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September 4th, 2013

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FXX is the brand new sister channel to FX.  It launched on Labor Day with a Parks & Recreation marathon. Tonight, several of FX's longrunning comedy programs are moving to the new channel. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia will premiere its ninth season. Will it be able to sustain the 0.6-0.7 adults 18-49 ratings it averaged for most of season 8, or will viewers have trouble finding the new network, which is not available on every cable provider? Make your predictions!

  • Bill

    It’ll be bad considering not everyone gets FXX

  • Walter White

    Great it will still get good ratings

  • Walter White

    great show it will still get good ratings

  • Alan

    0.5 or a 0.4

  • Brandojames

    I hope people find it. I don’t have the channel which is crap. But I think it will premiere high and drop like usual.

  • UKTVFan

    S8 averaged 1.07 million viewers on FX (couldn’t find demo information online). Recent articles on this website say FX is available in 97 million homes, while FXX launched in 72 million homes, or 25.8% fewer homes than FX.

    Is it reasonable to think that Sunny’s S9 premiere will drop at least 25.8% from the S8 average based on coverage alone? That would put it at about 0.79 million. Say half of that is in the demo, so perhaps a 0.4 in the 18-49 demo, but maybe even less if people can’t find the channel?

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    I get FXX because it was part of the soccer package I had when it was FOX Soccer
    I think it will will hurt it, but it will see be renewed

  • josh

    it aready renwed for season 10

  • josh

    *Its already

  • JJ

    The premiere will definitely take a hit considering the channel change but ill guess it will get under 1 million viewers and a 0.4 demo

  • Matt

    Can someone remind me again why FX is fixing something that isn’t broken? Does this FXX thing make any sense to anyone?

    I’ve asked a number of my friends who are avid Sunny fans about FXX and they look at me with blank stares… not a good sign, especially when you consider that most DVR’s will only record episodes of a program on a specific station.

  • velouria

    0.4 or less. The move to FXX is going to be brutal for its numbers.

  • Jon

    This is one of those shows that has honestly never done anything for me, but I know it has a fervent fan base. I’m guessing the switch will have little negative impact.

  • EatMorePez

    It will be low (0.4?) because not everybody will be able to find FXX even if they have it. It’s in the middle of the sports channels on my cable system, not anywhere near FX.

  • Tom

    I’m not sure it even gets to 0.4:

    1) Not in as many homes.*
    2) Not everyone is aware of the move. (Wilfred is the only first-run show on FX this summer, right? That’s not the strongest promotional platform.)
    3) Starting before the rest of the TV season; their audience hasn’t transitioned to TV watching mode.

    *Further, you have to ask if Sunny’s audience is less likely than average to get FXX; I imagine a lot of college/just-out-of college kids getting basic cable only in their dorms or apartments. I strongly suspect Sunny and The League are the most torrented TV shows for the next month.

    That said, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and go with 0.4.

  • marion

    I can get FXX, but it is not a high def channel. The picture is flat, the sound is awful, even though it is coming out of the same audio system that gives me great concert sound. You have to keep the remote handy because you have to keep adjusting the volume, which is low during a show (I’m watching a Parks and Rec marathon) and the commercials blasts. I watch other channels on this tier, like Centric and TVland and they are not this bad in quality. I saw that FXX was also available on a HD channel, but, as of this moment, that channel is still a Fox Sports channel. Too bad. It feels low rent.

  • Chris

    You know what show FX needs to move to FXX to convince more television providers to expand coverage of the channel? Two and a Half Men. Obviously the first-run episodes on CBS get big ratings, but it also draws strong ratings on television stations and on FX. If TAAHM were moved to FXX (and it’s a perfect fit for the latter, since it’s comedy-focused), it might convince television providers, “Hey! That’s a quality show on FXX!” and they might add the channel into more homes. I can’t see this show getting even a 0.4 considering this channel is basically a premium channel based on coverage estimates. That should still be good based on the channel’s reach, however.

  • Kurt

    I’m a huge fan of Sunny and The League, but to add FXX to my digital preferred service, I have to buy a sports package that only contains a couple channels which I don’t watch. So it would cost over $10 a month extra just to watch these 2 shows. No way. Thanks a lot Fox, and screw you Comcast.

  • CBSviewer


  • Dan

    It really doesnt matter, the show has been renewed for Season 10 which will be its last so its not germane to the show’s future. I’ll guess 0.7

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