Based on Live + 3 Ratings, the Summer Finale of 'Pretty Little Liars' is ABC Family’s Number 1 Telecast of All Time in Adults 18-34 and Women 18-49

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September 4th, 2013

pretty little liars

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Based on Live + 3, the Summer Finale of “Pretty Little Liars” is ABC Family’s

#1 Telecast of All Time in Target 18-34s/12-34s and Women 18-49


“Pretty Little Liars” is the ‘Most Social’ TV Series in August ‘13, Driven by its Record-Setting Summer Finale, the #1 ‘Most Tweeted’ Show in TV History



 “Pretty Little Liars” (8:00-9:00 p.m.)


Based on Live + 3 viewing, the summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars” became the #1 telecast in ABC Family history in Adults 18-34 (2.1 million/3.1 rating), Women 18-34 (1.8 million/5.4 rating), Women 18-49 (2.3 million/3.5 rating), Viewers 12-34 (3.3 million/3.6 rating) and Females 12-34 (3.0 million/6.4 rating), and its #1 series telecast of all time in Adults 18-49 (2.7 million/2.1 rating).


Impressively, “Pretty Little Liars” now accounts for ABC Family’s Top 6 telecasts on record in Adults 18-34, Top 18 in Women 18-34, Top 7 in Females 12-34, and its Top 8 series telecasts in Women 18-49.


  • “Pretty Little Liars” was the #1 ‘most social’ TV series in August 2013, generating 3 million tweets by over 800,000 unique contributors, powered by its record breaking summer finale – the #1 “most tweeted” series episode in TV history (1.9 million).


  • Based on L+ 3 ratings, “Pretty Little Liars” season 4A was ABC Family’s best season for any original series in the network’s history in Adults 18-34 (1.7 million/2.4 rating), Women 18-34 (1.4 million/4.1 rating), Adults 18-49 (2.1 million/1.7 rating) and Women 18-49 (1.7 million/2.7 rating), out of its 43 original series to date.


Source: NTI Live + 3 ratings, 8/27/13.

  • Nikki

    This show is a force. Love it.

  • taylor

    this makes twsited 0.6 demo look worst lmao.

  • rob60990

    so much for people losing interest in the show. lmao.

  • Brandy

    Good for PLL

  • Brandy


  • Tony JJ

    Wow a 2.1 rating in adults 18-49. I know these are live+3 day. But those amazing numbers.

  • WoWza

    Wow, if this were on FOX it would be a huge hit to pair with GLEE. I think FOX should premiere a new show to sit along with GLEE , though. X Factor is good and all, but a new O.C. type show, or young adult drama could b e great for FOX. They dont try to find a big hit in this respect often enough though. This year they have no shows appealing to their normal demographic. (Women). RIght? I mean, Brooklyn Nine Nine looks funny and good, but other than that is there anything new that might appeal to women? DADS is for men. I dont know what FOX is thinking in this respect.

  • david

    wow great ratings in the 3 days after. It was a great finale!

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