Outstanding FXX Debuts for 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' & 'The League'

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September 5th, 2013

the league

Your It's Always Sunny predictions were a little pessimistic.


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FXX Season 9 Premiere of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Tops Season 8 Premiere on FX in Men 18-34; Strong in All Demos


Season 5 Premiere of The League on FXX Almost Equal to Its Season 4

Debut on FX and Outperforms Its Season 4 Average In Every Key Demo


FXX Beat Broadcast Nets by a Wide Margin

in Delivery of Adults 18-34 and Men 18-34 in 10-11 PM Time Period


FXX Carried in 72 Million Homes


LOS ANGELES, September 5, 2013 – The FXX debuts of the acclaimed comedies It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League posted outstanding numbers for their new network, delivering audiences that were comparable to or better than their delivery when they aired on sister network FX, which is in 26 million more homes than FXX.


The Season 9 premiere of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia at 10 PM on FXX delivered 757,000 Total Viewers, 527,000 Adults 18-34, and 648,000 Adults 18-49.  In delivery of Men 18-34 (396,000), the Sunny debut on FXX was +8% above the Season 8 premiere on FX (366,000).  Last night’s audience delivery for Sunny compared with its Season 8 premiere on FX retained 85% in Adults 18-34 (527,00 of 622,000) and 80% of Adults 18-49 (648,000 of 809,000).


The Season 5 premiere of The League at 10:30 PM on FXX grew from its Sunny lead-in, delivering 786,000 Total Viewers, 537,000 Adults 18-34, 687,000 Adults 18-49, and 383,000 Men 18-34. Last night’s audience delivery for The League compared with its Season 8 premiere on FX (10/11/12) retained 92% in Adults 18-34 (537,000 of 584,000) and 94% of Adults 18-49 (687,000 of 732,000).  Compared to its Season 4 averages, the Season 5 debut of The League was higher in all key demos including +15% in Adults 18-34 (537,000 vs. 468,000), +14% in Men 18-34 (383,000 vs. 335,000), and +9% in Adults 18-49 (687,000 vs. 632,000).


In addition, in the 10-11 PM time period, FXX outdelivered ABC, CBS and NBC in Adults 18-34 and Men 18-34, which is FXX’s target audience.  FXX’s 532,000 Adults 18-34 topped NBC by +43%, CBS by +37% and ABC by +20%, and  FXX’s 389,000 Men 18-49 beat ABC by +227%, NBC by +182% and CBS by +176%.


“The numbers last night on FXX for Sunny and The League far exceeded our highest expectations,” said John Landgraf, CEO, FX Networks and FX Productions.  “To have just launched the channel three days ago and get these ratings is thrilling.  The delivery of these shows needs no qualification, they are proven appointment viewing for young adult audiences. Thanks to the fans and congratulations to Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day and everyone involved with Sunny, and to Jeff and Jackie Schaffer and everyone on The League.” 


Sunny increased its lead-in half-hour audience (9:30-10:00 PM), the commercial television premiere of Bad Teacher, by +144% in Total Viewers, +185% in Adults 18-34 and +173% in Adults 18-49.


FXX projects record time-shifted ratings for both Sunny and The League when Live+3 data becomes available on Monday (Sept. 9) and Live+7 data becomes available in approximately three weeks. Last year on FX, Sunny averaged gains of +59% in Total Viewers, +72% in Adults 18-34 and +67% in Adults 18-49 on Live+3, and gains of +76% in Total Viewers, +93% in Adults 18-34 and +86% in Adults 18-49 on Live+7.


Last year on FX, The League averaged gains of +75% in Total Viewers, +81% in Adults 18-34 and +88% in Adults 18-49 on Live+3, and gains of +96% in Total Viewers, +101% in Adults 18-34 and +113% in Adults 18-49 on Live+7 over Live+Same Day.


The Adults 18-49 delivery for last night’s Season 4 premiere of The League was higher than any single program ever on Fox Soccer Channel, which was replaced by FXX on most cable, satellite and telco systems.


The lead-in movie Bad Teacher, delivered 264,000 Total Viewers, 125,000 Adults 18-34 and 194,000 Adults 18-49, which were increases of +104% in Total Viewers, +50% in Adults 18-34, and +65% in Adults 18-49 versus prior night’s movie, Superbad.


The nightly debut of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell retained 59% in Adults 18-34 (90,000 vs. 153,000) and 49% in Adults 18-49 (137,000 vs. 282,000) from its last weekly cycle.  What’s more, Totally Biased shattered FSC year-ago time period averages (Sept., 2012/Mon. – Sun., 1100P – 1130P): by +2,900% in Adults 18-34 (90,000 vs. 3,000) and +1,857% in Adults 18-49 (137,000 vs. 7,000).


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia airs Wednesdays at 10:00 PM ET/PT.  Starring Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito, Sunny was created by McElhenney and is executive produced by McElhenney, Day, Howerton, Michael Rotenberg, Nick Frenkel, Tom Lofaro, Rob Rosell, Scott Marder and David Hornsby. This season Sunny will celebrate the telecast of its 100th episode on Wednesday, October 9 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.  The show is produced by FX Productions.


The critically-acclaimed comedy series The League airs on Wednesday nights at 10:30. Created by the husband-and-wife team of Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer who serve as executive producers and directors, the ensemble cast features Mark Duplass, Stephen Rannazzisi, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Katie Aselton and Jon Lajoie. The series is produced by FX Productions.


The acclaimed late night comedy show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell is expanding to five nights a week at 11:00 PM E/P, airing Monday-Thursday, with best of the week “Mix Tape” compilation episodes on Sunday.  The half-hour show stars standup comedian W. Kamau Bell as he hilariously dissects politics, pop culture, race, religion, sex and the media from his own unique point of view. Bell, Chris Rock, Chuck Sklar and Keri Smith Esguia are Executive Producers. The show is produced by FX Productions.  The show is shot in New York City before a live studio audience. 



FXX is the new basic cable entertainment network from FX Networks, a business unit of 21st Century Fox.  Geared toward a young adult audience, the schedule will feature original series, movies, and acquired series.  The channel will be anchored by the acclaimed hit comedies It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League and Legit, and the critically acclaimed late-night strip, Totally Biased with W. Kamau BellChozen, a new animated comedy will launch in January of 2014.  FXX is carried in 72 million homes. For more information about FXX, go to www.GetFXX.com.

  • TomMark

    Wish I could have been one of those viewers, but FOX and my cable company are making it very hard.

    Just imagine how much better these ratings would have been, if everyone that wanted to watch the show live could have…

  • tv#1

    I am really surprised that FX and FXX are airing new episodes of their original series against each other. It doesn’t seem to make much sense.

  • Mike

    I love Sunny, but this new episode and the majority of the last 4 seasons have been terrible.

  • Ram510

    @ Mike

    I thought last nights episode was brilliant and witty. They were kind of poking fun at shows/comedians like 2 Broke Girls/Whitney. I will say season 6 was horrendous and 7 was just ok but seas on 8 was great

  • merrranga

    shedding hundreds of thousands of viewers?


  • DenverDean

    It doesn’t help that Sunny airs opposite Duck Dynasty. Not sure what the rationale was there.

  • Anthony

    shedding hundreds of thousands of viewers?


    On a percentage basis, the shows are virtually identical with what they were doing on FX and in some cases are even up (you have to consider the fact that FXX is in about 25% less homes than FX is, plus the channel has only been on the air 3 days and thus has less awareness than FX). So actually yes, all things considered these numbers are rather outstanding.

  • Anthony

    It doesn’t help that Sunny airs opposite Duck Dynasty. Not sure what the rationale was there.

    Because it has to air somewhere, and actually this timeslot makes the most sense for a lot of reasons (despite being against Duck Dynasty). The fall TV season is about to begin, take a look at the 10pm competition on other networks on the other weekdays. Mondays (Two new high profile shows on CBS and NBC, plus football- which clearly has an audience overlap with Sunny and The League). Tuesdays- Person of Interest, and a Voice fueled Chicago Fire should both be really strong, Plus Tosh.0 and Sons of Anarchy (as a male oriented show, there is certainly audience overlap their plus it rates huge). Thursdays- Scandal rates big, and Football (once again audience overlap). Now look at Wednesday- an aging CSI, a weak Nashville, and a likely weak Ironside. There isn’t a spot to put the shows that there won’t be big (and difficult) competition, but Wednesdays seem to be the best place for them right now.

  • merrranga

    “On a percentage basis, the shows are virtually identical”

    yeah. one way of the other they lost a solid 1/4 of their audience. any way you slice it, it is FAR from “outstanding!”

    “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia scored about 757,000 viewers in its season debut on FXX last night at 10 PM – fumbling nearly 300,000 viewers compared to its previous season”

    “The League, at 10:30 PM, gave up about 121,000 viewers, debut to debut — about 22,000 of them men 18-34.”

  • UKTVFan

    merranga, FXX is available in 26% fewer homes than FX. Sunny S8 averaged 1.07 million viewers on FX. If you decrease the S8 average by 26%, you get 0.79 million viewers, which is basically identical to the Sunny S9 premiere rating of 0.76 million on FXX.

    So essentially, the only viewers lost were the ones that don’t have FXX yet, which is pretty incredible, especially considering FXX isn’t located near FX on many systems. The ratings for Sunny and The League are pretty outstanding given the circumstances.

  • TimsDale4ever

    I just don’t get why you would take a successful show like SUNNY and now in it’s last season, air it on a different channel. Completely stupid. I missed it because I don’t even know if I have access to FXXXXXXXXXXXX or where the channel is. Imagine how many more people didn’t or couldn’t watch for the same reason. I wish the people that make these stupid decisions would go live on Mars and leave well enough alone.

  • Judd

    The league was super freaking funny especially the man cave part lol. Of course I made sure I had FXX otherwise I was gonna riot lol

  • Garrett S.


    Sunny was renewed for a season 10 in March of this year.

  • TV God

    Hopefully Wilfred will be renewed, last nights episode was AMAZING!

  • Dan

    I knew FX moving Sunny to an obscure new channel that launched 2 days before wouldn’t work. The lowest rated episode from last season was seen by 923,000 households. The highly promoted season premiere for this season was seen by 757,000? Yeah that’s really “outstanding”

  • Anthony

    I knew FX moving Sunny to an obscure new channel that launched 2 days before wouldn’t work. The lowest rated episode from last season was seen by 923,000 households. The highly promoted season premiere for this season was seen by 757,000? Yeah that’s really “outstanding”

    Except it did work. Look at it’s percentage of retention (compared to the number of households the new channel is available in). It did virtually identical to what it was doing on FX. Peoples failure to apply basic math concepts/critical reasoning is astounding.

  • Dan S

    On my cable system FXX is available only in HD. The program guide still has the old moniker of FSOC instead of saying FXX. All the same I’m happy to have it & should eventually be in more homes in the coming months.

  • Mike K

    My cable company and FOX are stupid so I don’t get FXX unless I buy the Sports and information pack, which I’m not going to do. The channel isn’t a sports or information channel!!!

    hope it gets fixed/

  • moraliste

    I defend very few shows, but I will defend this one. Sunny is the first non-animated comedy I can watch more than once and still laugh hard at – since Seinfeld. I turn off the TV at eight PM except for Mad Men and Breaking Bad, so it’s going to be a hard habit to get into, but I actually do get FXX (unless its just another one of Direct TV’s all-too brief free promos)and I plan on watching new Sunny episodes if I can think of it. As for the fan above who thinks the last four seasons were bad, I strongly disagree. ( Haven’t seen any 2012 episodes yet, though.) The high school reunion two-parter, the visit to Jersey Shore, the Party Boat ( one of the top ten episodes ever) … just off the top of my head. Like Seinfeld, which it started out clearly as a darker version of, it’s character driven, and shows like that have better legs than genre comedies ( happy family with toddlers, unhappy family with toddlers, workplace, twenty-something guys/girls,etc.)

  • cas

    My husband was pretty upset that we don’t get FXX with Charter. Of course if I upgraded to their priciest package we would but our cable bill is already outrageous so I couldn’t upgrade just for one channel.

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