'One Life to Live' Production Halted Indefinitely Pending Resolution of ABC Lawsuit

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September 3rd, 2013

One Life to Live Cast

The Online Network (TOLN) has halted production of  One Life to Live indefinitely pending the resolution of the fledgling online network's lawsuit against ABC over the use of OLTL characters on General Hospital. Both OLTL and All My Children recently completed their first seasons as online serials (though originally they were supposed to air every week in perpetuity, as they did on ABC). A   Los Angeles Times,story on TOLN topper Jeff Kwatientz reported, "Prospect Park is shelving One Life to Live until the ABC lawsuit is resolved. The team will focus on producing All My Children which proved to be the more popular show online.. Writers are currently putting together scripts for a second season."

  • Irene

    I liked both shows online. I thought they were better than last four soaps on the networks.

    I saw some references to ratings. What were the ratings on the online versions? I watched on my tv and both shows were always shown as in the most popular groupings. Top rated for awhile. But they stayed up towards top. Still I don’t know any numbers.

  • Mike

    Irene no one has ever released any actual numbers on Hulu so we have no idea. They did not do great on OWN but AMC did much better than OLTL on OWN.


    Oh and I absolutely love Sara Bibel’s latest article on Xfinity. She asked all the right questions. Whether there will ever be any answers who knows. She states in the article that Prospect Park has not made themselves available to any reporters for questions. And still no official word from Prospect Park to this day.

  • diana

    I’ve been enjoying OLTL online more than any of the other soaps. I like the fact that they use their vets and give them front-burner storylines. Don’t like most of the younger generation storylines, because they focus too much on casual sex! Is this what teens & 20-somethings do these days? Have sex with someone they just met? Lose their virginity to someone they just met? Especially Jack, who’s underage and having an affair with his teacher. Offensive. I keep watching for the MATURE characters, Todd&Blair, Natalie, Vicki, Clint, Dorian, Destiny (the only young person with a head on her shoulders!) and the children, Sam, Liam & Drew. For the record, I applaud Roger Howarth for coming to OLTL and giving his character, Todd, closure. I wish Michael Easton could have done that for McBain. GH made McBain into a two-timing, deadbeat dad, the exact opposite of what he was on OLTL.

  • Mike

    Sorry Diana but I am not sure the word MATURE would ever characterize the characters of Todd, Blair, Natalie or even Dorian with many of the actions they take and things they do. They are definitely older but none of them have ever really grown up.

    They are interesting characters which soaps need but definitely not achieved any level of maturity.

  • Phil

    Been a loyal viewer of both AMC and OLTL Prospect Park does not understand that bringing life to these soap icons affected many loyal viewers and they should stick by them. If they abandon these soaps I want nothing to do with just another profit oriented and public be damned money grubbing organization.

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