'The Glades' Canceled by A&E After Four Seasons

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August 30th, 2013

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A&E has canceled The Glades after renewing Longmire yesterday.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    Damn, and it ended on a pretty big cliffhanger too!

  • chuyvickers

    I think the show overemphasized the romantic part at the expense of everything else. They had some great character actors that they didn’t even bother to try to use properly.

    That said, it isn’t as if A&E has an abundance of highly-rated scripted shows in the first place. They will probably go the route of TNT and replace marginally successful scripted shows with cheap reality shows.

  • Bearkat

    Yeah like chuyvickers stated, A&E will put out more reality shows
    I hope they dont cancel First 48

  • John

    Not a bad show, but I saw this cancellation coming. I knew they would only renew one of Longmire or The Glades, and it was a no-brainer that Longmire would be the choice for renewal.

  • Insider

    The First 48 is still going strong with over 1 million viewers per episode. People love it, it has several spin-offs. Hopefully it’s here to stay even longer.

  • Andrew

    I’m sorry but I won’t miss this show. I loved it when it first started but it started to go really down hill in the third season.

  • johnhelvete

    A&E has Those Who Kill for 2014 (10 episodes).
    Occult pilot stage no pickup yet.

    They might not be willing to expand the number of scripted shows, but A@E will have at least the same number of shows for 2014 as 2013.

  • Kissan

    I don’t watch The Glades but I looked on Wikipedia yesterday about its ratings and the recent season (series) finale was its second highest rated episode ever right after the series premiere. But I see why they cancelled it, because of the demo.

  • Colin

    A & E is known for its stupid cancellations. Same with Breakout Kings.

  • Kathy

    He got shot! They aren’t going to finish it?? Man they stink!

  • jas

    I am sad that they cancelled The Glades. I think Longmire will suffer a bit as well. I watch them both but probably won’t bother just for Longmire. I liked the Glades better than Longmire so easy to drop Longmire from my watch list.

  • DenverDean

    Woo-Hoo! Another hour of Duck Dynasty reruns!

  • Julian

    Longmire and Bates Motel were the scripted shows worth keeping.

    The Glades was getting stale.

    Not a surprising drop for A&E.

  • EllieMae

    OH NO – it was such a good cliff hanger!

  • John A

    It had decent ratings this is stupid. I only watched occasionly and it wasnt a bad show.

  • John A

    Maybe a drop dead diva might happen and its uncanceled.

  • rob60990

    Yet they keep Bates Motel around…

  • Dan S

    A&E you’re really starting to tick me off. Nice cliffhanger with no resolution. 1st they cancel The Cleaner which was an excellent show then Breakout Kings which also ended with a cliffhanger & now The Glades. At least they could do a movie to wrap it up with a bow.

  • jimbo

    Ya, it was getting tooo kissy, kissy, luv you crap and not enough cop drama…i miss it and hope they at least tie up thelast show.

  • Jon

    I’m guessing Those Who Kill will be paired with Longmire next summer, Bates Motel is their highest rated show in the demo while Longmire is their highest rated in total viewers so Its no surprise that both were renewed,

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