

  • Ultima

    @Little Old Me
    BODY OF PROOF is ABC’s biggest repeating show

    No. Off the top of my head, Modern Family and Shark Tank both do significantly better with repeats.

    and gets 10 million per episode and a 1.6 -2.0 rating

    Body of Proof only averaged a 1.4 rating for new episodes this season (Live+SD A18-49).

    why would ABC cancel such a great and very popular show

    I understand why you’re confused. Maybe next time you should try actually looking at the numbers instead of just making them up.

  • Ultima

    @CS’ Revenge
    Yeah I don’t think ABC should’ve ever cancelled Body of Proof, the show’s viewership was way up there.

    High viewership is meaningless. You might as well say that ABC shouldn’t have canceled it because you like chocolate ice cream.

  • CBSviewer

    NCIS is a beast. More than 8 million viewers for a repeat is impressive (I know viewership is irrelevant but still). I think if CBS moves it at 9 it would be higher among 18-49 and total viewers.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Tony JJ

    No idea. I don’t even watch the show and think it should’ve been renewed

    No. Networks want their Shows to get a syndication deal but they need 88 episodes. Body of Proof only have 42 episodes at the end of Season 3 which means it needs 46 more episodes (2-3 more seasons depending on the episode order). With only a 1.4 among 18-49, Body of Proof was the perfect meal for the cancelation bear ;)

  • Bumfuzzled

    AGT is a mess. These judges don’t jell and the acts last night were poor at best. I think if pressed even Judge Stern would admit as much,

    This show needs an Extreme Makeover. Keep Nick, maybe Howard and clean house!

  • EatMorePez

    @Little Old Me

    Maybe you can join a support group with the delusional “Secret Circle” fans.

  • CS’ Revenge

    @ Ultima

    It’s not meaningless at all why do you think I brought it up if it meaningless?

    @ Bumfuzzled

    I agree Got Talent is a hot mess right now and has been since last year. The talent they’re getting is sub-par which is making things worse also. I think the show needs to reformat and clean house. I do like Nick as host, Howard and Howie are good judges but Mel B. and Heidi are horrible judges. They need to find a female judge who specifically specializes in scouting talent. I think Piers was the best judge ever and when they lost him its been going down hill ever since.

    I think Piers had the right eye for talent and he wasn’t going to let bullcrap get through the competition for that we had really good seasons when he was on there. The Jackie Evancho season was probably the best one they ever had.

  • Holly

    @CS’ Revenge,

    Total viewership is meaningless in renewal/cancel decisions on ad supported TV. BOP’s cancellation is evidence of that reality. You bringing it up doesn’t make it meaningful: it just makes you wrong.

  • Mutt

    @ Bumfuzzled

    We’ll have to wait for Howard to address this on one of the six days he works next month.

    Both shows are suffering. AGT is nearing its expiration date and the Sirius show is nothing more than a clock-punch. Howard never was and never will be the draw NBC is paying him to be. Piers’ ratings history proved as much.

  • Randy

    @CS’ Revenge

    If you don’t know what really matters in terms of shows being renewed or canceled, maybe you should do some research before posting on these sites and making yourself look foolish.

  • Randy


    Your sarcasm is always the highlight of these posts for me.

  • CS’ Revenge

    @ Holly

    That answer made me realize one thing that you have no real knowledge on what you’re talking about, I’m not surprised you think that way as this is a demo website and you were brainwashed into thinking that only demos matter and viewership doesn’t. I worked in television industry for several years and didn’t leave it until 3 years ago.I was apart of decision making for a number of shows and the truth is all numbers are analyzed and do count, the only numbers that we stopped looking at that were once prominent were household and share numbers. Depending on the advertising agency they will look for eyeballs over demographics. Body of Proof’s demo is actually 25-54 not 18-49 so you can’t judge a show’s ratings from what you see here.

    What you need to realize especially more now in days is that overall revenue matters more for those decisions specifically more for shows that networks own. Ratings are nothing more than bragging rights these days and actually don’t matter in the big picture anymore. If a show isn’t making money domestically or internationally. This is especially important for The CW which relies on that international revenue. Also sales in DVDs and other merchandising materials factor in also. A lot of things go into these decisions not just ratings.

    Just b/c you have access to these ratings don’t mean that you only make your analysis based off of ratings.

    To explain why Body of Proof was actually cancelled its because the revenue was low, not because of the ratings. Ratings only factored in about 20-40% of that decision.

    I hope you learned something new today but its probably too late because you were brainwashed into thinking that viewership doesn’t matter.

  • EatMorePez

    @CS’ Revenge

    Being indignant doesn’t make you right either.

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