Will Viewers Spend Labor Day 'Under the Dome'? - Poll

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September 2nd, 2013


Under the Dome August 12

Last week, Under the Dome rebounded to a 2.5 adults 18-49 rating, up from a 2.4 on August 19. Though Labor Day is more of a daytime holiday, it could still have a negative impact the show's ratings. On the other hand, it could benefit from all of the promotion it will surely receive during CBS's telecast of the U.S. Open.   How do you think it will fare tonight? Would you still be able to do your job if you were trapped under a dome? (Since there is no internet access in Chester's Mill, I would not!) Whatever you do, tvbythenumbers wishes you a very happy Labor Day!

  • Dennis

    2.3 new series low.

    Its a Holiday so for it to loose some viewers is perfectly acceptable.

    I see it going up to a 2.8 for the finale in 2 weeks

  • Survivor Fan

    2.3, but it will rebound next week.

  • John A

    Does Labour Day affect ratings much? Ill go with 2.3 too.

  • rob60990

    I already see the Labor Day excuses. Lmao. Since most people have work or school tomorrow its a piss poor excuse.

  • ccemerson

    Surprised they would air a new episode tonight with the holiday. They could*ve held it and do a two hour finale in two weeks.

  • Dennis


    Its a holiday, ratings will go down… move on..
    You just still seem so jelous its preformed so much better then you thought!
    Premiering with a 1.3, yea yea…

  • HV

    2.4 this week, 2.5 next week, and 2.7 the following week for the finale.

  • CBSviewer

    Three episodes left !!!

  • Kenny

    Will go down very little due to Labor Day, but usually Labor Day’s impact is more on the weekend before it than the actual holiday.

  • a p garcia

    The acting could be better, it could stand better writing, but I love this show!

  • Dan S

    I’ll say 2.5 not seeing Labor Day being much of an affect. With people returning to school & work tomorrow it should do just fine.

  • EatMorePez

    The people at the hair salon in Chester’s Mill are still working because Maxine’s hair looks fabulous.

  • JacobYates

    Actually, @rob60990 predicted a 1.2 for the premiere. What a joke.

  • JacobYates

    Oh, and I predict a 2.4

  • NBC Fan


  • NBC Fan


    Under the Dome-2.4

    American Ninja Warrior-1.7

  • The Cool Max

    Again??? Why do we need this poll weekly?

    I’ll say 2.4

  • JR35

    Steady at a 2.5 (final ratings)- hopefully, anyhow. :)

    Whatever the case, the show is a hit.

  • Igwell

    Would you still be able to do your job if you were trapped under a dome?

    Nope, our primary raw material isn’t available locally.

  • TV Viewer

    It might go up a little since Time Warner and CBS reached an agreement, and some areas that could not see it before, will be able to view it now. I will predict 2.6.
    The show is a hit and proves that airing original good scripted programs in the summer is better than repeats, worthless burn off shows, and inexpensive reality programs.

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