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September 5th, 2013

Superbowl Ravens 49ers

If there's one guarantee in ratings life, it's that NFL Football beats everything else. Tonight, the season starts, with NBC's broadcast of the Broncos-Ravens game.  So how high will the ratings fly? Last year, the first game of the season, on Wednesday September 5, 2012, garnered a 9.7 adults 18-49 rating. So tonight's game could easily hit the double digits Make your predictions below then talk about which team you are rooting for in the comments.


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  • Stuart Pitt

    Last year’s opener was the Giants and Cowboys, two of the most popular teams in the NFL. I think this year’s game will be lower by a bit, so I guessed 9.0 — 9.5.

  • Brandojames

    I think at least an 11. You have 2 top 5 teams that will be one hell of a match up. Also considering that the Ravens won the Super Bowl. The game will be good. Plus I have Ray Rice on a fantasy team.

  • TBFL

    9.5-10 – Closer to 10

    Broncos get it done.

  • NBC Fan

    Rookie Blue-1.0

    Big Brother-1.8


  • Eric Z

    Just have a feeling, since ratings were pretty stagnant in the preseason, that tonight’s game opens just a bit lower than last year. I think 9.5

  • Joseph

    Denver has a legitimate shot at being in the Super Bowl, if recently-signed free agent Wes Welker plays as well there as he did in New England. And they still have Peyton Manning, one of the top drawers who bring in casual fans.

    Baltimore lost too many players to free agency, trades and retirements to be a factor in the Super Bowl race, but may still make the playoffs and win their division.

    This will be a huge year for the NFL in the ratings. Not only do I expect NBC’s prime-time games to dominate their time periods every week, I also expect that ESPN’s Monday-night NFL games will win their time periods every week, and even the NFL Network’s Thursday-night games (starting next week) may well win their timeslots in total viewers and/or key demographics.

    Combined with college football likely dominating Saturday-night viewing through the beginning of December, we’re probably going to see football be the top-rated program, broadcast or cable, in total viewers and key demographics, on four nights out of seven most weeks this Fall.

    We’re going to look back next May on the 2013/2014 prime-time TV season as “The Year Football Made It Difficult For Programs On Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday Nights To Compete Ratings-Wise”.

  • trixee

    I guessed 10 – 10.4 mainly because Peyton Manning is so popular and because the talking heads felt that the Broncos SHOULD have won that playoff game just because they’re the Broncos. Yes, the Ravens won the Superbowl, but they seem to be the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL – they don’t get no respect!! The Ravens have won TWO Superbowls in their short 16 years in the NFL, but that hasn’t kept many from thinking they somehow didn’t deserve it (sigh!).

    GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!

  • snoot

    10.6 and the Broncos win 34-17

  • Petar Ivanov

    Football is only thing that is UP year after year. It’s almost insane now. So yea will be up and this year.

  • Igwell

    Broncos are favored to win the Super Bowl and the Ravens won it last season.

  • HalCapone

    Since ABC’s college football debut set records I will predict this will beat last year’s ratings in the low to mid 10’s

  • olliehist

    This should be a good game…Ravens vs Broncos! What could possibly go wrong? =D

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