Harry Connick Jr. To Become Third 'American Idol' Judge

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August 31st, 2013


Harry Connick Jr. will be joining Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban at the American Idol judging table for the talent competition's upcoming 13th season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Rushin

    Harry who?

  • Josh

    Awesome news… he was very honest in his opinions last year. Great performer and won’t talk nice to crappy performers.

  • Cheryblosen

    Wow this sucks…..

  • Fashe

    I can’t believe they ended up with WORSE and even less relevant judges than the lower-rated X Factor.

  • steve

    So let’s total up the score: one judge remains the same, they bring back one former judge, and add one new judge.

    And Randy Jackson still on board, as a mentor now.

    Yep, way to make those drastic changes to save Idol. I bet the whole format remains exactly the same as well.

  • msupdate

    Am I the only person who wants people who are either talented or have a series eye for talent as judges? Everybody else seems to hype up on “relevance” and popularity when the truth is that half of the “relevant” and popular artists today lack talent and aren’t qualified to judge despite their success commercially. I think that JLo, Keith and Harry are like perfect judges.


    Harry proved to be a GREAT mentor. Going with big celebrities with big egos turned out to be a disaster last season. I actually think a Keith, JLO, & Harry panel will prove to be great…

  • Nathan


  • Phil

    That’s a good choice! Thank god its not Will.i.am or Scooter Braun!

  • MichaelZZZ

    Step #1: Post Simon Cowell, waste $50 million on old, non-trending judges with NO CHEMISTRY; like Steven Tyler and J. Lo — losing 25% of your audience.
    Step #2: Waste $50 million on old, really non-trending judges with EVEN LESS CHEMISTRY; like Mariah Carey, Keith “Who?” Urban and Nikki “Creepy” Minaj — losing another 20% of your audience
    Step #3: Repeat step #1

    DUH!!!! Wow – Fox’s worst decision since, uh, well, last year. (-;

  • M

    I thought Dr. Luke was confirmed as a judge a few weeks ago. This lineup changes so often. Way too many rumors.

  • Jo

    This show gets worse every year, and it’s the talent not the judges.

  • Samuel

    Wow, I didn’t think you could get any less relevant than Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato and Paulina whats-her-face…

    I guess I was proven wrong.

    Queef Urban, Jennifer Lopez & Harry who?

  • msupdate

    For those bashing at X Factor. Demi Lovato is one of the biggest stars on the planet right now. Kelly Rowland is incredibly talented and has great experience in the industry. Paulina is also very talented although she isn’t nearly as widely known. All three have proved themselves as talent judges before.

  • Pete

    For all those who don’t like the judges, I have some advice… Don’t Watch! Find something else to complain about! Buh Bye!

  • Networkman

    @msupdate, I totally agree with you. Harry Connick Jr. is a true musician, who respects the craft. I’m back on board. There is a lot of diversity sitting at the judges table with Jennifer Lopez being able to appeal to the pop/latin audiences, Keith Urban has the country and now Harry Connick Jr. who is a pianist, composer/arranger knowledgeable about jazz and standards. This is the premiere talent/singing contest. I’ll take American Idol over The Voice any day.

  • Chris L

    “Demi Lovato is one of the biggest stars on the planet right now. ”


  • Jason

    If they want to get back to what it once was, they should make it look like the annual event in Europe: “Night of the Proms.”

  • Alan

    What the hell are they doing? I wanted former winners as judges! This will be the last AI season.

  • msupdate

    @Chris L
    Okay, one of the biggest stars in her age range on the planet.

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