Updated: Jeff Daniels Says 'The Newsroom' Renewed for Season 3 by HBO

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September 3rd, 2013


The Newsroom has been renewed for a third season by HBO according to the show's star, Jeff Daniels. He tweeted the news on Tuesday night.

Jeff Daniels Newsroom Tweet

Update:  According to HBO the renewal is not official yet but "We are excited about proceeding to a Season 3 and are continuing our conversations with Aaron about schedules."

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  • bluelp85

    Very happy about this.

  • shogun

    I know this isn’t the most popular show with the critics, but I love it. Welcome back!

  • Simon Jester


  • Sanji

    So they renew The Newsroom with those sh***y ratings, yet they cancell True Blood that is doing just great? Damn, I am never gonna watch HBO again after last season of TB.

  • Birdsht

    Bloated worthless garbage tv. How they can carry this junk as a subscription channel is beyond me. The manic chick inter office bang show has run its course. Unlikeable characters, questionable casting. The show has no story and nothing to leave you wanting more. I wonder if Dev Patel will show up in the next episode bug eyed like he just smelled a fart. Maybe Will can light up a butt in his office, hes such a maverick…

  • EatMorePez


    You seem to know an awful lot about a show that you despise. Which begs the question: why are you watching it?

  • Steven

    What show are you watching, Birdsht? This drama on HBO is awesome, and reminds me of the quality drama days of ER…it’s fast paced with incredible characters like Sloan and Mac, and Sam Waterson as the boss as great! The stories are present day, and very intense also. Again, what show are you watching, b/c The Newsroom is the best!

  • Bob

    Well True Blood was on 7 years. I don’t believe that HBO cancelled it. I believe the actors, directors, production crew probably thought it was enough. Perhaps The Newsroom will be cancelled after 7 years too. How anyone can compare the two is beyond me.

  • Bazz

    Like the show and most of the characters. Drop the teen love angle. That is a waste of time and only detracts from the show.

  • jreagan

    We enjoy Newsroom. Good news for a season 3.

  • Feedback

    I enjoyed Season 2 much more than Season 1. I liked how they handled Occupy Wallstreet and Benghazi, but most importantly, I loved what they did with Operation Genoa. I think they should start focusing on more fictional stories like that.

    It’s great to see how a news team handles a breaking story, especially when we have no idea what the story is.

  • Brian

    Great news! It’s one of the higher rated shows on HBO. I enjoy it.

  • Patrick

    I thought we were not suppose to believe cast members about renewal
    Remember Kathy Bates with Harry’s Law?

  • danielcw


    not sure what you are referring to, but in the case of Harry’s law this site’s staff would have known better, while in the case The Newsroom, everything points towards renewal.

  • One

    Jeff Daniels is a liar. HBO itself has refuted him. They’re still in talks w/ Sorkin.

  • DonJ1973

    Hopefully they give it at least a 12 episode order. I know Sorkin’s re-writes and re-shoots forced the episode cut to 9 this season, so I hope they get it right for season 3.

  • DonJ1973

    @ One

    Sorkin doesn’t own the show. HBO owns it and can order another season with or without his participation. Of course, they would rather have him back.

  • Dan

    Even if its unofficial, the shows coming back. It has decent ratings, acclaim and the show would leave HBO with another drama hole in its schedule after True Blood ends. The series is coming back whether its announced now or next week or next month.

    The real bubble shows are

    Necessary Roughness – Likely Cancellation
    Franklin & Bash – Likely Cancellation
    Graceland – Likely Renewal
    King & Maxwell – Likely Renewal
    The Soul Man – Likely Cancellation
    Wilfred – Likely Renewal
    The Killing – Likely cancellation
    The Venture Bros. – Likely renewal

  • ethan

    @dan, king and maxwells ratings stink…now way it is likely renewAl…frAnklyn and bash has much better ratings

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