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September 7th, 2013


Tonight, the final episode of Do No Harm airs. The show suffered the indignity of being pulled from NBC's Thursday nights after just two episodes aired. But this summer, by the extremely low standards of a Saturday night summer burn off, it hasn't done that badly. The last two episodes averaged a 0.5 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight it faces stiffer than usual competition from NASCAR on NBC and College football on FOX. So how do you think it will do tonight? Make your predictions!

  • imafan

    Awesome! I really enjoyed every episode. I suspected Ian was the host personality from the last episode where he was remembering his birthday from Ian’s point of view. I wish there were more episodes. There were very good actors on this show and the writing was good but there were a few plot holes. The time slot, the competition and the difficulty in finding the show in the first place did not help. I disagree with the reviewer that name recognition would have helped the show. Most tv series are cast with unknowns and it is the appeal of the characters to the audiences that keep them coming back. Jason Cole was likable enough and there was real acting prowess showed in Steven Pasquale’s interpretation of Jason and Ian. I think it was a missed opportunity, not to explore the origins of Ian and Jason earlier especially since Will brought it up in the first episode. I do agree that there are so many doctor/lawyer/police dramas out there and more focus should have been on the characters and less on their jobs.

  • jean sewell

    Damn….this is the best show on tv….find some way to do another 50 seasons…

  • melissa

    I can’t believe they are ending this show. Its the most bad ass show on television. Its had me hooked since day one. Amazing story line, actors, and overall structure. What a shame.

  • John A

    I was correct i got a 0.4.

  • Sad to see its OVER

    WOW what an ending, I was a fan from the first episode and was soooo upset when NBC choose AGAIN to cancel a show prematurely. If they would have started with more background on the brother’s from the season premier maybe the ratings would have been better, but man the thoughts that are brewing in my head for season two….Ruben? Lena, trying to reverse the transmitter implant after she discovers what the doc had done?? Doc Youngs call to the cop? ARGH!!!! Hey Netflix we gave another series you can pick up!!! Let’s all join hands in a Do No Harm Season 2 Prayer circle. ;) Now let’s see about a possible Zero Hour season 2?????

  • Lisa

    LOL, the trolls are out on this page! Most of the posts supporting the show are obviously written by the same person: one of a tiny handful of Do No Harm fans.

  • Dan

    The show would have finished airing sooner if NBC had kept it on the air for a few more weeks during the broadcast season or at least burned it off on Saturdays (Though I guess they did not anticipate that Smash would also have to be burned off on saturdays)

    FOX did the right thing with The Mob Doctor (They had no backups and for some reason did not want to pair Bones and Touch) so they aired TMD in full. This year they have Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human and if one fails, Bones can be moved back to mondays and the failed show can burn off on Fridays.

  • MIssD

    I too was disappointed when this show was canceled, and thrilled we’d be ‘allowed’ by the ignorant network to watch the rest this summer. It was one of the best shows on TV. Network execs don’t always make the best decisions, and canceling this one was one of them. Wonder what drivel they’ll replace this with, some more of the same L&O type that I won’t watch…..boring!

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