'One Life to Live' Production Halted Indefinitely Pending Resolution of ABC Lawsuit

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September 3rd, 2013

One Life to Live Cast

The Online Network (TOLN) has halted production of  One Life to Live indefinitely pending the resolution of the fledgling online network's lawsuit against ABC over the use of OLTL characters on General Hospital. Both OLTL and All My Children recently completed their first seasons as online serials (though originally they were supposed to air every week in perpetuity, as they did on ABC). A   Los Angeles Times,story on TOLN topper Jeff Kwatientz reported, "Prospect Park is shelving One Life to Live until the ABC lawsuit is resolved. The team will focus on producing All My Children which proved to be the more popular show online.. Writers are currently putting together scripts for a second season."

  • Monzo

    OLTL has been a big disappointment! I thought, online it would be as creative as on ABC, but I was wrong. AMC has lost a lot of steam, too, but it’s still alright. Maybe this is a good chance to kick out those new characters on GH and bring back Todd, Starr and John there.

  • IowaMan

    Agreed. It was my favorite at the time it was canceled, but the reboot became a claustrophobic mess. I tried really hard but after a month I was done. Some things really should just rest in peace.

  • jonboyelk

    Too bad Frank and Ron didn’t stay with OLTL. Under their rule it was much better. In fact, they did a better job with OLTL than they have done with GH.

  • Mike

    With all of his remarks on Twitter this is exactly what Ron C. seemed to want. I guess he got his wish.

  • Christina

    Sad to hear this. I really thought One Life to Live was the better of the two soaps. I truly hope that they can resolve this before the majority of the cast wants to move on, for good this time. (Vet’s like RSW, ES, HBS, KD, etc.) :(

    Greatful for the extra 4-5 months of this rebooted One Life. Truly the greatest soap of all time.

  • Christina

    I am a fan/support of All My Children too, so I hope they can spend this time focusing on bringing former stars back and building the storylines.

  • FM

    This reads to me that All My Children broke even or made a profit, while One Life to Live did not make a profit.

  • Mike

    I just do not trust Prospect Park at all. I just wonder what the story will be about AMC next week.

    And sorry but I don’t buy this about the lawsuit. This lawsuit existed even before season 1 started. Why all of a sudden is this an issue for them. To me it is just another long line of “we really don’t know what the reason this isn’t working is but this is what we are saying.”

    And no I do not buy the excuse anymore that this is a startup and we have to give them time. I knew when they didn’t announce when production was starting up that something was wrong. Just been waiting for them next statement of change.

  • Paul

    This is just more of PP’s efforts to manipulate naïve viewers into blaming ABC and GH for their own failure. Much of OLTL 2.0 was a bit of a head-scratcher, and that was solely the fault of the new regime. That silly lawsuit is just a smoke screen and will hopefully be dismissed, post-haste.

  • Patrick

    I feel very cheated and so hurt as a loyal fan of these shows. I’ve stuck by every episode of each, and watched every moment. I’ve held on even while we found ourselves with less (shorter weeks and now “seasons” and “season finales”). I’ve written in to praise Prospect Park and these wonderful shows, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. As of today, I had 3 episodes of All My Children to catch up on. Now I have none, because I am not watching them at all in protest of this very stupid decision to shelve One Life to Live.

  • moshane58

    Mike have to agree with you on the lawsuit.The characters went to GH after PP said they were not doing the soaps.They didn’t try to focus on the character’s history but draw a younger crowd with guys shirtless pumping iron.Waste of air time.Never wanted PP to get them and only hope Ron can get his hands on them and do what he wanted and revived them himself.The online version is really low cost and you can tell it.i have been an AMC fan my whole life and still watch it but it sure isn’t near the same as it was.OLTL is totally changed.Also people not wanting to watch on Own where the bigger money is really hurt.PP needs to drop the damn lawsuit and put the money in these soaps.Hate what they are doing to them…

  • FM

    I think this lawsuit is being use as cover because PP did not make a return on One Life to Live. All My Children might have made a return in its investment, but I would not be surprise if All My Children is cancelled too.

  • Jeff

    PP is a nightmare. Their list of mistakes is unforgivably long and unnecessary. What a disaster.

  • Mike


    I just feel that they are waiting to announce something about AMC after some time since the finale just aired. They probably don’t want to damper sales on ITunes.

    The PP apologist are begging people not to get upset and urging folks to continue to be thankful that at least PP is trying. But after a point it gets ridiculous.

    PP did a good thing in bringing back these shows but that is where it ends. PP has done nothing but make one rash decision after another. How in the world can they expect folks to trust them or give them a chance when they just keep doing stuff like this.

  • WestVirginiaFred

    Well, “darn”. I wan’t to use a stronger word like PP’s OLTL did but I won’t.

    I’m sorry to hear that OLTL got shelved and I can’t blame PP. They are trying, and they did pull of an amazing feat by bringing back OLTL and a lot of the great, classic, gifted actors that I’ve enjoyed for years. I thought the new kids did an excellent job as well. The writing was fine and it got better. Come on, who could watch David Vickers and not just bust out laughing at the things he would say! Good writing and it got better as the season progressed and they got to delve into the stories!

    PP, I watched every episode and every commercial and I loved it all. I hope it works out and you can get started on season 2. I know the show is different under new ownership and your trying something evolutionary with online distribution (and I couldn’t imagine the challenge that must be), but I think the show was great! It is great! It’s always been great… even up to and beyond our new cliffhanger! I wish you the best PP, our favorite soap actors are behind you, and I am too.

  • Mitchell

    This truly sucks ‘OLTL’ was always the better written show for years.
    And,I believe has a stronger fanbase. I think the fans are over the fact that,’Starr’is now’Kiki’ and ‘Todd’ is now Franco. Please PP move on..
    I don’t know what they want the courts to do? This is so strange!!!
    Let ‘OLTL’ continue and possibly make a deal with OWN Network.

  • James

    Guys, Prospect Park having acquired the rights to OLTL and AMC including everything from stories to characters, they let ABC borrow a few OLTL characters to at least keep displaced viewers occupied and allow them to tune in to General Hospital as Prospect Park work out kinks and finances to make the online shows viable which they were unable to do with the deadline they themselves have put up.

    The problem is that it may not be an easy feat to just bring back some of the OLTL characters who “died” on the show, among other issues that arose from the time GH integrated Starr, Todd and John McBain into the canvas so something’s definitely fishy.

  • CraveRecords

    I knew an announcement was going to come. OLTL was always my favorite, but the reboot got the shaft with a smaller cast than AMC and what seemed like only one set (Blair’s club). However, the focus on the boring characters in their 20s at the expense of Blair’s and Natalie’s storylines was aggravating. When Allison Perkins came back, I realized I’d been duped into watching a Days of our Lives copycat for 4 months. I stopped regularly watching AMC after about a month, but kept up with OLTL because of the characters.

  • TV Gord

    The problem with returning McBain, Todd and Starr to OLTL is that the actors didn’t want to be on the online show, so they would have to recast. I don’t think recasts would work, in those cases.

    I agree with those who say PP is shady, and this lawsuit is just an excuse to cut their losses by cancelling OLTL, but–as is typical for PP–trying to lay the blame elsewhere.

    It’s only a matter of time (weeks?) before we’re told AMC won’t be back, either.

  • jupiter3765

    abc is not bringing back amc or oltl so i think both shows are officaly dead some things just need to rest in peace everything has a lifespan

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