Thursday Final Ratings: 'Big Brother' Adjusted Up & Final Football Numbers

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September 6th, 2013

Big Brother September 5

Big Brother was adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. 

The final football ratings are also below. Your predictions were accurate.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, September 5:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 NBC NFL Opening Kickoff Show 3.7/13 10.12
CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 1.5/5 7.17
ABC Wipeout (8-10:01PM) 1.1/3 3.50
FOX Glee - R 0.6/2 1.75
CW The Vampire Diaries - R 0.3/1 0.67
8:30 NBC NFL Pre-Kick (8:30-9:08PM) 7.1/22 18.03
CBS Two and a Half Men - R 1.3/4 6.19
9:00 NBC NFL Football (9:08PM-12:25AM) 10.3/31 25.13
CBS Big Brother 2.5/7 7.23
FOX New Girl - R 0.5/1 1.40
CW America's Next Top Model - R 0.2/1 0.57
9:30 FOX The Mindy Project - R 0.5/1 1.37
10:00 ABC Rookie Blue (10:01-11PM) 1.0/3 4.24
CBS Elementary - R 0.8/2 3.73


Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Kate

    Elissa was overrated.

  • josh

    @ kate

    May be but she was far better than other house guests

  • tv_viewer

    The Moving Company did outlast the Mom Squad.

  • Carl

    Elissa’s downfall wasn’t Judd, it was having terrible communication skills and no ability to form alliances with anyone aside from Helen, who treated her like she was her pet.

    The constant personal trash talk about her is unfair but she brought most of this on herself. Even if they had kept her, she would have mostly been alone, or she would have just done what production told her to do.

  • CrimTV


    Um no the Moving Company ended in Week 3. The Mom Squad went on until Helen was evicted.


    Elissa may not have been the most amazing gameplayer but she was the only one in the house with true class and a kind heart. If Judd or McCrae or GinaMarie were evicted in her place, she wouldn’t be trash talking them like they are. She did not bring on the bullying and hate herself, that is what the sick people think is right still in the house.

    The funny thing is, Andy and co think that America WANTED Elissa gone and thought her extremely loud cheers were because they got her out. They think they are America’s Favourites, delusional!

  • tv_viewer


    As long as two members of the Moving Company are still in the game, the Moving Company exists. So the Moving Company outlasted the Mom Squad.

  • Dreamer

    I do not understand the hatred for Elissa. She is gone and the remaining house guests are still trash talking her. Sad bunch of people left.

    At this point I do not care who wins. I just hope they let it all out during the final.

  • bluejoni

    SO glad that Elissa the snotty gold digger was evicted on BB !!!

  • Andy


    Your logic is flawed. There are moving company members left in the game, but the moving company ended after Nick’s eviction. The Mom Squad actually lasted until Helen’s eviction.

    Elissa was in a house with the trashiest of people, yet she remained classy. I’m voting for her for America’s Favorite and hopefully the finale ratings will be through the roof

  • tv_viewer

    Andy’s logic is flawed. An alliance still exists as long as one member still believes the alliance can be used to further his/her game. If Spencer thinks he can manipulate McCrae or McCrae thinks he can manipulate Spencer, they both believe they still have some working relationship with the other.

    I find it hard to believe that someone will claim that Elissa was always classy during Big Brother. Other websites have already noted that Elissa is guilty of bashing other contestants.

  • Networkman

    I would prefer Helen as America’s Favorite. Some of the racist comments had to be directed towards her but I thought she really remained classy and a good sport throughout the game always cheering on others when they won.

    I do like Elissa better than her sister Racheal, but did not want her to make final two because her sister was handed the win.

  • CrimTV


    The moving company does NO LONGER exist!

  • tv_viewer


    People are still in denial if they think Spencer and McCrae never talk game.

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