How Will the Premiere of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Fare on FXX? - Poll

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September 4th, 2013

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FXX is the brand new sister channel to FX.  It launched on Labor Day with a Parks & Recreation marathon. Tonight, several of FX's longrunning comedy programs are moving to the new channel. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia will premiere its ninth season. Will it be able to sustain the 0.6-0.7 adults 18-49 ratings it averaged for most of season 8, or will viewers have trouble finding the new network, which is not available on every cable provider? Make your predictions!

  • anonymous

    Giving someone their favorite show for almost 10 years and then throwing it onto another channel is rediculous. I have basic cable, channels 2-65 or whatever. In order to get this new FXX channel, i would first have to upgrade
    to “premium digital cable” with the box and dvr and all those 500 channels I dont watch. On top of that, I have to subscribe to this sports channel package that my cable provider lumped this new fxx channel into…more channels I will not watch and more money I will not spend. Cable/satellite providers are eventually going to lose all their customers to the Netflix’s and Hulu’s of the world because they refuse to quit playing backroom polotics and they refuse to stop forcing the everyday loyal fan of the show to watch the program when, where, and how they want you to…usually based on how much ad revenue they can aquire on deals like these. Not to mention all the 10’s of thousands of thousands of people that will just illegally download this show from now on off the internet because they’re not going to pay the extra money or take the extra time. Summed up: moving Its Always Sunny to another channel that no one gets, no one wants, no one can afford, will cause the show’s demo ratings to drop considerably and the show will be cancelled…backroom polotics?

  • Igwell

    Does this FXX thing make any sense to anyone?

    Yes, it gives FX room to expand and diversify its original programming. FX will target the 18-49 demo, FXX 18-34, and FXM 25-54.

    What specifically is confusing you?

  • Anthony

    Does this FXX thing make any sense to anyone?

    Yes, it gives FX room to expand and diversify its original programming. FX will target the 18-49 demo, FXX 18-34, and FXM 25-54.

    What specifically is confusing you?

    This and it will rate better than the Soccer Channel did, thus they will get more money from carriage fees (let’s face it, that’s the primary reason behind the move).

  • Anthony

    I think the premiere will get either a .2 or .3, not as many homes, small viewer awareness (as evidenced by the low rated opening day of the channel).

  • Ram510

    I thought Always Sunny got between a .8-.9 last season?

  • !!!!

    One less AD18-49 viewer than they would have had if they didn’t move the channel! Apparently I need to upgrade another level of sports. Ain’t happening! I’ll watch it somehow anyway.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    I subscribe to DirecTV and FXX is part of their sports package as well. For me to upgrade, it would cost an additional $10.00 per month and there is no way I’m doing that to watch The League. I would like to know how FXX fairs after its initial launch and the free preview periods are over. With all the negative responses that it has received on Facebook, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that somebody at FOX will admit they screwed up and set things right.

  • Kyle R

    FX knows that these shows will probably premiere lower than usual, which is why they’re already renewed for next season, as a sign of faith.

  • Kyle R

    @Dr. Feelgood

    Not gonna happen. FX has already invested too much to give up that quickly. FXX will be around for a while. I think people are mainly angry about change, but that will pass over time once they get used to it and FXX is in more people’s homes (hopefully). Kind of like whenever Facebook releases a new update and everybody whines about it for a week and then you never hear about it ever again cause people got used to it.

  • Stuie

    I actually love the idea of FXX. I’d much rather watch the reruns on that channel than the terrible movie FX plays. The problem is that FXX simply isn’t in enough homes. They are alienating a large portion of their target audience. So yeah great idea, but poor execution.

  • davie

    @Dan you know Rob was misquoted by Rolling Stone in saying that Season 10 would be the last right? Him and the cast are still open to more seasons. Its really just a matter of how FXX is fairing as a whole a year from now

  • Will

    I LOVE Sunny – always have, and the premiere was great, but The League was the funniest part of the night.

  • gerry

    .5 or maybe .4, not so much because of the channel but because people may not remember its starting up again.

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