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September 8th, 2013


Tonight, the fourth season of Boardwalk Empire premieres on HBO. The show is the definition of a prestige drama, winning lots of awards and generating plenty of buzz while getting mediocre ratings. The season 3 premiere scored a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating on September 16, 2012. The season finale garnered a 0.9 adults 18-49 rating on December 2, 2012. How will tonight's premiere fare against the seemingly unstoppable final season of Breaking Bad and the premiere of Sunday Night Football? Make your predictions!

  • Pitt

    I would hardly say the show gets mediocre ratings. It’s decent for cable.

  • John A

    Dont care terrible show.

  • Philip

    Ratings for this show keep dropping. I thin it will keep happing. I could see it getting canceled.

  • CBSviewer


  • Dan S

    I say 1.0 but of course total viewers is all that matters with HBO. It’s a consistently entertaining show but will definitely have a tough challenge not only going against Sunday NFL & Breaking Bad but the final 3 episodes of Dexter.

  • Greg

    There’s no chance that Boardwalk Empire will be cancelled, and I highly doubt that next season will be the last considering how True Blood is already ending. My guess is that HBO will end the show in its sixth season, like they did with Sopranos and Oz.

  • Woodsey

    Terrible storylines have just ruined the promise of the show. Some of the characters have made nonsensical decisions that show to me the writers are not in touch with what they want to do. Rich visually yet empty in content. No matter what, this season only may get a few episodes before I give up.

  • John B

    They’ll never cancel it. It’s not all about viewers for HBO and this is one of their very best shows. They’ve invested a lot in it and I expect it’ll end in its own terms. Plus, at the TCA, they said it’ll keep going.

  • Jlopie1

    Boardwalk Empires is a period extravaganza, visually breathtaking, but alas, adrift in a sea of intense competition. It just doesn’t hold enough punch to pull viewers away from Breaking Bad, Dexter or Sunday Nite football. I’ll give it a 1.1 because it’s at least something new to watch in this, the last few weeks of summer doldrums, but I’m afraid it’ll be a downhill run from there. For what it’s worth though, I’ll be watching!

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    No poll for Unforgettable’s summer finale, Sara?

  • Justin


    This show has had very little awards buzz recently, almost all of which has gone to Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. People thought Mad Men would go up too, and they were wrong. I’m sure HBO will support several more seasons of the show, but it won’t be hitting 2.0 anytime soon.

  • NBC Fan


  • Feedback

    I’m one of the show’s biggest fans… and I had no idea it was returning tonight. Damn! I won’t be able to watch it though. I need to study for a test this week, but I’ll catch up on Friday.

    I think it will hit a 1.2 again. I don’t think it will get any better, but I don’t see why it will get any worse.

  • merrranga

    @Hankum they were just listing the other big ratings draws of the night. there was absolutely no comparison… weirdo.

  • Nothing But Cancellation


  • Seth

    BOREDwalk Empire.


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