'Westworld' Adaptation From J.J. Abrams Coming to HBO

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August 30th, 2013


Westworld, which some may remember as a 1973 movie about a robot-filled Wild West-themed resort, is being adapted as a series for HBO via J.J. Abrams’ company Bad Robot. The project is being described as "a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.”

  • DeeAgeaux

    This is going to have Ancient Rome world and Medieval world?

    I hope it is not only old American Westworld.

    If this was not on HBO I would not even check this out but being on HBO it might be good.

  • Eric_Philly

    Competing with broadcast’s upcoming Almost Human and Intelligence… but okay, HOllywood, let’s have more of the same.

  • jacob

    Westworld is a classic! If J.J dont muck it up. I still remember that bald headed robot cowboy. About time we get a remake, J.J. Please dont muck it up!

  • rob60990

    Can these networks stop giving this guy shows? He’s not that good.

  • NJ Viewer


    You know how it is. One hit show, and all the networks think you’re a god.

  • lll

    NJ Viewer is right. If you make a hit show for a network, another network wants the same formula. That’s why it’s hard for new writers and producers to break through, and that’s why the same writers, actors and producers work for the networks that made them a star.

    BTW: Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy is attached to the pilot too, according to deadline and TV line, so I doubt JJ is going to pull the load by himself. Like he ever does.

  • Brian

    He has had more than one hit show… He has had like 5 all to varying degrees.

  • Gary A

    It’s highly unlikely that he will have much of a hands on dealing with this series. It’s just coming from his production company and he will be listed as Executive producer or something.

    Besides he will be busy working on the new “Star Wars” for the next two years.

  • tv#1

    Sounds interesting. I would be interested in giving it a try.

  • jreagan

    Please don’t call Yul Brynner just a “bald headed robot cowboy”.

    And it was “Futureworld” that had the other venues. If he’s remaking just Westworld, we’ll see just that.

  • Anthony M


    Alias, Fringe, Lost…yep he sucks (rolls eyes)

  • merlin

    Not liking something doesn’t mean its not good, it just mean you don’t like it.

  • Oliver

    I’ve learned to steer clear of anything with J. J. Abrams’ name attached.

    Felicity was pretty good, though.

  • Simon Jester

    @jreagan – Sorry, you’re wrong and @DeeAgeaux is right. The Delos theme park as depicted in WESTWORLD consisted of West World, Roman World, and Medieval World. In the sequel FUTUREWORLD, which takes place 2 years later, the latter two still existed, but Future World had replaced the abandoned West World.

    My problem with J.J.’s TV series is that they don’t always live up to the promise of the first episodes. So we’ll see whether this turns out to be FRINGE… or ALCATRAZ. (Or, if it’s particularly dire: REVOLUTION!)

  • rob60990

    “Alias, Fringe, Lost…yep he sucks (rolls eyes)”

    Lost was his only real hit. Alias was never really much of a hit and Fringe. Um, its ratings were awful except the first season it aired after Idol and then it only held 40% of its lead-in. I have no idea why FOX threw away money renewing that loser year after year.

  • RJ

    Agreed rob60990,
    Fringe could possibly be classified as a hit in season one, but after that, it was a lost cause. If you ask a random person about Lost, I bet they could remember the name. Fringe on the other hand, probably no one.

  • a p garcia

    Hollywood don’t #$%^ up this classic.

  • Micah C.

    2014: J.J. Abrams produces Westworld
    2015: The Last Starfighter, with J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci.
    2016: J.J. Abrams presents Go-Bots The Movie.

  • jacob

    Jreagan , Yul Brynner was a evil bald headed cowboy robot in Westworld. He kicked butt in that role. Futureworld sucked. Who is going to play Brynners role?

  • Simon Jester

    @jacob – I think you’ll find that Yul Brynner was the gunslinger in *both* WESTWORLD and FUTUREWORLD.

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