Harry Connick Jr. To Become Third 'American Idol' Judge

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August 31st, 2013


Harry Connick Jr. will be joining Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban at the American Idol judging table for the talent competition's upcoming 13th season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • JoBeth

    In reading the comments, it’s apparent a few don’t know who’s who in music, a few have a mistaken idea they’re witty (and definitely aren’t)and one didn’t get his way and thinks the show is over because of this. But, we, who follow all genres of music are aware this is a very good panel. You have two very cool gents and in between a hot ticket. Should be fun. BTW, Keith and Harry have been around too long to let JLo get out of hand.

  • MichaelZZZ

    “Demi Lovato is one of the biggest stars on the planet right now. ”


    As for EVERYONE else, it’s NOT about musical relevance. It’s about CHEMISTRY. This is not a record selling contest to see who gets to be a judge. It’s about creating an entertaining show with judges who rate the TALENT. AI, XF, etc. have completely forgotten rule #1: It’s all about the chemistry. Putting music superstars on a random judging panel, based on their record sales and/or “relevance” is ASININE.

    AI (when it was good) had a beyond-has-been pop star (Abdul), a completely unknown Brit (Cowell) and a WHO/WHAT? third judge (Jackson). And their chemistry was magic.

    This is not rocket science but the network geniuses and most of us on here are trying to make ridiculous arguments about popularity with no acknowledgement about chemistry. Duh.

    P.S. The most shocking is that Simon didn’t learn the obvious lesson from AI’s initial chemistry; and instead ruined XF before it launched with ridiculous judges with ZERO chemistry.

  • Jiji Moran

    Who can remember any “idol” winner of the last three years? Seems that after Paula left, the show focused more on the judges and less on the contestants. I agree with the person above who said that talent judges should be capable of recognizing talent, not just comment on their outfits and look at them lustfully.

  • Joe Smith

    bashing Harry?

    sorry, but american idol is beneath him if anything

  • Joe

    You know a singer’s career is over when he/she becomes a judge on tone deaf karaoke shows. AI should be cancelled this year? Should never have been put on the air.

  • Ultima

    This will be the last AI season.

    Nonsense. Even if Idol drops another 20% year-to-year, it will probably still be the highest rated show on FOX.

  • Ultima

    AI should be cancelled this year? Should never have been put on the air.

    Idol has made FOX billions of dollars. You understand that this is a business, right?

  • Sami

    It’s interesting to see how FOX has trouble adding judges to XF & Idol yet NBC’s The Voice gets A-listers so easily.

    Harry may be ‘someone’ but he’s not a heavy-hitter and wasn’t their 1st choice. Luke Perry is who they wanted….well after it didn’t work out with Kelly Clarkson and the rest.

  • a p garcia

    At least its better than the trainwreck of judges last year namely Nicki Manaj.


    @Jii. You are wrong. Season 10- Scotty Mccerrys debut album went Platnium, and his Xmas album went Gold. Season 11 Winner- Phillip Phillips, his debut single Home has sold over 4 million copies, his second single has sold over 1 million copies, his debut album has almost reached 1 million in sales in the US & has gone gold in Canada. IDOL still produces stars, more than XF & The Voice can say

  • Flame

    @Ultima, who said: “Even if Idol drops another 20% year-to-year, it will probably still be the highest rated show on FOX.”

    -> This just shows me that Fox is in a really sorry state and should start to do something about it.

  • Flame

    @TVMAN: Single-wise McCreery has yet to crack the Top 15 on the Country Chart, which should be the most relevant chart for that artist. Lauren Alaina? Best ranking was 36 as far as I know since I listen to American Country Countdown. The only real young star that recently came out of a casting show is Hunter Hayes, who just scored his third Number 1.

  • Holly


    This just shows me that Fox is in a really sorry state and should start to do something about it.

    It has been obvious to anyone paying attention the last few years that FOX has a serious problem with their scripted programming. It’s flown under the radar a bit with all the focus on NBC, but The Following is the first successful drama they’ve launched in several years. And their comedy department hasn’t been doing much better.

    However, AI falling 20% would still put it in better position than most scripted shows on broadcast


    @Flame. Scotty may not be doing great on the radio, but he sells albums even without strong radio play.


    @Flame. It’s not like FOX hasn’t been trying to improve their line up. They’ve set up amazing marketing for new shows & their premiers get great numbers (Touch, Alcatraz, Terra Nova) , its just their shows always drop after. I’d say FOX has a strong line up this year, and I can see their shows doing well this season

  • Jared

    I’ve always loved Harry Connick Jr. But clearly FOX isn’t worried about the lack of star power on this seasons American Idol especially in the younger demo. I’m not sure what this show can do to get more buzz and viewers watching but this judging panel sure won’t help.

  • Melanie

    @MichaelZZZ Thank you!

    @Sami Harry should have been their first choice as he’s the only one of the ‘mentors’ that’s had any constructive input for the contenstants.

    I thought that the idea of having all former contestants as judges was a terrible idea. Mentors, sure. Maybe one former contenstant, OK. But I think the judges are better when they come to the table with experience in producing, not just performing. In fact, performance experience is not essential for a Judge. Simon — best Idol judge ever — was not a performer.

  • Lisa

    I love Connick and despise Lopez. Urban is okay, showed some flashes of real critique last season but needs to do more of that. I think Jackson will do better as a mentor than as a judge. So all in all, not a great lineup, but enough to make me watch.

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