'The View' Ushers In a New Season and a New Co-Host September 9 on ABC

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August 29th, 2013


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Television Icon Barbara Walters’ Farewell Season on “The View”

And Final Year on Television


Michael Bublé, Gloria Estefan, Keith Urban, Orlando Bloom

And Robert De Niro Kick off a Star-Studded Week, Sept. 9-13



ABC’s popular talk and entertainment program, “The View,” begins an exciting new chapter on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 when Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters turn the page on another season and welcome their new co-host, Jenny McCarthy, to the panel. Certain to help shake things up, McCarthy brings a fresh perspective to the conversation. After 17 past appearances on “The View,” the audience has overwhelmingly responded to her charismatic personality, as well as her warmth, intelligence and outrageous brand of humor.


This season “The View” executive producer and co-host Barbara Walters begins her farewell season on the daytime show she created and celebrates her final year on broadcast television. Ms. Walters’ unparalleled career began in 1961 as a writer and on-the-air reporter for the “Today Show.” In marking her historic career, the show’s producers have promised a year-long series fit for a true television icon.


The fun never stops as new segments are unveiled showcasing each of the co-hosts. Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy feed their insatiable appetite for all things pop culture, and bond over girl talk about relationships and dating. Step into the beyond, the mysterious world of the unexplained, as Whoopi takes her fascination with the paranormal to entirely new heights for her new series. This season viewers become part of the conversation and will weigh in on “Hot Topics” as the hosts discuss their “Hot Button Topic of the Day.” Viewers can also join the discussion live through SKYPE and other social media plat forms. In addition viewers will be encouraged to share photos to be incorporated into the program.


Premiere week will include performances from Michael Bublé, Gloria Estefan, Keith Urban and Sheryl Crow, with appearances from Robert De Niro, Orlando Bloom, Isaiah Washington and guest co-host Dr. Phil McGraw (“Dr. Phil”) on September 12.


About “The View”: “The View,” a live, one-hour daily talk show from ABC, features Daytime Emmy Award-winning hosts Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. It’s the original forum in which real women discuss everyday issues, share their opinions and engage in colorful conversations. “The View,” broadcast in HDTV and produced in 2-channel stereo sound, is now available to watch online daily at 4:00 p.m., ET/1:00 p.m., PT on ABC.com. “The View” is produced by ABC and Ms. Walters’ Barwall Productions, with Ms. Walters serving as executive producer along with Bill Geddie, who also serves as executive producer for “The Barbara Walters Specials.” “The View” is directed by Mark Gentile. For breaking news and updated videos follow “The View” (@theviewtv) and hosts Barbara Walters (@BarbaraJWalters), Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGoldberg), Sherri Shepherd (@SherriEShepherd) and Jenny McCarthy (@JennyMcCarthy) on Twitter.™

  • Ralph Hahn

    I guess “The View” needs another co-host. There is only four for the season debut.

  • Amanda

    I’ve barely watched The View in the last few years. The show has jumped the shark, imo. It desperately needs some fresh blood, and I don’t think that Jenny McCarthy is the answer. She may have worked well before as a guest and guest host in small doses, but I think that with her brand of humor, she will eventually wear out her welcome being on every day. Honestly, the show has seen better days. Barbara has started to lose it, Whoopi talks way too much, and say what you want about her opinions, but I think that Elisabeth will be hard to replace. I know that the show still does fairly well in the ratings, but when Barbara retires it might be time for the show to be retired as well.

    I now much prefer The Talk, which is a much lighter show that does not focus on politics so much. Julie Chen and her cohosts seem to all enjoy each other’s company and have developed great chemistry. Even The Chew is more fun.

  • Sean

    I will be watching GENERAL HOSPITAL!!! Nothing else on ABC!

  • Jiji Moran

    I don’t like Jenny, she seems TOO loopy, self-centered, and her comments are too raunchy. I would’ve preferred someone humble and intelligent, who has charm and class… like Stacy London, perhaps? Or, some of the actresses whose shows are being cancelled and need a new gig. I wish Jenny good luck, but I won’t be watching.

  • Chris L

    Sean –

    It is not necessary to comment on things that don’t concern you.

  • Nick


    My, aren’t you special (cue the sarcasm). Nobody gives a damn if General Hospital is the only thing you watch on ABC, man. Do you really think bragging about that puts you so far above everyone else who watches other things? Not one iota. BTW, GH is a pathetic snoozefest, IMO. Anyone off the street could write the show better than overrated Rerun Ron and his second grade style work.

  • sally

    Jenny who? oh the bimbo

  • Irene

    Seems like they are shaking it up a bit. Time will tell.

  • PAtty Kelly

    Its all about Jenny. What a loser. Will be gone by January. She is your typical “dumb blonde”.
    What a disappointment.

  • Sheila Doolan

    I always recorded the view and would not miss a show, however now I could care less. Jenny McCarthy is not someone I want to listen to.

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