'One Life to Live' Production Halted Indefinitely Pending Resolution of ABC Lawsuit

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September 3rd, 2013

One Life to Live Cast

The Online Network (TOLN) has halted production of  One Life to Live indefinitely pending the resolution of the fledgling online network's lawsuit against ABC over the use of OLTL characters on General Hospital. Both OLTL and All My Children recently completed their first seasons as online serials (though originally they were supposed to air every week in perpetuity, as they did on ABC). A   Los Angeles Times,story on TOLN topper Jeff Kwatientz reported, "Prospect Park is shelving One Life to Live until the ABC lawsuit is resolved. The team will focus on producing All My Children which proved to be the more popular show online.. Writers are currently putting together scripts for a second season."

  • Lisa

    Prospect Park continues to feel like amateur hour. And really, if OLTL had been doing well financially, I’m pretty darn sure it would have gone back into production as scheduled. On top of that, the facts that both it and AMC cut back to just two episodes per week and are having “seasons” instead of airing without pause are warning signs to all but the most naive. I hope both shows can make it, but their uphill battle is now more of an “upmountain” battle.

  • jp

    This whole online venture has been one big disaster after another

  • jp

    Why didn’t they just leave well enough alone?

  • ABC hater

    I guess both soaps won’t come back. RIP, OLTL and AMC.

  • Mike

    James —

    Sorry but I just don’t buy into this thing from fans or from PP that those 3 actors, the characters from GH, or John, Todd and Starr were so important that OLTL couldn’t go on without them.

    AMC had less characters and actors coming back to the show than OLTL did and they managed to go on and overcome even the losses of Erica, Tad, Kendall, Greenlee, and so forth who were many of the leading characters and couples when the show ended.

    They moved on and persevered.

    OLTL was on the air for over 40 years. There was so much history to mine. AMC did it and OLTL could have to.

    I guess Michael Easton & Kristen Alderson should feel great. They are so powerful that them not coming back to do OLTL was so daunting the show just couldn’t succeed without them. I would go in tomorrow and demand a raise from GH and say if you don’t give it to me then GH is toast because this show can’t make it without me.

  • Heather

    Why can’t Prospect Park just recast the three actors if the characters are that important to them?????

    I’ve said it back in December, I’ll say it gain: Prospect Park should have left these two soaps in the history book. Producing soap operas is not an easy thing to do and it isn’t given to just any company. It would be sad to see a company like Prospect Park going bankrupt because of this, as they have produced some quite successful primetime shows.

  • jonboyelk

    The lawsuit cracks me up. They are griping about GH killing off two characters? For cripes sake, one was a baby. The other was a character who was resurrected for OLTLs ABC finale!

  • LynTThis is what I look at because this drives their futures.ex

    Don’t mean to be a ‘Debbie downer’ or make light of fans, but shouldn’t fans also take some responsibility? The #s were not good! These shows are expensive when you consider costs behind & in front of the camera, never mind fees and other costs potentially ongoing in various contracts (including ABC’s). This is/was a business! No one was working for free.

    The #s that count wouldn’t demand sponsors’ paying massive $$ for less than 200K views! Fans did not return enmasse!

    There is room for finger pointing at ALL sides in this debacle.

  • Kevin

    I thought right from the get-go that both of these soap operas should have stayed dead and buried. Outside of a tiny, loud, loony fan base that couldn’t accept when they were over, nobody anywhere cares anymore. Bringing them back on the Internet in such a cheap way is only marring their legacies.

  • Mike

    Fans didn’t care then until the shows were cancelled. Many had quit watching and only tuned back in to say goodbye. Add to that the soap opera press that blew everything out of proportion. And berated ABC for the decision. And now are the ones cheering that OLTL has been shelved because everything about OLTL wasn’t done the way they wanted it to be done. And didn’t involve Ron C. and Frank V.

    OLTL could still be good without them. It existed long before they got there. And it could again but you need writers that are not focused on what they don’t have or can’t get and focus on doing good with what they do have.

  • DOOLfan

    I’m not surprised by this. I’m surprised they’re blaming ABC. For me, the new OLTL got stale after Victor Lord Jr left. It didn’t start getting good again until Todd and Blair’s heartfelt goodbye. I felt like I was in the minority when I said I didn’t like it. Most fans were like “I’m just glad it’s back” while I was wanting more compelling stories. Bo and Nora didn’t have a s/l, the radio show was boring. What happened to the Pellagrino fund that was such a big deal? There was no real payoff to that. We didn’t find out why Michelle was so weird. OLTL was better on ABC. I think the OLTL continuity should have stayed on GH.

  • paul

    i have READ the lawsuit PP concern about their Amc oly; emplyees[was was overwhelm;pay every time they rty 2 grt this thing going is like ABC is sabotage them so sad seems yes preception PP me,I cannot believe I am sating the abs is tying you sabatobe pp………..

  • Mike

    What I find funny that is not being thrown up by fans this go around is how the OLTL actors found out about this.

    Prospect Park didn’t even issue a press release themselves about this. It was a little blurb in an interview. Most of the actors found out on Twitter, the Internet, etc.

    ABC was raked over the coals for the way they let actors know the shows were cancelled.

    2ndly where is the outrage over the jobs lost. With an indefinite hiatus these actors are going to be out of jobs and out of money. I’m sure that PP is not going to pay them until all this is over.


    I agree totally that OLTL was a guilty to which I looked forward before it was cancelled by ABC. However, I’m still lamenting the loss of As the World Turns. This classic should never have been cancelled. My fervent wish is that Prospect Park or some other internet affiliate wisely research the interest in resurrecting it. I volunteer to serve as a consultant with one dynamic story I have in mind for its return.

  • Mike

    I don’t want PP to touch anymore soaps until they get their act together.

  • Jeff

    Agreed Mike. They are like amateur hour. And, their product was pretty good, good production values, great talent, decent stories. But, they are the ones driving them into the ground with one bad decision after another. I agree with just about everything you have said about PP and their handling of these two great shows.

  • TJ

    Sadly I agree with Mike. I did enjoy watching OLTL. I enjoyed the faster pace and the conversations weren’t too boring. It felt more “today”. I also agree that the vets of the show had stale storylines which could have been done better. I actually thought the sets were pretty sharp except the mini mall, nice addition but the outside lighting could be more realistic. Anyway hopefully it all gets straightened out. Oh, and I also agree to the poster who said some fault lies with the fans. Over 2million watched on ABC yet at max I think over 300thou watched online. P.P. should have done more promotion and explaining to older viewers that hulu was free and they didn’t have to buy season passes. Off topic but does anyone else who watches on OWN have audio synching problems? When I watch their voices are off from their lips. Anyway good luck OLTL and AMC.

  • Mike

    I too think the production values and all were great with the shows I watched online via Hulu. On OWN I have mixed issues with quality on there which is where I have watched more often. I get scenes where the quality looks really bad.

    But overall I enjoyed both shows.

    As far as the fans returning. It does seem more of the AMC fans returned for some reason.

    The only thing that I think hurt OLTL in some ways and kind of goes with the law suit is that I think many OLTL fans took sides. Some sided with ABC or more importantly Cartini and some sided with PP in the battle over those 3 stars and characters. And some from what I have read on boards just felt that OLTL couldn’t go on without Cartini.

  • MBmomof3

    This makes me so sad. I watched every episode on Hulu and the reruns on OWN. Say what you want about OLTL 2.0, this fan is truly going to miss her friends in Llanview (again) :(

  • MBmomof3

    And Mike, I say screw Cartini, ABC and PP. I’m on OLTL’s side.

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